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Mickey Rourke Uses Football to Defend Gay Slur

10/9/2009 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mickey Rourke tried using a football situation to defend his constant use of the incredibly offensive, homophobic f-word -- but this rant definitely isn't doing him any favors.

WARNING: This video contains extremely explicit language.

Mickey randomly went on an expletive filled diatribe the other night in NYC, saying his much criticized use of the word last November had "nothing to do with gay" and explained, "punkass ... f**got .... it's the same thing, understand?"

Somehow we don't think GLAAD will.


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That was the funniest video i saw in the last 4 weeks. I really need to do shots with him.

1841 days ago


yeah he was great as Jan in Animal Factory lol.

1841 days ago


Methinks that he doth protest too much. The tone of Mickey's speech suggests that he may be a bit Homophobic - and the one he fears the most is the one he sees in his mirror.

1841 days ago


Y is y'all so up in arms? It's just a word.

I love how the queens on this thread are insinuating that Mickey Rourke might be closeted because of the word he uses. You're actually putting him down for being what you are too.

1841 days ago


in regards to comment #34, anti-nasty-no, always been a hockeygrl! I just couldn't think of a different word to describe him, he always looks disheveled or dirty, just nasty or gross, but I still agree with him

1841 days ago


Why is he being labeled as a homophobe for making a pretty good argument?

1841 days ago


#18 has to be the most retarded person here.

Homosexuality is genetic. It is part of your brain. You cannot change it. This fact is accepted by the AMA (American Medical Association), the APA (American Psychological Association), and the list goes on, and on, and on. Any highly educated person can tell you, it is VERY well studied that gay people have slightly different brain structure (therefore, genetic!) and that, more than anything, it is absolutely PROVEN you cannot change your sexual orientation. I hate how Christians are so uneducated, fat, lazy, and generally illogical in every way, shape, and form.

1841 days ago

A. Minnitman    

#51 Takeahitjake: sure now it's accepted, but then again what isn'nt these days. Homosexuality was considered a MENTAL ILLNESS for over 200 years! It was only de-classified as such since sometime in the 1970's. I believe it may be genetic too, but then so are a lot of psychiatric problems. Schizophrenia, psychosis, neurosis', it's all partly genetic., but that doesn't make it normal or something to be welcomed,hailed or promoted.

1841 days ago


calling someone a punkass and a f** aren't the same thing. it's like calling a white person white trash or a cracker, a black person a n***er, a chinese person a ch*** and so on.....he is ignorant and so is anyone else who thinks being gay is "dangerous to america". i think it's sad that in 2009 there are still people out there who are racist and are against gay marriage and a gay life style. there is no difference except they are attracted to people of the same sex. nothing is different.

1841 days ago


34. "Homophobic" The politically correct folk have concocted a faux disease for us. Prior to the 1970's homosexuality was considered a disease by ALL of the leading psychiatric professionals and medical schools! Yes homosexuality was the disease and classified as a MENTAL ILLNESS

! Now apparently if you have any kind of personal feeling that does not encompass, support and nurture the WHOLE gay lifesyle with it's myriad of permutations, well I hate to say it,... You are now the "diseased"!! That was a pretty slick trick and they did all right in front of our eyes!

The mainstream has tried to teach me that there is no such thing as heterophobes, black racists or anti-gentiles, ad infinitum.

Thanks liberal 'politically correct" mainstream media, thanks for ALL YOU'VE done.

I return the favor by avoiding you, your sponsors and pet cause of the moment. I avoid you whenever possible and will only access you when I need to USE YOU to get my point out and across.

Posted at 12:57PM on Oct 9th 2009 by Bill Dabunkur

Bill,YOU should get the Nobel Prize for slapping a whiney, PC world out of its coma. Every word true--whether anyone likes it or not.

1841 days ago

A. Minnitman    

Calm down 'ladies' you're gonna break your magic wands or something. Relax, light some candles, set the mood and then all you fairy's can start snarling each other's goods. Sickening.

1841 days ago

A. Minnitman    

R.Zimmerman#64, Thanks, It's reassuring to know there are some people out there that haven't been tainted by the continual brainwashing and mind control. Keep the Faith!

1841 days ago


Mickey is not Homophobic in fact he goes both ways. There's proof. I challange TMZ to find the DVD called "Hollywood wild in the streets" It's what TMZ is before they were TMZ. In it it shows Mickey in an Alley kissing a dude. It also shows Jack Nicholson making out with an actress on his balcony of his Hollywood Home. Great Stuff

1841 days ago

Just sayin'    


NEVER SAID THERE WERE ANY!! Sorry you can't read! Go back a try reading it again , after your done whining anyway. I know your very consumed with that.

1841 days ago

The Truth    

So Sad...He's RIGHT!

1841 days ago
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