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Levi Johnston -- No Palin, No Gain

10/8/2009 2:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We're not sure if he's gonna show his front or backside, but one thing's certain: Levi Johnston wants to make sure both sides look good for his upcoming Playgirl spread just in case.

 Levi Johnston
Johnston's handler tells us the 19-year-old father of one is preparing for the shoot by hittin' the gym hard -- at least six days a week for the last three weeks -- with the help of a newly hired personal trainer.

Levi agreed to pose for Playgirl last month for an undisclosed amount ... but the real question is what he's willing to bare.

We'll find out soon enough -- the photo shoot happens sometime this month.


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lol i love to see hypocritical chrisitians.

1809 days ago


what a piece of low life garbage. he gets a girl pregnant, doesn't finish his education, doesn't marry her or take care of his child and then thinks he is a movie star. can hardly wait to see how this plays out or how his child ends up.

1809 days ago


Your attention please. TMZ is a gossip site, not your personal political blog site. Please move over to FOX with your insufferably boring political views. Your cooperation in this matter is much appreciated.

1809 days ago


Good waist loss recipe:

Eliminate brown sugar and bacon from diet. Fifty (50) Japanese situps reduce waist line.

1809 days ago


Agreed on the political views. However, if I see them posted, I will respond.

They are all going to laugh at you, I am glad you can say this. I am hoping you did not vote, if you care that little. :-)

1809 days ago


Aren't his 15 minutes up YET?

Wonder if any of his fee will be put towards his child support.

1809 days ago


This soft, dough-boy, fat hillbilly better enjoy whatever he has going with Playgirl, because this is 15 minutes. What a loser.

1809 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Trash begets trash - the Johnstons and the Palins are BOTH trash.
Sarah Palin, criticizing our president on foreign soil in China(a COMMUNIST country no less) is much more detrimental to this country that Levi posing in Playgirl
No one would even know who Levi was if it weren't for Palin dragging him to the convention a year ago to show her "family values." It's her own fault if he is now embarrassing her.

1809 days ago


He's a hottie! I'd definitely check it out!

1809 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

What a pathetic dimwit. Is he retarded? He loved all of the attention when Sarah was running for Vice President, now he is getting back at her by behaving like a Jackass. What a Dope!!!!

1809 days ago


Me too! Yes I voted.Will be voting again.
Obama/Biden "2012"

1809 days ago


ya gotta eat so whats yer advice for him?don't go for the payoff sudden fame brings?really now answer from your own wallet before condeming his only sensible way up if ya will

1809 days ago


How disrespectful for his new young son and Levi's mother and sister for this trash behavior. No wonder Bristol doesn't totally trust him..Think Levi is showing his true colors or has anomosity and resentment influencing his life choices.. Gross..Too bad for his young son to grow up and find this out.

1809 days ago


More catnip for the Gay Mafia and the Hollywood Left. What a tool. When they get tired of him they'll chuck him like a used tampon and he'll be snorting Oxycotin with his mom.

1809 days ago


61. Trash begets trash - the Johnstons and the Palins are BOTH trash.
Sarah Palin, criticizing our president on foreign soil in China(a COMMUNIST country no less)

Who the hell uis Obama that he can't be critized? How many times was Bush criticized on foreign soil and in the enemies territory no less? And you dipwads cheered it on?

Go stick your head in the toilet and drown, fool!

1809 days ago
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