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Jon & Hailey Plus Kate's Money

10/9/2009 2:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin spent some of his hard-earned money to buy his girlfriend Hailey Glassman some drinks at an Irish pub in NYC the other night.

No word if 'Entertainment Something' picked up a round too.


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He's really put on the weight. The booze does not agree with him.

1776 days ago

Mrs Mangles    

LOL Normal Mom. He's a turd.

1776 days ago

rhonda gessner    

I feel very sorry for the children. All the publicity and money has pretty much ruined their family. I have a loving, close-knit family with 3 grown children and 2 grandchildren and I would not trade it for any amount of money. True prosperity comes from having ALL the pieces of the puzzle in place...nothing broken...nothing missing. I'll keep this family in my prayers.

1776 days ago


Jon looks awful for a man who absconded a joint account for household funds then shows up with a donated cake and watches all for the price of photos or film, maybe what about financial payment? Jon are you going to give the court an accounting of how much money the media paid you for these photos or film opportunities?

1776 days ago


How is the money solely Kate's? She's no better than Jon. You should say living it up on the 8's money.

1776 days ago


I agree with Normal Mom----He goes on every talk show that will have him---talking so fast and bugging out his eyes--why does he say a few words and them snarl and show all of his teeth---like some sort of rabid dog.
By the way Kate did a great job on Leno and she probably has a future----Jon on the other hand doesnt have a thing going and he never will---

1776 days ago


This picture was taken the night of his twins birthday at 1:12 AM, oh that's right he doesn't have to get up with his kids I can see where is priorities are. He makes it sound like he can't stay at "his house" but in reality he needs to get back to his 22 year old and go drinking, in honor of his kids birthday of course. Hailey, this will happen to you too, he will leave you for another prettier and younger face one day. You're a fool!

1776 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

NORMAL MOM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...omg..ur priceless
" Korean Elvis impersonator looking like Kim Jong-11 - if Kim Jon wore Ed Hardy middle aged thing ? "....fricken hilarious..THANKS!

1776 days ago


Same blank stare when he picked up his kids. Hadnt seen them in almost 2 weeks and he could not bring himself to hug, kiss, say happy to them. He looked bored while getting them. He looks bored around Hailey as well. He only smiles when the paps pay him. He certainly had a lot to say over the last few days. Miss my kids, Kate is trying to take my time away from the kids etc. Actions speak louder then words and his actions yesterday showed his true self. He showed no emotion to the kids he claimed to miss. He left the party more than once to talk to the paps at the fence. He was going to put the kids in the front lawn to fulfill his contract with ET until Kate wisely said no. He loves the paps, tolerates his time with the kids. Anyone else would be tired after such a long day. He went back to New York to get drunk and forget his kids day. And what is with that cake he swears someone else ordered. Misspelled Madys name and the cake design was not a kids cake. Yet he was thrilled with it. Given how he spelled that sign to TLC I would say Jon ordered it while he was drunk. The same guy that said he did not want his kids filmed any more, certainly changed his tune when ET paid him to pimp his kids party. And now hes signed a deal to film the kids on their b.days for his new show. Everyone has him pegged since he moved out, he could care less about his kids, its all about cash.

1776 days ago


LMAO #13 post! Yup

1776 days ago


responding to number 16. I agree with Normal Mom on every point.

I also have to wonder what kind of relationship Haley had, or pehaps didn't have, with her father that would allow her to want to be with someone like him. What do her parents think of this relationship? It is usually very insecure women who need to prove to themselves that they can take someone elses man, who do this sort of thing, but once they have proved they can, they nornally no longer want the man. This young lady, and I use the term lady lightly, has got to be one of the most desparate wowmen I have ever seen. She seems willing to put up with anything just to have a man in her life. I think it could be any man, just as long as she has one!

1776 days ago


Come on TMZ you can do better then that. Jon does make his own money too ya know.. GOOD for him going out with his girlfriend. Must be a slow Gosselin day. Where is the story here?

1776 days ago


Normal mom is a freak of nature. She spends all her time with me on Radaronline and all we do is bicker back and forth about this family. We have nothing better to do and Normal Mom is all Yea Kate and Kate is great. Hell Kate is a hot mess and Jon is doin his thing. RIGHT ON JON Love me some JON

1776 days ago

juli seutter    

He is a pig! Please slap some sense to that girl!

1776 days ago


Seems to me that Normal Mom has WAY TOO MUCH TIME on her hands. Shes on another site all day long too about this family.

1776 days ago
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