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Burns' Plea -- Give Us Our Dog Back!

10/9/2009 1:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Burns is sad ... and one of you may be responsible.

Brooke Burns: Click to watch
Yesterday outside CNN, Burns made a heartfelt plea to our camera -- hoping the couple who was spotted snatching her Malti-Poo last Saturday might watch this clip and return him to Brooke and her 9-year-old daughter Madison.

Contact if you have any information on the puppy-napping.

The dog wasn't wearing any tags when he went M.I.A..


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1838 days ago


James, get out!!!!!!!!!!! We love TMZ and we will stay here forever!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha.

1838 days ago

o rly    

Brooke Burns wants her dogs, Simone and Kooky, back. Help her find them.

1838 days ago


If she wants people to see her plea, she shouldn't be on CNN...nobody watches that crap cable station anymore.

And, show the Erin Andrews nude video!!!!

1838 days ago


I like to watch CNN sometimes. I like Anderson Cooper, he is very charismatic.

1838 days ago


UGH. Such irresponsible Dog Owners! Why the heck did the poor thing not have tags? What chance does it have of finding its way home now? I'm telling you... You should have a PERMIT to own a dog. I'm DISGUSTED by the way celebs have been treating their dogs over the past year. SICKENING! I swear, the Celebs should be the ones at the end of its Dog's Leash! With the Dog leading the morons around!

I have 2 mini poos and I guard them WITH MY LIFE! They are my life. I could not imagine being SO irresponsible.

1838 days ago


Brooke who now? Is this somebody?

1837 days ago


just wondering what BrookBurns has got on her arm, to be specific...the left arm.

1837 days ago

Tony B    

Awww what a sweetheart! I really hope she finds her dog. I've got a dog myself, and they really are more like kids than pets.

GOOD LUCK BROOKE! My thoughts are prayers are with you!

1837 days ago


Tags on dogs don't stop someone from stealing them. Of course they just remove them.

Please "chip" your pets. All of them.....even if they never leave the house. Take them to a reputable vet and have the procedure done, it is simple and inexpensive. If you do this and move later, be sure to contact the company that issued the chip and give them an update on your address and any new pet ownership so they can FIND YOU/NEW OWNER if they need to. And ask your vet every time you go in if they check each animal that comes in to see if it has a chip and WHO its owner really is.

1837 days ago


BOTH my mini Poo's have both TAGS and CHIPS. Thanks.

1837 days ago

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