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Mickey Rourke Uses Football to Defend Gay Slur

10/9/2009 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mickey Rourke tried using a football situation to defend his constant use of the incredibly offensive, homophobic f-word -- but this rant definitely isn't doing him any favors.

WARNING: This video contains extremely explicit language.

Mickey randomly went on an expletive filled diatribe the other night in NYC, saying his much criticized use of the word last November had "nothing to do with gay" and explained, "punkass ... f**got .... it's the same thing, understand?"

Somehow we don't think GLAAD will.


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The speech police are out in full force. It's amazing how the political correctness bullies use intimidation and demagogy.

1804 days ago

Shawn Shawn the Leprechaun    

Oh Mickey, You’re So Swine

The once attractive actor, Mickey Rourke, was recently captured on video, defending his gay slurs. “You can’t say fa**ot in L.A.” he said proudly, as he strolled the New York city street. He summarized his defense of the disgusting negative term, by explaining that, as a child playing football, you called your friend fa**ot, if he couldn’t catch the ball. “It has nothing to do with being a homosexual.” he muttered through his overly pumped lips.

The apparent son of a kitty cat, who should have aborted her pregnazi, Rourke has been pulled and tucked far beyond the level any gay man would venture, despite our inherent desire for youth and beauty. Evidently, his excess facial skin has been tucked up where his brain should be; leaving him looking as though he’s trying to squeeze head first, back into the womb.

Sometimes a fall from grace is simply a suicidal leap from the ledge and, shortly after “The Wrestler”, Mickey’s swan song, left theaters he did a swan dive, from the precipice.

So watch your step New York, a bag full of s**t just splattered on 5th Avenue.

1804 days ago


He is right actually. The word doesn't away have to do with being gay. Sometimes its just about being soft but people have made such a big deal out of it.

1804 days ago

gene yuss    

Seems like an odd name to call someone who can't hold on to balls

1804 days ago

Joel Schneider    

So, the paparazi try to rile him up when he's drunk. I wish you guys would let Rourke enjoy his comeback - he's the best actor out there and for years he was self-destructing. As great as Sean Penn is and as much as I admire his politics, Rourke's performance in "The Wrestler" was a classic and will be much longer lasting in its impact. Let Rourke get a few more great performances out there before you hand him the match to set himself on fire. Why not harass Brad Pitt - he's no where near the actor. Oh yeah, I forgot, he has a pretty face.

1803 days ago


EAT A fart buttlips

1803 days ago


Ok... I

1803 days ago


He's no homophobe.. a little kooky perhaps but not a homophobe.

1803 days ago

Pete Formaini    

When, precisely, did any rational adult care or even notice anything this pathetic loser says or said?

1803 days ago

jack e. jett    

It is funny that he mentions football because that is what he looks like. A deflated old leathery football that serves no purpose.

1803 days ago


Same old Rourke. Now you know why very few people want to work with him in the past and will not to in the future. Despite his talent he will end up washed up.

1802 days ago


I do not only detect a lisp and bad dress-sense, but also more than a smidgen of pearly-pink lipgloss.

Still... I don't know what is more offensive: his vile rant or his rather disgusting exterior.

1801 days ago
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