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Levi McConaughey Gets Carted Off

10/8/2009 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Matthew McConaughey's son Levi is a barrow of ridiculous cuteness.


The precious 15-month-old got pushed around in a wheelbarrow by a gardener in Malibu on Wednesday.

When a similar thing happened to Britney, it wasn't nearly as adorable.


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31. No. 30 - you are one sick puppy. This is what you say about a 15 month old baby? you will never have money or be successful but taking your feelings of inferiority out on a baby is just wrong.

Posted at 8:18PM on Oct 8th 2009 by Dubrockna

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Wow you're an idiot! That we all know for sure. LMAO

1808 days ago


33. Hey people - lighten up. The comments about the baby not being cute are simply in response to TMZ stating his "ridiculous cuteness." Some people don't agree. Get over it.

Posted at 8:37PM on Oct 8th 2009 by ridiculous sensitivity

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Exactly...Tmz knew they would get comments pointing out the obvious that he is so not cute. That's why they wrote it!

1808 days ago


Most cute kids don't become good looking adults. That being said, this kid's got a chance at being a good looking adult.

1808 days ago


Fug. I'm sorry. His alleged good looks and his Brazilian GF (remember, Levi... awful name, BTW, is a bas|tard child) good looks a cute child does NOT make!

Posted at 3:44PM on Oct 8th 2009 by

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Nice thing to call a child. You are probably one of those nut cases that stalks women outside abortion clinics.

1808 days ago


I agree, karen 1459. Weirdo stalker.

1808 days ago


It's amazing how low the paparrazi will stoop. I bet the photographer planned this photo shot weeks in advance. Stalking a little baby is about as low as you can get.

Most of the people on here calling the kid ugly probably have little beast offspring themselves. How anyone can call a little baby ugly is beyond comprehension.

Levi will grow up in luxurious splendor with famous rich parents, while the bloggers on this page calling him ugly live on either low incomes, welfare or unemployment checks until they run out. Get a life and go support your own unwanted future convicts of the American penal system. Little Levi is adorable and cute, hands down.

1808 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

Just How Low Will People Go? .....

If you've never seen a baby that you would admit is UGLY - then you are just a LIAR who needs to learn to deal with REALITY - even when it ain't PRETTY!!

1808 days ago


wow #39 is an idiot or just blind!

1808 days ago


tmz you should do a who thinks this kid is cute survey, so #39 on here can stop preaching how cute he is.

1808 days ago


Nobody on here is happy to say that he's ugly, but come on he's ugly! Deal with it!

1808 days ago


I don't get the cheap shot at Britney...what's your point, TMZ??

1808 days ago


I have to agree with Dubrockna. Why is anyone even trying to be mean to a 15-month-old baby? Talk about cowardice. Feelings of inferiority much?

1808 days ago


This is one cute kid! I do wonder if that is dirt on his face, or a massive bruise...Or is it just a shadow??

1808 days ago


Levi is a such adorable babe.
It's so sad that anyone has the heart to call a child "ugly" It's beyond me. A Child is a gift from God.
Shame on all of you, go find a good shrink and treat your sick head.
About the woman whose call Camilla "cafe com leite" saying "that is the way we Brazilian call her" you're are a waste of human being race. Brazilians are very warm people and they don't treat people this way, you're sick and a liar.
Jelous is a terrible thing. Shame , shame , shame and Shameeeeeeeee

1808 days ago


Kim, I CAN imagine what their future kids will look like.
I'm thinking Doogie Howser(aka Neil Patrick Harris),the grown-up version. I'm thinking Jerry Mathers(he played in Leave It To Beaver), the grown-up version. Don Knotts(Barney Fife from The Andy Griffith Show). Also Ben Stein(I forgot what he does). And Pee-Wee Herman.

1808 days ago
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