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Justice Delayed for Kate -- Judge's Wife Dies

10/7/2009 10:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the judge in the Jon and Kate Gosselin war has canceled today's hearing because of a "family emergency." Court officials tell us Judge Arthur Tilson's wife died of cancer early this morning.

The hearing will be put off until at least next week.

Here's the problem -- as of now there isn't an order in place prohibiting Jon from spending the money he's taken out of the account without Kate's consent. It would seem her lawyers will go into court and get some kind of emergency order stopping Jon from spending the loot.

Stay tuned ...


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#33 i can see your a man...poor thing...must be a Jon clone...been mistreated by your ex-wife because you were pathetic also, couldn't help with your kids either..had to be instructed step by your single and don't have a clue so you look up to him because he's trying to get the revenge you were unable to get...ahhh..get a damn life...i wish i had the time to go back and forth with you all day but since i have a life i don' that being said..bye bye for now..i know you'll bash me all day and that's fine have fun at it...keep your head while doing it...

1786 days ago


33. OMG
The evil bitches are coming out of the woodwork!!!
Go back to your parents homes you divorced

bitches! No man wants you!!!
Ha Ha whores!

Posted at 10:10AM on Oct 7th 2009 by Jesus Christ Jr.

Shouldn't you be standing in line right now waiting for your Government cheese?

1786 days ago


He probably was a job jumper which is why she pushed her kids into a TV show, to which is why, she is also a bitch. She had to take charge…!

1786 days ago


Wow that puts things in perspective. God bless the judge and his family. Life is too short Jon. Divorce quickly and quietly, don't put those children through this circus any longer. You are being so selfish. You have your health, and eight healthy beautiful children, you have nothing to complain about. Time to be a real man and father.

1786 days ago


# 35

I'm rich Bitch!!!

1786 days ago


Posted at 10:14AM on Oct 7th 2009 by Pat

Very well said.

1786 days ago


#38 Nice!

We are strong!
No one can tell us we're wrong.
Searching our hearts for so lohh-oo-ohh-oo-ong.
Both of us knowing...
Love Is A Battlefield

They are just turds of television!
Please give that litter of animals to Bradjolina or the Humane Society.

1786 days ago


What is wrong with our Justice System that they cannot be prepared to cover a hearing with another Judge? It is disgusting how inappropriate and inefficient our Court handles hearings.
Shouldn't the bank be responsible for giving Jon the money without Kate's signature? I would assume it was a Joint Account.
This country is in need of a revision of our Legal and Judicial procedures and the people who are supposed to administer them !!

1786 days ago


Don't they have more than one judge? It doesn't take a genius or a week to look at bank statements and withdrawal slips to decide whether or not Jon took the money out of the bank. Sheez.

1786 days ago


27. If Jon had treated Kate the way Kate treated Jon, there would be no question that he was an abused spouse. She is an extremely verbally abusive woman. She has serious rage issues. She is also known to be physically abusive... both with a wooden spoon to her "adorable" kids, as well as "love taps" to Jon. Frankly, if a man was giving his wife "love taps" he'd be arrested. I just don't understand anybody defending this woman.

Also, if you lived in PA, you'd know what the locals truly think of Jon & Kate. Kate has always been a very very rude, mean person. Jon has always been well liked. There's a reason for it.

Do I think his behavior sleeping around with numerous girls is good? Not at all...but it's not a crime. The marriage ended well over a year ago, and he moved on. Heck, if you look at Kate's divorce papers, the marriage ended over two years ago... long before TLC filmed the "vow renewal."

I'd have more respect for Kate if she actually supported Jon's desire to get the kids off of TV. It is obviously affecting them. Even if she doesn't believe that, knowing that it is likely to have ill-effects on at least one, not more of her kids, you would think she's want them off. If she wants a career in TV, more power to her. But her kids have already had enough of their childhood filmed.

1786 days ago

Stella Cadente    

I feel so bad for the judge. First, he has to deal with these idiots, and all along he's been dealing with a terminally ill wife. My sympathies on both accounts.

1786 days ago


Would someone please explain to me why the folks on this site are attacking each other over the likes of Jon and Kate? Because someone disagrees with you, you have to call them "bitches, welfare whores, evil bitches, divorced whores". Give me a break. Whose seems more mature, Jon or the Kate lovers that are attacking those that don't like Kate? The Amazing Human Species.

1786 days ago


38. He probably was a job jumper which is why she pushed her kids into a TV show, to which is why, she is also a bitch. She had to take charge…!

Posted at 10:15AM on Oct 7th 2009 by tt

Read more:

Btw, what the hell did Jon do before he became a "publicity hound/whore chaser"?? What was his 'real' job before the show? Hard to imagine this slacker toiling away at manual labor. Had to have been some "desk job"? Collections agent? No.....doesn't have the "spine" to be assertive with anyone. What DID he do for a living?

1786 days ago


Jon was an IT analyst. But who would want to hire his lazy a** now?

1786 days ago


Jon wants to cancel the show because thelime-light was dimming on him so he had to make a stink about something. And I to believe he took that money! He's the one who's been running around the country spending like there was NO TOMORROW! Hes bought his girlfriend jewelery and only God knows what else. What has Kate bought?

Come on Jon give her back the money and ask for it next time!

1786 days ago
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