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Jon & Kate's New Court Date

10/8/2009 1:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've learned Jon and Kate Gosselin will be back in court next Tuesday, before an arbitrator, who could order Jon to return the money he took from their joint account and he could even be held in contempt.

Jon & Kate's New Court Date

As we first reported, the wife of the judge in the case died yesterday and the scheduled hearing was postponed as a result. Now there's an arbitration conference set for the 13th in which the issues Kate's lawyer raised -- that Jon took $230,000 from the joint account without permission -- will be addressed. We're told the arbitrator has the power to issue an injunction, forcing Jon to return the loot.

Sources also say Jon's lawyer has filed legal papers squarely contesting Kate's claim, alleging she's the one who looted the account. Ultimately, the bank records will be the smoking gun, and Jon may have some trouble in that department.

We're told Jon has struck a deal with a TV show to allow it to film his kids' birthday party today -- this is the same Jon who doesn't want his kids filmed on "Kate Plus 8." To that, Kate's lawyer, Mark Momjian, tells TMZ "I've never seen a greater hallmark for hypocrisy personified."


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I think most Americans are fed up with this 'family'. Air your dirty laundry in the family court and spare us this degrading,insulting and exploited fanfare! Shame on you TLC for partaking in such a 'useless' endeavor. We DO NOT care!!!!!

1848 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

The slimeball needs to be served up a big serving of HUMBLE-PIE! In his face, hope Kate takes his fancy store bought cake and if it is filmed today, does what most of us wish we could do, and moosh his face in it.

Homemade cake made with love is better, the twins don't want their love bought, they want a Dad who has their best interest at heart. Wish they had a Dad who did, it would be the best birthday gift for them if he would just think about those kids. Instead he buys expensive watches to buy their love. The twins just want a Dad who will stop causing this drama and shame to their life!

1848 days ago


I wish this tool would have gone swimming in the area we just had a big white sighting, or maybe by the Santa Barbara Islands, I hear the water there is shark infested.... I hate this TOOL!

1848 days ago


She needs the money for those must have ear rings. They look real expensive.

1848 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

can some crazy please go tie him up with duct tape and hang him from one of their big trees and film that with a sign that says STFU JON written across the tape on his mouth!

How can you say you want the kids to stop being filmed, then go and exploit their special day. All for money. I now can see why Kate got on him about his breathing, stupid people should NOT breathe period!

1848 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

umm yeah, read this you guys, is the sex tape next? Yuck! He is gross! A threesome when in Vegas?

Some one needs to send this into Nancy Grace or put Stephanie on the stand in the divorce case or interview her for an exclusive, this is disgusting. He is a sex addict!

Here TMZ and ROL...follow up on this article!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Expose the disgusting pig that Jon is!

1848 days ago


Can't stand that witch Kate. Anyone that needs to be that controlling is sick in the head, and she does and is.

1848 days ago


Naiden: Why dump on Kate? Jon is the bad parent. After TLC fired him he has said over and over again, NO more filming of my kids. No more cameras in their face. I need to be a father and do what is best for them. The same father who contacted ET and has been paid to give them access to not only his arrival at the house but the party as well. That means the kids on film. SO hes against it until he is paid? He cant spend some quiet time with the girls on their He invites ET to join them while hes in town?

Throws Mady under the bus with the line of she tells me everything Kate says about him. Isnt Jon the one that called Kate some really bad name on more than one show? Lied about the email that he received. Said she cut him out of the entire day. School takes up all but 4 hours in the girls day. She offered 2 of the 4 hours to him to keep the peace plus her weekend time as well. Why did he not mention that part of the email? Why has he not said he would take the weekend time. He had kept quiet about that. Most parents in joint custody would jump at the chance but he has said nothing, instead he lies. Says he can stay overnight as he owns 1/2 the house. Wrong. Court order says no unless its your custody day. He cant stay over and could risk the police taking him away if he tries. On his kids he threatens to corner Kate and hold her against her will until he says whats on his mind. Nice way to show the kids hes there for their party, threaten WW3. Didnt he say it was the twins day so why is it all about Jon.
He contacted the paps to go shopping with him and the girls probably know what they are getting because he had to be on camera. That is not a father, its all about him on his kids SHouldnt it be about the kids and just enjoy them with no cameras present. At least that is what he kept saying since he was fired. That is until he asked ET to come along and they have paid him for that right.

1848 days ago


Just when I think Jon can't possibly get any stupider, he does!!! It's bad for the kids to film for TLC (Jon's not getting paid). However it's all right to film for another reality show (Jon's getting paid for this one). God help us. Jon talks out of both sides of his mouth. This proves that the only one Jon really cares about is Jon. You may not like Kate, but at least you know where you stand with her. Jon just gets weirder and weirder!!!!

What's this about Jon will stay at the house as long as he wants to because it's his house!!! It's the kids house, they earned it not him!!!! There we go again, always about JON, JON!!!! Boy, did Nancy Grace ever have him pegged right.

I wish the girls a very happy birthday!!!! Best of luck to Kate and the kids. Jon, go crawl in a hole until you get something between your ears other than air!!!!!

1848 days ago


Jon Gosselin has soared so high in the douche category, he has surpassed the Unholy Trinity of Douches (Joe Jackson, Kanye West and Michael Lohan) to become Lord Supreme Douche. He is making them look GOOD.

1848 days ago


TMZ, I love that picture of Jon you use! Hilarious!!

1848 days ago


Jon name should be HYPOCRIT. This guy has not a ounce of class or commen sence or morals.
It is not okay for the kids to be filmed but it is if he wants it done..
This guy is a poor excuse for a humane being and a father and most importently a poor,poor excuse for a husband.

i sincerly hope the judge finds him in contempt and locks his hypocrit a$$ up.

1848 days ago


Do you rememeber what Kate looked like before she became famous??? hahahahah check it out here...

1848 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

haha, and he claims his actions are to restore family values, what about that threesome in Vegas? The drugs, the skanks, the cheating, the lying, yep, lots of role modeling about values there.

His kids don't deserve this, their Dad's stupidity is hurting them with all of this media chaos now. At the school bus stop the twins had to listen to questions about his recent antics, so they know what their Dad is doing and they see how he hurts their Mom, and it hurts them too! Dumb@ss Jon! And for the solo Kate hater on here today, are you the type of woman who would write the guys in prison too?

1848 days ago


It's amazing just how well Kate has learned to give the public a snow job, and they fall for it hook, line and sinker. She doesn't fool me for one minute. Can stand her manipulating ways and can see right through them. My sympathy only goes with the kids.

1848 days ago
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