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'I Wanted Chicken

Because I'm Black'

10/7/2009 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West was in a finger lickin' good mood last night outside the Cheesecake Factory -- where he told us he ordered chicken, because, well, "I'm Black."

Kanye West: Click to watch
No word on if he thinks they make the best chicken OF ALL TIME.


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Ha! Anybody else get the fish sticks reference? Good one Kooky. You usually annoy the sh!t outta me but that one fit.

This reminds me of a story about an interview after hurricane Katrina hit NOLA. The reporter was talking to this black lady right in the middle of the hood and asked her how she felt now that all her parish's church's were basically destroyed. The woman replied " I don't know about all those other peoples but we gets our chicken from Popeye's".

F*ck Kangay

1842 days ago


Kayne has serious racial issues. He was probably brought up to hate white people and had that drummed in his head all his formative years because it is coming out now.

1842 days ago


By the way Kanye is always saying something or doing something for attention. I think the best thing we can do is just ignore him. Like those kids back in school that did stupid stuff just to be seen just walk away.

1842 days ago


C'mon you can't mention chicken: without including Chick-fil-A!

1842 days ago


Mikey is a RIOT!

I have to wonder if half the time, Kanye does this just for publicity...

And Vicky, do the "curtains match the carpet"? If so, invite me over for dinner. I know what I want for dessert!

1842 days ago


"KFC, I'ma gonna let you stay in business, but Popeye's has the best chicken of all time...."

1842 days ago


dumba$$ is at it again!!! What a stupid POS...go away already!!!! Why do you people give any attention??? IGNORE him!!!!! He NEVER makes any sense!!!

1842 days ago


The douche of the year award goes to.......... Kanyne West!!!

1842 days ago

No Doz    

Is mother gave birth to him? May she rest in peace. She is probably shaking her head in disgrace..

1842 days ago


Poor Me! My Mamas dead and I don't know who my Daddy is. Wa Wa

1842 days ago


Why won't somebody just shoot this a**hole!!!

1842 days ago

Sha Nay Nay    

i's be karful if i be him. he make all uh bus look ig-nent!

1842 days ago


No chicken? Or they just outta chicken?

1842 days ago


Look "Chicken-yay" that was a racist comment. ~ You have too much anger built up inside you. Probably from your tantrum when you didn't get an award for the video you did when you apparently jumped over the Grand Canyon. ~ I wouldn't know. I refuse to listen to your so-called music. ~ However, they do make medication for your outbursts.

1842 days ago

Have no shame    

Hahaha I love Yeezy!!! All of the haters can go to hell. Or better yet go buy a Taylor Swift album. People act like he killed that little girl. He apologized and people want him to kiss their ass when he did nothing personal to you. Jay Z said it right. Where was all the outrage over Lil Mama coming on stage and disrupting his performance? If he was a little blonde girl from middle America something would have been said. Maybe you should figure out where your hostility really stems from when this man did nothing to you personally.

Ye will be back and stronger than ever. I've got your back Ye.

1842 days ago
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