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Jon & Hailey Plus Kate's Money

10/9/2009 2:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin spent some of his hard-earned money to buy his girlfriend Hailey Glassman some drinks at an Irish pub in NYC the other night.

No word if 'Entertainment Something' picked up a round too.


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She is as ugly as he is..they deserve eachother..she is whore and his a loser.

1805 days ago


Lay off the racist comments - they make the poster look like a fool.

He's fat, Fugly, stupid and selfish. Isn't that enough???

1805 days ago



1805 days ago


I love how absolutely miserable he looks in that pic and Hailey looks as happy as can be. Sure Jon she doesn't like the spotlight. Jon doesn't know what he wants at this point in time. He wants to get a paycheck for putting his kids on tv but not if he's name is not mentioned. You showed your true colors but signing an agreement with Entertainment Tonight to have the girls b-day party filmed. Well once again Kate cut off your balls on that one didn't she. Love it.

You got about another 2 inches before that grave you are digging is completed. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!

1805 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

Let see .. What could he do with $250,000 ? .. Hmm .. $100,000 on a new BMW, %100,000 on a ring for his new ho, and $50,000 on drugs? opps I'm broke again and haven't even left my lap top. *snork

1805 days ago


lol lol lol normal mom? You seem to LOVE you some Katezilla. Hey heres a tip get the hell off the net and take care of your own kids and stop worry about someone you have no idea about. your a freak lady.

1805 days ago


Hows about everyone stops reporting on this prick already. He is like a spoiled brat. He was on a family oriented show, he split from his wife, left his 8 kids and took up with a 22 year old child and began engaging in questionable behavior. When his dumb ass got dumped from the show he threw a tantrum, took the cash and then took to the talk shows and tried to stop the only means of income that the family he left behind and so called cares about has to support themselves. He is a douche plain and simple. If the media blacks him out see how quick he dumps the twenty something twit and changes his tune. The attention he gets is fueling his ego and actions. Enough already. He is not an entertainer, actor, singer, superstar, hero or anything else of matter. Stop reporting on this opportunistic prick.

1805 days ago


Imagine how embarrassed the older kids must be. Jon doesn't even deserve to be a father. If your tired of Jon and Kate read;

1805 days ago


Notice how fat and bloated Hailey looks now. The last thing these two need is more liquor/beer!
I don't know how Kate can look at him and find anything redeeming about the man she used to know and love.
This man is a loser, a thief, a liar, and a fata$$!
What woman in her right mind would even want to be with this piece of $hit!
Kate is a strong-minded woman...he couldn't stand up to her.
Nancy Grace is a strong-minded woman and he couldn't stand up to her interview the other day.
Now he goes for the young, mindless, girls that don't have a thought in their heads and tell him exactly what he wants to hear.
Thats about as deep as Jon can get!

1805 days ago


Is this the same person that wanted to delay the divorce and get back to his parental duties? I don't believe anything he says now after seeing this picture! He's been verbally abused by Kate for so long that he just wants to rebel even if it's going to hurt his kids.

1805 days ago


Love how some of these people critize about looks. Im sure they are all just PERFECT looking right? Seem to be jealous to me. And esp number 16, normal mom. Honey get you some help Maybe an intervention would help you out.

1805 days ago


Personally I'm on team Jon. If anyone has ever watched the Jon and Kate Plus 8 shows, you'd understand. Since long before the first episode aired, years ago right after Kate had the last set of ankle biters and she got her tummy tuck, She was a complete B**ch to Jon. I remember watching that special on them, and thinking damn she's mean to him. She is rude, degrading, mean, and belittled him since day one. She has held back sex, and made him sleep in other rooms. I'm not sure why anyone is so Team Kate. The woman is just a mean b**ch, and always has been. I say good for Jon for standing up for himself, and unless you have seen how she has treated him since the beginning before their show aired on TLC, you will not understand where I am coming from. I say good for him for getting his Balls Back from Kate ! She is being made out to be the victim, here in this marriage / family and it's just not right. I do think it sucks that they could have tried a little harder to work it out, considering all the kids they have. But seriously, he probably just got fed up with being treated like s**t by her in front of the cameras and in front of millions every week. People need to start seeing that it is not always the woman that is the victim. Do your research before you start putting the blame on him ! Watch the original episode if you can find it !

1805 days ago


And the Saga continues........

What family values is THIS teaching? We ALL thought you wanted to "work on your marriage"?? WTF?
Ok And I was loooooooving the Insider when Nancy Grace "laid him and his sleezy lawyer" out to dry!! Did you see his eyes, bugging, glassy, twitching, talking over himself, saying things different than what he has said previosuly. Contradicting, pulease DOUCHEBAG..

Which one will be next week? I hear Kate is interviewing new nannies.. Want to go "feel them "up" I mean out too?"

Give the money back to your kids, and stop buying "dime bags" to share with your whore.

And FYI.. Drugs and Alcohol do NOTHING for you.. You look like a slob

BTW: Normal Mom "YOU ROCK"

1805 days ago


She must give good head because she is FUGLY! He's hot and could do much better! I'm glad he left the control freak though! Those of you that pass judgment on the way he acts should have watched the show! Khate WAS abusive! I saw it year after year!

1805 days ago

wishing they would just go the hell away!    

Hahahaha thanks Normal Mom!!! Now i don't have a thing to add - you've said it all and very well put! You made my day!!

1805 days ago
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