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Jon Gosselin -- 'The Party's Over'

10/8/2009 7:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looks like Jon Gosselin won the birthday battle against Kate -- because instead of leaving at 6pm, he just told us he'll be staying 'til he can "put my kids to bed."

Jon Gosselin: Click to watch
After the celebration, Jon came out to get some face time with his BFFs, the paps -- saying he and Kate made it "cordial" for the twins on their birthday ... and there's no way he'd be spending the night.

Probably a wise decision.


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What a freaking JOKE! YOU ARE SELLING YOUR CHILDREN FOR MONEY. Jon, why don’t you just adopt the Paparazzi, seeing as your in love with them, & you probably spend twice as much time with them, over your own kids. I think it's completely messed up how, the small amount of time he IS allowed to come see his children (never mind that it’s their birthday) he can’t give up press time even for a day to focus on them??? Typical Jon, you always find some ridiculous way to end up on the cover. But my question is who are these people to be acting like this anyway? They’re BOTH extremely immature & selfish. Kate’s likes the media attention just as much as Jon; she claims she does this for her kids because it allows them to obtain things they wouldn’t normally have the chance to get. Soooo! You’re telling me a huge bank account is worth, losing your "marriage" to divorce, constantly being away from home & your children! The kids can’t even play in their own yard without some film crew stalking them. How is that beneficial?? They might never know what the meaning of "true family" is because they were never given a chance! The developing lives of these kids will always be shadowed by some as simple as turning on the TV, or doing a Google search, & they'll find 50 thousand links & headlines titling things that no kid would ever want to read about their own parents! Right now they probably don’t have a clue what’s going on, but this is just part of the whole game that Jon & Kate play of who ever screams for attention the loudest, wins! I understand how sometimes things just don’t work out, but do you HAVE to take it to the extremes?? They have no boundaries or composure! The kids might not even know how to work in their own relationships, because the only standard that was set for them was, "if you hurt me then I’ll get you back 10 times harder". The entire family is falling apart because they are SOOO centered on themselves, what normal parent would EVER want this for their kids! & what really gets me is this, a quote from "they will be filming live from the Gosselin house from the moment Jon steps on the property. (They'll know because Jon will call them when he's five minutes away. He's cool with paps like that!)" ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! He’s going to gives us the heads up before you turn you’re little girls birthday party into a world war!? They are fake heartless people if I’ve ever seen any!!! turn off the cameras & let your kids be kids they will never become successful in life if there’s no body there to teach them how to be & it’s not only one life you’re screwing up, its 8!! That might be just a number to add to your list of problems but these kids are being treated like they are celebrities, when in real life, NONE OF YOU ARE! Did you ever see Jon & Kate in the headlines when they first started out with the show?? But these people are fame crazy now; this would all stop if they just thought about someone else for once! Put down the bottle of hair spray & have some respect for your husband Kate! Take off the Ed Hardy t-shirts & express your feelings if you don’t like something, that’s the reason god gave you balls Jon, use them! Isn’t the whole key to a lasting relationship trust & communication? Obviously these people couldn’t figure out how to handle their own lives, why does the rest of America need to be dragged down with them???? Do we really need to promote psychological abuse & egocentrism?! THE MONEY WILL BE SPENT. THE CAMERAS WILL TURN OFF. PEOPLE WONT EVEN KNOW WHO JON & KATE GOSSELIN ARE. BUT AN ENTIRE FAMILY WILL BE DAMAGED FOREVER. & I don’t know about you guys but the failing lives of these people isn’t something I’m interested in watching anymore.

1818 days ago


Jon bought Mady a laptop for her birthday. I wonder if she will come hang out with us here... Poor Kid!!!

1818 days ago




1818 days ago


This guy is a big fat disgusting loser.

He doesn't want TLC at his house, but he encourages the paps to be there by walking a great distance to talk to them when he's supposed to be there to see his children.

And selling the rights to ET re filming him collecting the birthday cake, saying he wants his kids off tv....what a loser....he just wants all the money to himself, it has nothing to do with him wanting his family out of the press.

1818 days ago


john, it's your kids birthday not yours. Why not let them be the center of attention instead of hogging the spot light.
And buying expensive gift fot children doesn't excuse your behavior.

1818 days ago


#37,You say it so well. I have never seen anything like this. I hate to think how all of this is going to end. Nite Everybody!

1818 days ago


Seriously Jon? Your kids are way over there in the house. They are not out there at the fence with the papparazzi & galkers. Way to go Dad of the Year. You just showed your kids how important they are. Obviously paparrazzi & galkers are way more important. Total attention whore. I can't wait to see the ET footage of them "filming your kids"--- you know...the thing you did not want to happen anymore. Come to your senses man.

1818 days ago


Kate is overbearing - but how selfish Jon is - always about him. He wants all of this media attention to stop, so why does he read text message to the paparazzi, why does he have them film him picking up cake, driving to PA? Why does he leave his children to talk to the paparazzi and SIGN AUTOGRAPHS??? You have got to be kidding me. He only wants the show to stop, because it is not about him. What would any young woman (or any woman) want with that pot belly, balding, poor excuse of a man.What a loser!

1818 days ago


Are you kidding? He had this huge week-long media storm about being there to spend their birthday with the children he is so concerned about, but while they are inside, he's outside with the media? Really Jon???

1818 days ago


what is wrong with this guy?? he reports every little bit of information to the media--most of which is personal and should not be shared--what is he trying to prove. He is a very strange man.

1818 days ago


Is he really this big a jerk, or does he just play one on TV?

1818 days ago


And he wonders why Kate doesn't want to work it out with him and go to counseling, he would leave in the middle of the session and tell the paps outside what she just said.

He even gave his daughter a cake with her name spelled wrong...and has anyone else been to ET - he is talking to them about how horrible Kate is. I feel bad for Kate and those kids, Kate may be controlling, but at least she is a good person who doesn't flip flop around. She has been the same the entire time.

1818 days ago

katie lady    

apparently TMZ did not receive a copy of Kate's e-mail to John asking that they both celebrate the girls' birthday and split the time.. She never barred him from the celebration.

1818 days ago


Kate needs to take a step back and look at the picture. she's a mom and needs to focus just on that. i don't feel bad because blunto to the point she created this mess. i watched one or two episodes and was apalled the way she treated her husband belittling him let alone on national television. a good wife would never belittle/disrepect her man.

sad for the kids but she made her own bed...
kate is pyscho and a controlling women.
f kate..

and for jon, he should focus on his kids as well. stop with the appearance with the media until the dust clears. refrain from reacting from stupid pyscho b.

1818 days ago


Good for him. Im glad that KHATEZILLA shut her face for once and did what the custody called for.She is just an awful person. TEAM JON

1818 days ago
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