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Nic Cage -- Debt Man Walkin'

10/9/2009 2:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nicolas Cage is the new six million dollar man -- as in, the government claims dude owes more then $6,000,000 in unpaid back taxes.

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A notice of a federal tax lien -- obtained by TMZ -- shows the "National Treasure" actor made a serious dent in the national debt -- allegedly stiffing the IRS out of $6,257,005 he owed in income tax from 2007.

But it gets worse, Uncle Sam also claims Cage is a repeat tax deadbeat -- because according to another federal tax lien, Cage still owes a ton of cash from three more years of unpaid debts:

2002 -- $70,190.05

2003 -- $179,738.23

2004 -- $110,617.56

Which brings Nic to a grand total of $6,617,550.84 -- almost enough for the government to buy a hammer.

Cage's rep had no immediate comment.


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I'm so disappointed ............

1807 days ago


Nic Cage has got his problems. What's the big deal? He'll make $20 million on his next movie and pay his tax bill. Meanwhile, families are falling apart because Mom & Dad got laid off from a big corporation who pays their CEO $100 million a year and outsources to China and India. Who gives a rat's a** about Nicolas Cage? He's wealthy, while the rest of the country suffers through an economic meltdown with no hope of ever getting better.

1807 days ago


i also walk with us.

big time muscle

1807 days ago


26. google the name KRAZY KOOKY KLOWN and let the web tell the truth about the racist KRAZY KOOKY KLOWN. he is well known white supremist. why do u think he spells crazy and clown with K's instead of C's. wake up u dumb bastards.

Posted at 2:09AM on Oct 9th 2009 by KRAZY KOOKY KLOWN

Kooky Klown is an idiot meth-head with no job, no education. He sits on TMZ all day because he's unemployed and ignorant and has nothing better to do.

1807 days ago


Let him go stand in the unemployment line . . . makes loads of $s, houses all over the world, then can't pay taxes. Hey Nic, go find a job making $20 an hour. Even at that, try taking your family to a movie. What a joke, don't like him anyway.

1807 days ago


Must be nice to skip out on your debts...he is a loser for certain!

1807 days ago


I don't know if Cage is into scientology, but scientologists don't believe they have to pay taxes.

1807 days ago

gene yuss    

seems like lately they've all been dead walkin' men

1807 days ago

Lippy Loo    

Nic Cage and Vince Vaughn should start a club for fugly, no talent actors. Good GAWD! Who in the world pays to have these idiots in their movies? They are both ugly as sin, they are not versatile actors, they act the same way in a comedy, horror, drama, etc.!!! Hollywood, quit hiring these losers! Oh, and they both have a hideous forehead.

1807 days ago


Plus, he owes me the $10 I wasted on "Ghost Rider."

1807 days ago


10. Krazy Kooky Klown, who are you????? Can you answer this question????

Posted at 1:31AM on Oct 9th 2009 by Simone

oh stop pretending to complain simone we know you are balls Bit$h you made it on top of him this time see just goes to show

who would talk to you if it weren't for balls, kooky K and me?

1807 days ago

republican mensa    

Simone and kooky klown GET A LIFE YOU two are stupid!!!! GET some taxes you want free this and that well get crackn on two are no better than nic cage

1807 days ago


he's great

1807 days ago


Nic my man I love you but don't look now you're in BIG $$ troubles! Can you ask your uncle Francis (Ford Coppola) to slip you the cash? Aren't you embarrassed? Isn't he embarrassed to be your uncle?

I loved you best in Moonstruck, Peggy Sue Got Married, and Lord of War to name just a few, you need to hire you some better accountants Nic but it's kinda late now if this is true.

good luck Nic

1807 days ago


Oh gosh I forgot, who could have topped you in Leaving Las Vegas?
Nobody that's who.
Get the bucks from Uncle Francis.
beg if you have to.

1807 days ago
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