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Jon Gosselin -- 'The Party's Over'

10/8/2009 7:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looks like Jon Gosselin won the birthday battle against Kate -- because instead of leaving at 6pm, he just told us he'll be staying 'til he can "put my kids to bed."

Jon Gosselin: Click to watch
After the celebration, Jon came out to get some face time with his BFFs, the paps -- saying he and Kate made it "cordial" for the twins on their birthday ... and there's no way he'd be spending the night.

Probably a wise decision.


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I love me some Jon Gosselin, glad that his mean ole bit## will soon be his ex. I HATE HER. She is ugly mean fat and just a huge bit@@. Glad he is at the house. She needs to leave. FOREVER.

1809 days ago

FiFi LaRue    

God Forbid Kate having a set routine for her children...furthermore she KNOWS this will only be a photo op for Jon...and nothing more! IF this abomidable LITTLE piss ant gave a rats arse about his children then he should have kept his mouth shut,and pants on until this whole thing was settled. No, instead hes using it as an excuse to get the Pappo's to film his every f'king move. Excuse me, but he SHOULD have stayed away from the Pappo' was his daughter's birthday for f'k's sake...not a photo op for him. But he made it about him...didn't he? Nice. That was proof that he doesn't care....its all about his "fame" now, even if he has to use his daughter's birthdays. He made himself available to every news ( gossip or not)outlet and then proceeded to bad mouth his wife, then professes hes changed ( into what ?, pray tell) then he pockets a nice chunk of chain from the FAMILY coffers. I don't care about the rest of the "accounts"....he broke a court order on that one. If he wanted to hurt Kate....then he should have gone after her and her alone. He should have NEVER touched anything that was associated with his children and their well being..PERIOD. He sunk to a whole new level on that one. Then to engage with the same press ( be it paper or TV, that is ripping his family to shreds) on their reprehensible.

This moron is morally, emotionally and soon to be monetarily bankrupt.

1809 days ago


come on jon..stay the nite,slap that ass

1809 days ago


a.) NO WAY should TMZ stream this
b.) Jon Gosselin needs to commit suicide
c.) Who has a birthday party on a Thursday?

1809 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Media Whore Jon has been on Entertainment Tonight 3 days in a row. He will be on tomorrow, too. Is he paying them or are they paying him? Something is wrong with Jon's brain. He's a Dimwit to keep trashing and bashing Kate. What's the point? Guess he wants people to hate him - and we do. He's so pathetic and shouldn't be around the children at all.

1809 days ago


they are both walking contradictions and if I hear one more time "my kids" "it's about the kids" "i just want what's best for our kids" really, you want what's best? how about going inside the house and spending the time with your kids that you told all of America Kate was taking away from you....he is proving not only her ponit;but everyone else who has an opinion about's about him and it's about her...those kids are paychecks....if he doesn't have any money, how could he afford an ATV and laptop? Did ET pay for that?

1809 days ago


Shame on you Jon.

1809 days ago

i still hate retards    

no, no, no!!! douche, douche, douche!!!! no matter what you think about kate (and editing has SO MUCH to do with it no mater what your personal opinion) she has NEVER been at the front gate "greeting" and chatting with the paparazzi like jon. he is a complete moron.

1809 days ago


If it's not one of his days to have the kids, Kate was generous to allow him there ar all.

1809 days ago


Yea Jon, I agree with Juscus, stay the night and slap that ass !!
God knows she needs it

1809 days ago


You know how much he was complaining about not being able to see the kids today, what the h*ll is he doing out talking to the paps???

MEDIA WHORE! LOSER FATHER!!!!!!!!! Shame on you trying to get Kate to let ET film the bday, thought you cared about your kids???? guess not......... not a big surprise

He's going to go down as one of the most hated on tv.........

1809 days ago

Jennifer D    

Jon is just gross. First, why did he need to have the media follow him today. He needed to deal with this through his attorney, if he didn't like his proposed schedule. I get her point, it probably was pretty uncomfortable. They have a court date for Tues, where the question of a 1/4 of a million dollars is out there. Either he took it legit or he didn't follow the rules...big questions. So, that would be the last person I would want to spend my time with.

Then he is trying to sell the pictures/camera time when he just shut down the families income stream with all the bills they have.

So, I understand her perspective. I also think staying off the TV in the last few days is a wise decision on her part. Let the man blab on TV and you just be calm until Tuesday....let the chips fall.

Gross person....horrible situation....feel bad for the kids.

1809 days ago


Jon was there to get PAID by ET and to sign autographs for the YOUNG girls that wanted his signature. I am glad Kate did not leave that jerk alone with the kids.

1809 days ago


What a tool!! I can't believe he's out talking to the paps and signing autographs when he should be helping Kate get the kids ready for bed, or at least cleaning up after the party. He is such a trashy media whore. Couldn't even shave and put on a nice shirt for Mady and Cara's party - no wonder Kate has had it with this slob.

Love that Kate is selective in who she grants an interview to, and she was hilarious on Leno last night :D Stay strong Kate and keep those kids safe!

1809 days ago


Kate is no longer the ‘organic’ cook. She doesn’t do the laundry. The family has a personal chef, housekeeper, behind the scenes caregivers, a gardener and Kate has a personal assistant. So the ‘crazy life’ they used to speak of is history. That is not to say that things aren’t still crazy – just in a very different way.

1809 days ago
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