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Levi Johnston -- No Palin, No Gain

10/8/2009 2:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We're not sure if he's gonna show his front or backside, but one thing's certain: Levi Johnston wants to make sure both sides look good for his upcoming Playgirl spread just in case.

 Levi Johnston
Johnston's handler tells us the 19-year-old father of one is preparing for the shoot by hittin' the gym hard -- at least six days a week for the last three weeks -- with the help of a newly hired personal trainer.

Levi agreed to pose for Playgirl last month for an undisclosed amount ... but the real question is what he's willing to bare.

We'll find out soon enough -- the photo shoot happens sometime this month.


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This little guy will not bare his front as there is no measurement more than 3 little inches maybe 4..guys like him never have any leverage to make his baby mama HAPPY..Ask Her IM sure she knows the missing ingredient..some length and width maybe..The Palins made this little worm famous and got him some money too.

1838 days ago

Trooper Tom    

This tool looks like he just escaped from a trailer park

1838 days ago

J C    

Stupid life decision Levi.Pretty much insures that You'll be a gay porn fixture for the rest of Your life.
Next stop..."Stock Boy Fever" xxx starring Levi Johnson.

1838 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

botchingitall -
I'm still waiting for the list of current or former politicians who went on foreign soil, to a communist country and bashed Bush.
Kinda hard to research something that never happened, right??
You claimed it happened all the time...really?? Where's the proof.
Republicans = lying hypocrites.

1838 days ago


That Alaskan blubber's been packin' on for nearly two decades. No way it's comin' off in three works working just 18 hours a week. Why bother?

1838 days ago

Bethany Sweet    

Cougar Mom says, Meow!!! I would buy that issue. I've never bought a Playgirl before, but I've seen some old ones from years ago. But Levi's a cutie pie, and I would pay to see that sh*t.

1838 days ago


Keep pumping zeh iron, Levi. I see you as governator of California someday. In 2032, President Johnston.

1838 days ago


Here's Jon Gosselin, Jr folks! Another attention whore.

1838 days ago


He does realize that playgirl is read mostly by gay men, right?

1838 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

botchingitall -
Have you got the answers yet? Or are you just another lying fool like Glenn Beck, Limbaugh, and Sarah Palin who think that if they say it it must be true.
Thanks for proving my point - it's not true just because you say it...duh!!
I guess I'm suppose to drown because I have you all figured out and you don't like it, do you??

1837 days ago


i said lay off LEVI ya hypocrites,like you woulden't take advantage of sudden fame for all the money its WORTH,smell yer own upper lip before ya condem an old american money making habit.OH YA ALL SMELL OF ENVEY

1837 days ago


What a LOSER! I hope no one buys a single issue!! Get a real job and support your kid.

1837 days ago


Serious Doucher!

1835 days ago


i wonder if there'll be a pic of him jizzing all over skankwhore sarah palins titties?

1828 days ago


Why do you guys even pay attention to that little creep. To bad mouth some one just to get a head is wrong. I'd punch him in the mouth if I saw him and I don't even know the Palin's I just happen to live in Anchorage. Everytime I see him on T.V. it just makes me wanna hit him more. And he needs to keep it in his pants anyway.

1802 days ago
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