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Jon & Kate's New Court Date

10/8/2009 1:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've learned Jon and Kate Gosselin will be back in court next Tuesday, before an arbitrator, who could order Jon to return the money he took from their joint account and he could even be held in contempt.

Jon & Kate's New Court Date

As we first reported, the wife of the judge in the case died yesterday and the scheduled hearing was postponed as a result. Now there's an arbitration conference set for the 13th in which the issues Kate's lawyer raised -- that Jon took $230,000 from the joint account without permission -- will be addressed. We're told the arbitrator has the power to issue an injunction, forcing Jon to return the loot.

Sources also say Jon's lawyer has filed legal papers squarely contesting Kate's claim, alleging she's the one who looted the account. Ultimately, the bank records will be the smoking gun, and Jon may have some trouble in that department.

We're told Jon has struck a deal with a TV show to allow it to film his kids' birthday party today -- this is the same Jon who doesn't want his kids filmed on "Kate Plus 8." To that, Kate's lawyer, Mark Momjian, tells TMZ "I've never seen a greater hallmark for hypocrisy personified."


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# 52 You and I see eye to eye!!

1736 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Jon is cookoo for cocoa puffs mad!

1736 days ago

Brenda Thompson    

Please just go away. We have other things to talk about.

1736 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

some one put him back in his straight jacket stat!

1736 days ago

Brenda Thompson    

We have other things to talk about that is more important.

1736 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

miriana needs a straight jacket too, she is trying to mom the comment section like a psycho. She hates Kate but look at her own displayed rage on here, hmm.

1736 days ago


stupid is stupid does...jon,, your not even a man,, you shouldnt even call yourself a man, or a father...

1736 days ago


We are all watching a train wreck as it happens. I thought Kate was going to "Take the high road." No she went on national Tv and said she could not feed her kids. Now really does anyone believe this?

They are both terrible parents and liers. But does it deserve to be on TV night after night. I for one have had enough and I am going Kate and Jon free. Not watching them on tv and not reading about them in any magazines, if they are in a magazine I will not buy it, and if they are on the internet I will not read about them.

Whew! I feel beter already.

1736 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

LMAO at some of these comments! Yep, Jon is not going to win Dad of the year!

1736 days ago


you know what is Jon is really jealous that Kate is more successful ....Jon get a job and
support your family....both of you need to work at being
nicer are teaching your kids to act badly
....if your kids turn out bad its you guys fault...divorce
come on you two need to stay together...because no one
else could stand either of you....all I can say is there are other people with real problems....grow up

1736 days ago


"We're told Jon has struck a deal with a TV show to allow it to film his kids' birthday party today"

Jon the I suprised, not at all...should we all be suprised...not at's ALL ABOUT THE MONEY WITH JON and NEVER EVER EVER ABOUT HIS KIDS.....can NOT stand that bastard!!!

1736 days ago

juli seutter    

Jon is the biggest sleaze out there. Get help you jerk

1736 days ago


Jon wants to haul a camera crew to film the party, and just 1 week ago, he told TLC to get off his property. this guy is a NUT CASE!!!he trips over his own STUPID WORDS... i hope Kate said NO! NO! and NO!! ET is PAYING JON to film that party. do the 8 kids get that money back in CHILD SUPPORT, since he cost them their paycheck from TLC!!! Doucheman ?

1736 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Jon is acting like he has biploar disorder. The grandiose thinking, the erratic behavior, the up and down moods, the fast talking, the hysterics and hostility to the depressed moods. The highs and lows, it is like he is in a manic rage right now. If you google Marijuana and Biploar Disorder, many articles say that the pot can exacerbate bipolar episodes in those with the mental illness. I don't think he is going to therapy like he says, unless he considers his therapist the drug peddler or bartender. Maybe that is why he said his THERAPY cost over 20 grand! LMBO! It is the street drug dealer, breaking news ya all, that is his therapist! Must have got the connection from Hailey!

1736 days ago


Keep stepping in it Jonny Boy.

1736 days ago
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