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Jon & Hailey Plus Kate's Money

10/9/2009 2:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin spent some of his hard-earned money to buy his girlfriend Hailey Glassman some drinks at an Irish pub in NYC the other night.

No word if 'Entertainment Something' picked up a round too.


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oh my---jon is saying that kate is cracking under the pressure--questioning her mental health---he is a piece of work!!! what a creep!

1842 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

if Hailey is on pain meds from her boob surgery, that can make some one gain weight, but if they both are smoking pot, that too can make them gain weight. We always see Jon in photos munching on junk food, buying food, carry out, etc. But yeah, Hailey looks like she has put on some weight, maybe they both are on antidepressants, they can make you gain weight too. ????? Stress can and so can if you don't sleep at night and your sleep is all off and hormones are out of wackadoodle. Jon always seems to have facial acne too, stress can be an enemy if they don't get it under control soon. But self inflicted I have no sympathy for.

1842 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

In other pointless news, Mr. Gosselin got the mail and also ate a bag of cheetos. (the very large bag btw, him and Hailey each had their own after they smoked their doobie in their fancy Trump apartment) Enjoy the fortune while it lasts fame whores, it is going to be back to reality soon enough and don't think Trump will put you on Apprentice, if so he will certainly give either of you an @ss chewing that you both deserve.) Psst...Jon, what God gives, He can take away! ;) Especially when you take it all for granted or take advantage of such blessings He did give to you and instead you twist them for selfish reasons, greed, prestige, etc. It can all be ripped away, at the snap of a finger of a Judge in family court!

1842 days ago


Yes it does look like TMZ has been invaded by the manhaters from Radar Online. I recognize them by their filthy language and racist remarks. Bunch of bitter old women who hate men more than they care about Kate Gosselin. They have no life.

1842 days ago


Dose of Truth - very well put and written. Another one who could not have said it any better. How true is what you wrote. How the media is using him and laughing behind his back. Your so right about Kate going to a reputable station then the garbage gossip (just like us being on here) because these sites are garbage as well.

1842 days ago


comment directed to
85. If Kate can barely pay the bills because Jon took $230K out of the bank account, why in the world is she buying a new ring with 8 diamonds and a mother of pearl??? Doesnt' sound like she is very financially savy!! Not intelligent if you ask me! She needs to get off her high horse. She has turned into a monster and Jon if finally taking control of his life because Kate has always been mean and rude to him on camera. She just needs to shut the F up. Go Jon! Posted at 12:22PM on Oct 9th 2009 by kma365

ever think that she maybe hasn't bought the ring yet or that she might be swapping her wedding ring for another one that represents her 8 kids who helped her find the perfect ring

and we're talking 6 small diamonds-not like their each a half carat or whatever-still not even close to them money Jon spent taking his girlfriend to Europe-or the salary he is drawing from the account

haven't heard word one about Kate drawing her salary for looking after her kids

not sure why Jon feels he's entitled

1842 days ago


I can not believe he wore the same clothes to his childrens birthday party. What a tool he is. No wonder kate had to be so controlling of him for years, he doesn't even know how or when to change his clothing. Mady told him "I don't like your outfit" prolly because it smelled like ciggs, cheap alcohol and hookers.
After crying and complaining for a week about his time with the kids, he had to make his way down to the fence to talk to the paps, and the team jon t-shirt girls who somehow managed to log off Gwop and escape from mommy's basement. Then somehow found it classy and acceptable enough to announce a "team" on the girls special day. hmmmm I dunno, I would love it on my 9th birthday if strange and I mean "strange" people would show up on my lawn proclaiming hate against my mother and love to my overweight- dating- my -cocaine -loving -ex -babysitting -skank- dad. What a special day it was for the children!!!

1842 days ago


#12 is nothing but a disgusting pig. She's delusional if she thinks
she's normal. Her attempts at relaying proper social etiquette
failed, and definitely don't distract from the distinct oinking
sounds that peppered her comments. I bet her mantra is, "I'm a Christian." She's just full of shallow, disgusting verbiage.

1842 days ago


TLC loves the crossover programs. I would like to see 18..19..20 and counting's Jim Bob come over to Jon's and show him what it is like to be a man and take care of his family. I don't agree with anyone having that many kids but when you compare Jim Bob and Jon they could not be more different. It would make for an interesting show.

1842 days ago


Number 112, you're a bitter old fart, aren't you?


1842 days ago


he has to be the most hated man in america,i can't stand this guy!
grow up already - be a dad and leave kate alone and leave her career alone. you left, go get a job! all we ever see you do is enjoy a bachelor lifestyle and whine because kate's makin' money. get over it cheater!

1842 days ago


Interesting how Jon was looking at buying Cara and Mady each a Swatch until 'Entertainment Something' got involved and all of the sudden it's a laptop computer and an ATV. Something tells that it was all last minute otherwise he would have already had the ATV and not be waiting for it to be delivered in 7 days.

1842 days ago

Joanne Bernier    

I am new to this whole story.... I am confused about this... How can a guy who has Down Syndrome have so many children? his own bank account? Drive a car? ????

1842 days ago


Its kind of funny because Kate should run with this in court he is endangering the welfare of his children by taking the money from the account, what if god forbid something happened they need the money to pay their bills which I can only imagine is at least the size of a purchase of a small car. Jon is a selfish bastard who should not be allowed to be around his children, or at least not un-supervised.

1842 days ago


It sure is his hard-earned money, he spent 10 years being verbally and psychologically abused by Kate.

1842 days ago
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