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K-Fed's Trashy Pad -- Bad for Brit's Kids?

10/7/2009 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained dozens of photos of the disgusting, filthy rental home Kevin Federline is accused of destroying -- but the real question ... how the hell could he raise his two little boys in a bona fide dump with dismantled smoke detectors and exposed electrical wiring?


The photos show the Tarzana, CA home wasn't only dirty, but extremely dangerous -- with cigarettes and glass bottles tossed all over the yard, and broken pieces of tiles and pottery right near the play area.

So the question ...


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I just giggle at the new name TMZ assigned him: K-FAT! LMAO! The fatter he gets-the more lazy he gets! I feel sorry for their kids: A Bipolar/psycho mom, the lazy fat, I love to party and hate to clean for a dad! Thank God for nannies!

1821 days ago

Jana Rose    

It looks to me like he's thinking of his kids by taking his smoking outside. I know a lot of parents who smoke inside with the kids that may have cleaner houses but I'd rather see the smoking outside. As far as the fridge, they probably mostly order out, and really, does everyone keep their fridge spotless at all times or do you go through the "there's a few moldy things in here. time to clean out" and my kids are all very happy and healthy! None of us know what really goes on when he's parenting any more than you do how I parent. Let the first perfect one of you throw the first butt!!!

1821 days ago


"Definitely reaching in some of those pics. Looks like poor quality workmanship on the building of the house."

Exactly, the place looks cheap. Its falling apart. But that's not the tennants fault.

1821 days ago


I was expecting to see some major damage from the tenants. The tiles are the homeowner's responsibility. The cigarette butts are disgusting but can be picked up. The smoke alarm is the worst for the children's safety. The rest looks like normal wear and tear. Okay, maybe the homeowner can charge him $20 for the missing knobs. I agree that he needs to pay for back rent though and with interest. Also, where is all the art work on the walls by the boys? no pictures of that. Was that a lie? They are making a big deal out of nothing. A cracked ceramic pot by the pool...maybe one of the tiles from the roof fell on it. The homeowner should be lucky that the tile didn't hit the kids or they didn't get hurt by any of the messed up tile and missing grout that is around the house and walkways.

1821 days ago


If all of this is true, why hasn't Britney and her Father exposed him. She is paying him a lot of bucks each month to care for the children - I would think a decent place to live would be at the top of the list of requirements.

1821 days ago


Looks to me like it's the House that needs major work, not that he is Trashy, Yea I see he doesn't believe in Ashtrays but besides that maybe the Owner of the house is not doing the upkeep on the house, there are a lot of owner that wasnt to collect but not want to to the work.

1821 days ago


For all those of you who keep trashing K-Fed..I'll bet this property is in better shape than most of your properties. Big deal..a broken vase, something wrong with the light, a couple missing tiles..not too bad for a rental!!! He has been a better parent than Britney but now that she's got her health back maybe she can finally get custody. Who of us doesn't live in a glass house???

1821 days ago


What the hell is he doing with all that money he gets? Can he not hire a housekeeper....geezus

1821 days ago


Except for the excessive cigarette butts, I see nothing that dramatic regarding damage to the house. A few cracks, some broken glass, missing bolts on cabinet doors, that is hardly damage. Stuff like that happens from normal wear and tear. As for the fallen off tiles, PLEASE, that shows bad construction work. They should be suing whoever put the tiles, not K-fat.

1821 days ago


regarding picture #8 no, its not a weed poker, but who really gives a kcuf anyway? cannabis is legal. OOOOOOOHHHHHH that pile of patron is much worse...

Read more:

1821 days ago


66. Britney smokes in front of her kids nonstop. Just another low class decision. By the way, she chose drugs long before she met Lutfi. I am so sick of people saying she was drugged

Oh, Hai, Osama!

1820 days ago


he hasn't even been there. if you all remember, he's been on tour with his baby mama and the boys.

1820 days ago


what is the big deal? looks like a bunch of minor crap.

1820 days ago


First,I dont know K-fed so i havent got a clue what he's like.
Second,Ive been in the Apartment Maintenance Buisness for 14 yrs.Do i know everything?No.However i do know a broken vase is a cutting hazard and should be replaced ASAP.Broken Tiles are made of Clay or brick so also presnt cutting hazards,but they also lead to leaks which will aggresivly lead to mildew and wood rot and more tiles coming off excacerbating the problem.From experience i know for a fact that most of these problems result from management companies who hire Illegal immigrants or poorly trained people to save money.Most times the maintenance staff is not allowed to fix these problems based on budgetary restrictions(I myself have been told to leave problems alone or face disciplinary action.
Third,Management Companies are notoriously the worst at keeping a property in good condition as they dont have a vested interest in the property and are only concerned in keeping occupancy rates above 90%.They skip by on the most basic and easiest things to maintain to keep thiere wallets fat.Apartment Assosciations get bigger and richer by squeezing every last penny from these propertys by raising rents and lowering pay rates for said maintenance men.Skill isnt really the issue so far as an actual caring for the property.People can be trained they just dont,However they boast the best trained IN OFFICE staff to get YOUR money and lock you into leases that short of death you have no recourse but to finish the term of the lease/Contract.
In conclusion:I dont argue the issues shown here need to be addressed but K-fed can at most be considered a slob or messy.I HAVE SEEN GOATS BEING CUT UP ON FLOORS BY RESIDENTS,NURSES LIVING IN THEIRE OWN MENSTRATION,AND CHILDREN EATING CATS IN THEIRE DOORWAYS.If anyone is to blame its the management companies and theire policies towards maintenance and profit margins.
By the way,a birds nest on a light pole will inevitably result in wiring damage.Again look to the management companies not maintenance or the residents as they most likely live as neibors on the same property.

1820 days ago


Apartment Assosciations get bigger and richer by squeezing every last penny from these propertys by raising rents and lowering pay rates for said maintenance men.

This should read as Management companies get bigger and richer by squeezing every last penny from these propertys by raising rents and lowering pay rates for said maintenance men.

I humbly apologize for the typo as Apartment Associations are really the only place Residents have to seek corrective action!!

1820 days ago
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