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Jon & Hailey Plus Kate's Money

10/9/2009 2:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin spent some of his hard-earned money to buy his girlfriend Hailey Glassman some drinks at an Irish pub in NYC the other night.

No word if 'Entertainment Something' picked up a round too.


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Does she really want to be a step-mom to eight kids? They both need to grow up, Jon and Kate, and act like adults. Jon halts the show because it "hurts the kids", I would think that they way he is acting would hurt the kids more.

1779 days ago


Enough of this loser and his opportunistic publicity seeking whore.

When the money's gone, she will be too.

Has to be a slow day in pappz land for TMZ to continuously follow this loser around.

1779 days ago


I really miss the Hardy boys t-shirts. Why did you stop wearing them John? It was such a great look for a Peter Pan douche bag. Get a job John. Pimping your kids is not a job.

1779 days ago


wow I love Normal Moms "Restoring Family Values" that was the greatest and so on the money - Step 3 & Step 7 were hilarious - funny because those were his dumb actions. I appauld that one!

1779 days ago


You know, I was totally on Jon's side when he and Kate split up. I saw how bad she used to treat him, but now I'm totally on Kate's side. Jon looks like an ass and a guy who's trying to be a playboy at 30 and with 8 kids.
GO BACK and FOCUS & TAKE CARE OF YOUR KIDS!! Not the playboy life- Hailey dump his fat ass and tell him to get a real job-

I'm a year older than you and I know he's a deadbeat!

He's such a joke!

1779 days ago



In the beginning YES, Kate was a total biotch to Jon. BUT LOOK AT HIS BEHAVIOR NOW, total TOOL. Even back then, passive, non-engaging, TOOL.

Kate had to be that way in order for HIM to listen and do things and not stand around like a TOOL.

And let me say that JON is not standing up for HIMSELF, he's letting everyone ELSE put words in his mouth and telling him what to say. His sleeze bag lawyer, the media, take your pick. He goes to EVERY news station, program, magazine that will hear him. I've read all the articles, seen all the shows, HE'S NOT CONSISTANT! If you are telling the truth, all the stories should coincide with each other right? Instead of defending him, read about it, don't go by how she treated him THEN, Look how's he's treating the situation NOW. She's always going to be a money hungry woman, that's to better the kids, and he's always going to look out for his "little john", that's to better himself. If he cared about the kids, he would stay in the area and not to a BIG CITY where the rent is outrageous, and that he WON'T afford it much longer.

Look at him now, he's reliving the 20's he missed because of the kids, and at this point he could care less about his KIDS.

Go buy a magazine, or ALL OF THEM, and see how many times he changes his story.

1779 days ago


Kate's Money? They're still married, so it's their money. Besides, he 'works' just as much as Kate does.

I'm sorry, I'm going to get trashed for saying this, but as slimy as Jon is, I kind of understand why he's acting the way that he is.

He was married to Kate. That in and of itself would drive anyone insane, so there you go. He seems to be trying to restore his "player status" after looking a total gump during the show. Kate really laid him low on the show...really low.

But look, the guy takes care of his kids. It appears that he spends more time with the kids than his wife does - she's all over the tv too (The View, Jay Leno, The Today Show). Don't get me wrong, they're both fame-whoring money-grubbers, but I'm not so eager to put this all on Jon. Kate's been plastering her face all of the tv since all of this started. It's really disgusting. I really hope that Jon pulls the plug on this show. I have a feeling that he really doesn't want his children to be taped while watching their parents marriage dissolve.

Of course he wants his 5 minutes of fame too...but I do believe that he is the most caring of these two parents.

1779 days ago


He needs to spend some money and buy her a comb.

1779 days ago


i cannot belive there were people the other day here on tmz youtube who were asking autogram from this PRICK
how real can it that be? are they drinking oil?

1779 days ago


Why did Jon keep Hailey, but get rid of the dogs. At least the dogs were of value.

1779 days ago


It sounds like Kate is deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize since according to all you she is such a role model for all Americans! Doesn't seem to take much more than that to get it these days!

1779 days ago


#56 - Tink11, your SO, SO, right. All these people need to get over themselves and move on from the 1st episode 4 years ago when Kate "yelled, bashed, etc" Jon - she should of put a baseball bat up to his head, maybe then she would of knocked some sense into him. Also, people have to realize, even though these are reality shows, they are also edited. Did anyone every think that TLC maybe wanted it to turn out that way, to have Kate be the agressive one. Plus, if she was agressive through the show, I'm sure even before that, he could of left anytime sooner. He is just an ass, and he does change up on his story. I mean come on - just this week, he stated on ET and the Insider "I'M THE FATHER AND I WANT MY KIDS OFF OF TV" but "yet" he was gonna have Entertainment Tonight video tape his children's birthday (ARE YOU KIDDING ME) what happened to not having them on TV - does Jon think we are all that stupid? Plus he is even STUPIDER by putting all this stuff on the record - what an ass!! I mean really! I tune in now, just to see what this fool will do next and how he contradicts his words. I also tune in to some of these comments from people that are Team Jon, because they are hilarious. By the way. I'm actually on "No Team" but if I was, it would be kids first, then kate. Plus did anyone notice that Jon never kissed his two girls when he picked them up on the bus stop? He hadn't seen them in over a week or so and that's the greeting. sad, sad, sad - this whole situation is so sad and I think the courts need to finally step in and put a stop to this madness.

1779 days ago

sensible grandma    

Jon is all over the place trying to make Kate look bad. Who is he kidding? He cares about nothiung but himself. Sure he loves his kids, but he loves the money & ladies more. No one is sayinf he can't be a good dad, but he is going about it the wrong way. Now he is trying to make Kate look like she is having a breakdown. You don't do this to the mother of your children. You keep a low profile, get the divorce over with and get on with your life. True, it is both their money, but have a little respect for your family. You don't parade the other woman around. He knew Kate was a strong woman, so don't boo hoo because you screwed up and now she is looking better in the media. Jon, you are crazy. You are talking out of both sides of your mouth. GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1779 days ago


Who could blame him for drinking, after being married to Kate...

1779 days ago


Normal Mom is probably some fat ole 400 lber living off state and govt funds. All she does is bi tch about other people. DOUCHEBAG.

1779 days ago
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