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Jon Gosselin -- 'The Party's Over'

10/8/2009 7:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looks like Jon Gosselin won the birthday battle against Kate -- because instead of leaving at 6pm, he just told us he'll be staying 'til he can "put my kids to bed."

Jon Gosselin: Click to watch
After the celebration, Jon came out to get some face time with his BFFs, the paps -- saying he and Kate made it "cordial" for the twins on their birthday ... and there's no way he'd be spending the night.

Probably a wise decision.


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The BEST THING a father can do for his kids is BE THERE, period.

1840 days ago


# 93's comments are just plain DUMB!!!!!!! How would you know what went on in their marrage??? Were you personally there??? You make yourself sound like an idoit. I really wouldn't say much more. Oh and good job with the whole "KHATE", your pretty smart.... idoit! I don't feel bad for Jon at all!!! If he's so worried about being with his kids and wants that extra few hours with them, then why is he outside talking to the paps??? Is it that much of a big deal for him?? It just looks like he needs his 15 minutes. What a sad sad man.

1840 days ago


Do you see Kate pacing the fence chatting it up with the media? No. Did Kate rush to a bakery to buy a fancy cake? No. I bet even his gifts are just to 'buy' his daughters' affections. He even tried to sell the rights to another company to film his daughters' bday party? TLC go and get him in court! What a jerk! He's all about himself...not what is best for his family...oh yeah, Jon that still includes Kate! Then, again this is ALL ABOUT JON! Can't wait for the divorce to see Kate plus 8!

1840 days ago


Jon is smart in one regard, play nice with the pap's and they're more likely to play nice with you. Too bad Jessica Simpson doesn't see things that way. "Just sayin'" :) It was funny when Jon pointed out that the fence was vinyl ~ reminded me of Kim from Real Housewives of Atlanta calling 911 from the Target parking lot. Things sure aren't as they seem sometimes.

1840 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

tired of hearing Jon play victim and be a martyr and those on his twitter or at his fence line getting their panties wet over getting his autograph also always saying what a victim Jon is. Well right now Jon is victimizing his kids and if he is still living in the past after moving on and moving out and still whining how Kate treated him, get over it, keep going to the therapist who is not helping at all and stop talking about it in the media. He deserved some of it with the recent displayed behavior, I don't blame her for nagging on him, he is acting out and no better then how Kate treated him, all to punish Kate and get even. So he is no better then what he claims she did to him.

1840 days ago


Oh Jon, you continue to amaze me. Why oh why don't you have a brain? How stupid is it to buy a birthday cake and PUT MADDY, NOT MADY on top. Don't you know how to spell your own child's name???? Didn't you look at the cake? If that's not bad enough, ET reports that you buy one child a laptop, and the other one an ATV, an ATV???? Are you serious? For a nine year old. Kids get killed on these things every day. Next time get them both the same thing (not ATV's but maybe each one gets a laptop). Kate's gonna have a field day with this one.

1840 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

93...Hailey and Jon or else he has to pay people to come slip some fan like comments in here. Or else some douchey housewife no better then Jon is foaming over the mouth for him, just like the type of women who write to prisoners. They are cooky and desperate, as desperado as Jon is acting.

1840 days ago


He is such a jerk-If you go on ET's website you can tell he is the insider-He wants the kids off TV yet he tips off ET and let's them know where he will be so he can talk about Kate-He was so obvious when he picked up the twins how slow he was going and how he let them tape the girls in the backseat-I wonder how much ET is paying him-I am sure he used some of the money he withdrew from bank account to pay for their gifts-All he cares about is Jon-Guess he can't afford his whores anymore so he is going to use his kids..Nancy Grace knows what she is talking about.

1840 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

I think Jon's only playmates for years were his children, he acts just like a whiney 10 year old having tantrums. Kate did this to me, Kate did it first, Kate did not line up the nanny for me, Kate did not do this, Kate, Kate, it is Kate's fault, Kate made me say the things I am saying lately, Kate made me cheat and have sex with skanks, Kate made me move to NY, Kate made me take the money, Kate made me go on shopping sprees, Kate Kate Kate, Kate did this, Kate went on the today show when she had custody (haha and exposed your lard @ss and is why you are mad), Kate made me fly to LA to do all those interviews, Kate is making me addicted to drugs, Kate is making me think only about me, Kate Kate Kate, Kate did it, Kate forces me, she ties me down and makes me do all of these things. It could not be my fault *gasp* no, I could never be mature enough to admit that I make some bad choices, that I am spiraling lately, Kate is making me act out in a hostile way on television, Kate made Nancy Grace own my @ss and humiliate me, Kate is at fault for my anger issues. Him if the jack@ss could OWN his behavior, his reactions, his actions, and what he says and does, and acknowled that he is spoiled and lazy, has faults, has not been sincere with his apologies, has been lying to Kate, his kids, viewers, media... and how he just is so used to getting his way and having Kate do everything for him in the past, but wipe his @ss. He got used to Kate paying the bills, managing the finances, Kate cooking, Kate cleaning, Kate working to support us, Kate keeping things organized, Kate keeping the kids healthy and checkups, Kate lining up their schooling, Kate taking care of our financial security with opportunities, finances, and TV shows. Kate was the mature adult who provided boundaries for those children and structure, and was the strength where her loser husband was weak and all he would do is sabotage her efforts or try to kick her in the face for her hard work and efforts. Now he still is trying to sabotage Kate, the family, the finances, etc. What a loser you are Jon and you keep showing us all that is all you can amount to, because you won't try harder or change what you keep whining about. The poster above nailed it, you are stuck in martyrdom!

1840 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

the "Fence Whisperer" *roflmao* Starved for attention much?

1840 days ago


Oh my god! now "lmao" is not only attacking Jon but someone else on the comments.

Someone then posted under 5 different names trashing Jon. very creative. Like people can't tell.

1840 days ago


I can't believe this loser really thinks he's all that. Like someone said earlier...he reminds me of an Asian Corky.

1840 days ago


What a tool. The guy thinks he's big or something. What exactly did he accomplish? Was it not standing up for himself with Kate, then taking it out on his kids? Or was it being an insecure loser. I saw you on Orange County Choppers John, and you were clearly intimidated by the Teutul's, and they knew it. You're a dork buddy, always have, always will be...

1840 days ago


The truly sad part is that Jon BELIEVES we're buying all the bull cookies he's spewing at us. Um, "HELLO JON! Did you notice the big fat L on your forhead?"

1840 days ago


Jon friends are Hailey, Lohan, and the PAPS. The reason he would rather be at the fence with his fans than with his children. I bet Kate was giving them their baths and his lazy ass with just go tuck them in and the head for the bar in PA

1840 days ago
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