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Jon & Kate's New Court Date

10/8/2009 1:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've learned Jon and Kate Gosselin will be back in court next Tuesday, before an arbitrator, who could order Jon to return the money he took from their joint account and he could even be held in contempt.

Jon & Kate's New Court Date

As we first reported, the wife of the judge in the case died yesterday and the scheduled hearing was postponed as a result. Now there's an arbitration conference set for the 13th in which the issues Kate's lawyer raised -- that Jon took $230,000 from the joint account without permission -- will be addressed. We're told the arbitrator has the power to issue an injunction, forcing Jon to return the loot.

Sources also say Jon's lawyer has filed legal papers squarely contesting Kate's claim, alleging she's the one who looted the account. Ultimately, the bank records will be the smoking gun, and Jon may have some trouble in that department.

We're told Jon has struck a deal with a TV show to allow it to film his kids' birthday party today -- this is the same Jon who doesn't want his kids filmed on "Kate Plus 8." To that, Kate's lawyer, Mark Momjian, tells TMZ "I've never seen a greater hallmark for hypocrisy personified."


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Jon is acting so irrational and seems incapable of focusing on the real issues - his behavior.

The recent photos with him and a cigarette leads me to wonder if he's doing drugs??? Alcohol??? The new girlfriend might be a bad influence, she's an alleged druggie.

They both need to keep their stuff private - turn off the cameras - stay off tv.

1778 days ago


Make them go away...please!!!!!!!!!!!

1778 days ago


Get him kate show him whos the boss.jon is going down down down.I can't wait.

1778 days ago


I HATE KHATE GOSSELIN. She is the meanest piece of crap around. She has NO business leaving her kids for days and days at a time. People are bashing Jon when in reality its ALL HER FAULT. She is a monster.

1778 days ago



1778 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

ZOAT, why not show your picture you jealous chunk of cellulite. Your jealousy and hatred shows you are so not attractive!

1778 days ago


I believe that if Jon does allow a TV company to film the birthday for another show, not TLC, then TLC can then have the grounds to sue him for breach of contract. They still have that exclusive contract with TLC, and TLC has been really quiet lately about the taping, so you never know - this could be for the best if true. I hope that TLC finds some grounds to sue Jon. He really needs to be takend down a few notches. He is such a tool!

1778 days ago


Jon, you are so so stupid. You just said on national TV that you will NOT allow your kids to be filmed. You know what's best for your kids. Now you have changed your mind again. I'm sure they flashed some cash in your face and the epiphany you had the other day went away.

1778 days ago


WOuld anyone be surprised if Jon and Kate built up this scam together just to keep the ball of money growing as it rolled through TABLOID TVland. Seriously, how much more can INSIDER, TMZ, etc pay out before they are worth BILLIONS. Books, TV, clothes. I hope they do right by their kids future. Either this is a SCAM or Jon really is a MEDIA whore. Kate doesn't bother me much..its Jon.

1778 days ago


Hey all you Kate wannabe F***rs at tmz, so long as you do not know the truth, don't go believing everything this moneygrabbing daughter of a b**c is telling you.
The arbitrator will be the first (outsite of these two no-hopers of course) to know the truth. THEN you can comment, not beforehand

1778 days ago

put tina in jail    

I cant believe what a sleaze ball he is.
He is lying cheating bastard.. He does not care about his kids, caue if he did he would not have did all the dumb things he has. and he only cares about himself, what a coincidence once the show announced it was changing names he wants to stop production. OMG.. Jon for real you need to get a life and let your kids enjoy themselves. They get alot of extra curricular activities not many other children are fortunate to have, and being a single mom , I know its hard to afford lots of extras.

1778 days ago


Really, the low life did not have a problem not letting Kate in her in her own home when he was making porn with the baby sitter. He actually called the cops so she could not come in the gates. She should do the same. He is pathetic. He will do and say anything to get his face on TV and in the news. Evidentally he should ask his shrink for a refund, because he definitely needs some help.

1778 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Jon must know he is going to have to pay back that money he tried justifying that he took. He appears desperate with all these interviews lately and now filming the twins on their birthday without asking how they felt? After he said he does not want them filmed anymore and he put a sign up how no camera crew was allowed? He is guilty and desperate and in need to make some quick money, he KNOWS he has to pay it back and probably already spent most if not all of it on his legal team, credit cards, Hailey and whatever else he is keeping hidden. Is he paying off a source to remain silent on some thing? Hmmm, cannot wait until the Judge forces him to show his accounting where his money is going, is it drugs? We are witnessing some major desperation (at the expense of his family and kids) to quickly make some money, there is an agenda or motive, Jon does not do anything without a motive, he knows he is in a deep pile of doo! He looks guilty all the time and his bugged out eyes darting around and his hostility lately.

1778 days ago


I think we ought to send Brit's dad over to help Jon get back to real.

1778 days ago

lovely bcat    

"She's hiding money," he said. "We have 11 bank accounts. That was just our joint account. She had a best-selling book. Where's that million dollars? I believe she's incriminating herself and not thinking clearly. She's wanting me to look bad. I didn't want these things to come public. I didn't want this to be embarrassing for her." WOW!! Where is all that money? 11 acct!!! they are both BSERS, they have the money they just want more of it!! BTW what is the big deal about this family, yes they have 8 kids to feed & yes shes a single mother but so what!!!! how many other single mothers are out there w/ 4-8 or even more children, but they don't live in a $1.5 million dollar house, they don't have their own show, what the hell makes this family more important than the rest of the world. Once again don't have kids if you cant take care of them!! Her 8 kids we're NOT!!! conceive naturally both time she had fertility treatments so they knew there was a chance of having more than 1, they put themselves in this situation, deal with it! get real jobs!! Take care of your own children don't expect others to do it for you!! Yes you up grade from a 2BR house so your family can be more comfortable but a $1.5 million dollar house, that goes to show they planned on TLC taking care of them forever.

1778 days ago
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