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Dr. Phil Trapped Me, Touched My Boob

10/7/2009 9:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr PhilDr. Phil is being sued by a woman who claims the TV shrink held her captive inside his production offices, forced her to stare at a naked man -- and then grabbed her left breast.

According to the suit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, a woman named Shirley Dieu claims she went to Phil to seek therapy in 2007 -- but instead she claims the doc tried to "brainwash" her and force her to endure all sorts of physical and emotional abuse.

In the docs, Shirley claims Phil forced her to "be in the same room with a completely naked live man while he exposed his entire naked body, genitals and all."

Shirley alleges she tried to escape the building, but "was blocked by the staff to prevent her from leaving."

In the docs, Shirley also claims Phil "touched her left breast during her therapy session."

Shirley also claims Phil lied to her about being a "real" doctor -- alleging that the TV shrink "is not licensed to practice in the state of California."

Shirley doesn't specify how much money she wants from Phil -- but we're assuming it's an insane figure.


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uh oh dr. phil's gonna have to call on all his friends in high places to help him maybe

1841 days ago


One more lying b*tch out for a buck. During these hard economic times, every low-life slob on the planet is trying to earn an easy paycheck.

1841 days ago


Dr. Phil doesnt even have his PhD in Psychology, so the fact that anyone is taking advice or trying to garner therapy from him is absurd. His television show is for the elderly, unemployed, and uneducated. Just because he got a PhD in some random subject does not qualify him to be bestowing advice under the guise of being a legitimate Psychologist. This woman is stupid regardless of whether or not it is true. But before you take advice from someone, check their credentials. Hes a fraud.

1840 days ago


It's painfully obvious to me that tmz do not care about our posts and the disrespect they show to Michael Jackson. In my opinion all they care about are the "hits" to this site which generates revenue re: advertising spots!

I went to this link on this site. " a hot tip!" I figure they must read each and every one of these as who knows maybe Sean Penn when off on someone again and they don't want to miss the scoop. What I did was make my thoughts known about the pics they use for Michael, the wacko jaco comments and now the most recent comment "back before MJ kicked the bucket".

They will only take us (MJ FANS!) seriously until we start to address this not on forums but on a bigger venue that actually disrupts tmz so I ask you to "please" join me in using this function. It is news so you are not abusing the site at least in my opinion!

Ohhhhh also an fyi the comments link at the bottom of your screen is useless, you will never receive an e-mail back as the more you write the more they know you visit this site....just a heads up!

fu tmz.....

1840 days ago



1840 days ago

cynthia Flanagan    

I am not the least bit surprised, not at all...He has a Phd, not an M.D...he is very arrogant and so sure of himself...why some TV
hosts have him on for an opinion...
Write another book...why did he not renew his license?? No that is correct, he cannot practice by law without one...I always believed he is a lady's man...
Hope she gets all she deserves...he has had problems in his marriage before surprise!

1840 days ago

Todd Lee    

HAHA YEAH RIGHT, LADY!!! Dr Phil is a big, fat, flapping douche-bag but i really doubt this happened, gimme a break!!

1840 days ago


The lawyer who has filed this should be disbarred: The allegations are either delusional, or extortionate. I'm no admirer of Dr Phil, but surely he deserves some protection from TMZ recounting this nonsense, and making a joke out of one mortifying consequence of being a public figure.

1840 days ago


It took her 2 years to realize he touched her silicone breast implant? Touching a breast implant is like feeling someone's knee. This chick has a sketchy history which seriously brings doubt to her claim.

1840 days ago


I don't believe it for a minute. It sounds like something that you would read in the Inquirer or some other tabloid. I think the woman is just looking for an easy buck. Dr. Phil has more self respect than to do somethinng stupid like that.

1840 days ago


I understand that she also accused Dr. Phil of serving her a bowl of chili with a finger tip in it. Tsk, tsk Dr. Phil.

1840 days ago



1840 days ago


No police report filed even though these are serious criminal allegations. Plus she waited 2 years. She didn't go to the police, she went to a lawyer to sue for unspecified damages. Sounds like a scam to me. I'm no Dr. Phil fan, but this has bogus written all over it.

1840 days ago

Jonhy T    

Dr.Phill is one of Oprah's creations therefore I cannot stand him. Oprah is a big racist. I love that her bid for the Chicago olympics failed.

1840 days ago


. Lemme her name Janet Arvizo?

Posted at 8:45PM on Oct 7th 2009 by mjllovesmjj
That was a good one!!!!!!! Arvizo is a BI*CH!

1840 days ago
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