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Letterman's Former Hookup Banned from CBS Set

10/7/2009 5:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Stephanie Birkitt -- the woman at the center of the David Letterman sex scandal -- has been banned from setting foot on the CBS set where the "Late Show" is filmed.

Birkitt used to be David's assistant -- appearing on the "Late Show" numerous times -- and later became his personal attorney. It was Birkitt's ex-boyfriend -- Robert Halderman -- who discovered Letterman's secret relationship with her ... and then allegedly threatened to release the scandalous information unless Letterman forked over $2 million.

Sources tell TMZ that security at CBS is well aware of Birkitt's ban from the set.

Worldwide Pants just issued the following statement: "Stephanie is on paid leave of absence ... she has not been banned from the Ed Sullivan Theatre."

But TMZ just spoke with someone associated with security at Letterman who just told us, "Security got a verbal order that she is 'banned' from the property for the time being."


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Mary Worth    

Dave Letterman is getting away with a lot!
There are people who have been affected in a harmful way. More than a few!
And as his public "forgives" him for his sexual pecadillos, there still are the problems unaddressed that he caused. It won't go away no matter how his public looks the other way.

What did the "victims" do; did they put a bag over his head and pretend it was a knight in shining armor?

1812 days ago

Mary Worth    

David Letterman is a natural redhead!

1812 days ago


damm TMZ, was this picture taken when he was sitting on the toilet?

1812 days ago


No more Dave news!

This crap happened how long ago?

Dave is a stud in my eyes!

1812 days ago

Miss Kathy    

Ok, so Dave's a funny, funny Jerk and I genuinely feel very bad for his wife and child but when a girl, woman chooses to have an affair with a married (or one in a long-term committed relationship), powerful boss-man, she ain't exactly getting my sympathy. She could've chosen to not participate. I just don't see this as falling under sexual harassment but under the category of Dumb Ass Dave. Now, now, NOW... Also thinking NOW should uplift women but while keenly recognizing our own ability to be dumb ass too. It happens. Should'a stood clear of this particular instance as NOW's looking a bit dumb ass itself. All's fair, I guess...

1812 days ago

Miss Kathy    

P.S. And if I were Dumb Ass Dave's wife, you better believe the ex-girlfriend would be "banned" or whatever you want to call it, and extortion's somehow far creepier than an affair. Ex-girlfriend can pick em! Ex-girlfriend needs a therapist and I think NOW should find her one, pay for it and we'll be one more down on dumb ass women.

1812 days ago


How ironic. HE'S the dirty old man who was screwing around on the set but SHE'S banned? Go figure.

1812 days ago


Why pick on the ex-girfriend or the wife? He got it right up his @$$! There is a GOD!

1812 days ago


There's nothing torrid about her being "banned" or "required to stay away". She's involved in this case by its nature, it was her diary that was stolen by her ex-boyfriend who used it to extort Letterman over it (even if she and Letterman weren't dating, she'd still be barred from being there).

Its really for her best interest NOT to be there, its also for WWP and Letterman to have her keep her distance because of the pending case. Seriously, there's nothing torrid about me, while I am not a legal authority in the least, makes sense for all parties to stay away from each other until this matter is resolved.

1812 days ago


Dave made a point of saying that the sex was with "former" staffers. If Stephanie is still working at the Ed Sullivan Theatre then she is not a former staffer. I think she was still going to Dave's secret suite until Dave got the extortion information from Halderman. Dave was driving Stephanie home to Halderman's house at least once a week, flaunting his affair in front of Halderman's face. He knew she was sleeping with both of them. And Dave had the nerve to call Sarah Palin a "slutty flight attendant".

1812 days ago


The really sad part is that Birkitt has ruined her life. Who will ever hire her now? Women won't hire her because Birkitt will probably sleep with all of the men in the office. Men will be the only ones to hire her because they think they will be able to sleep with her. Once you allow yourself to be disrespected, you never recover. Birkitt will never be able to get away from this.

As for Dave, the pain and embarrassment he has caused not only his family but all of the women he has used over the years will have repercussions for years and years.

Oh what tangled webs we weave!

1811 days ago


Letterman employed women to work for him and have sex with him. What is so wrong with paying women for sex?

1810 days ago


Don't you love the way TMZ picks out the least flattering photos they can find in order to express how they really feel about a celebrity, just like a good little tabloid rag?

1810 days ago


Fine I'm going to show up at the set and order security to let her in.

1807 days ago
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