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Nic Cage -- Debt Man Walkin'

10/9/2009 2:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nicolas Cage is the new six million dollar man -- as in, the government claims dude owes more then $6,000,000 in unpaid back taxes.

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A notice of a federal tax lien -- obtained by TMZ -- shows the "National Treasure" actor made a serious dent in the national debt -- allegedly stiffing the IRS out of $6,257,005 he owed in income tax from 2007.

But it gets worse, Uncle Sam also claims Cage is a repeat tax deadbeat -- because according to another federal tax lien, Cage still owes a ton of cash from three more years of unpaid debts:

2002 -- $70,190.05

2003 -- $179,738.23

2004 -- $110,617.56

Which brings Nic to a grand total of $6,617,550.84 -- almost enough for the government to buy a hammer.

Cage's rep had no immediate comment.


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I give up what the hell did this guy do with all his millions?

1840 days ago


Is he a big time gambler?

1840 days ago


I used to love Cage but his last movie "knowing" showed me that he just phones it in now. He wasn't even trying. After thinking about it I realized it's true, he plays the same character in all his films. Not much of a talent there really; although that one character was some what unique but that time is past. Nothing is a bigger turn off than Millionaires who don't pay their debts. Where do people get off feeling they are different from everyone else? Hard working people can't catch a break these days. It is beyond ridiculous.The rich get richer, the poor get poorer. This economy is living proof.

1840 days ago


Re KKK and balls: They are TMZ staff frienemies. So obvious folks. I'd like a recipe for old school southern style pulled pork. How bout it Kook?

1840 days ago


His taxes are probably so complicated, that an accounting firm takes care of them.

He probably didn't know he owed anything, and that's why it wasn't paid. The warning letters may have gone straight to the accounting firm, and he never saw them. I'm sure he knows about it now :)

Once they find one mistake, they look for more. Like pitbulls.

He's filing as self-employed. The accountant probably missed quarterly payments to IRS. Maybe payed them in one lump sum at the end of the year. Fines, penaties, and interest add up fast.

I'm just guessing here. I don't know anything about him or his taxes.

1840 days ago


How do ya think the rich stay rich

1840 days ago

The Truth    

Sad part of this story is if this was me I would be in jail after the first time of cheating them..They call this an equal country? Bull Snot!

1840 days ago

laura bell lou    

Pay your taxes cheap skate!!! Normal people like me have to or go to jail!!!! You make me sick!!!!

1840 days ago


Another libbie hypocrite applauding the ways of left wings tax me to death socialists, and yet accrue $6 mill in unpaid taxes, thats the socialist hollywood way!!

1840 days ago


Why does every fsckin liberal not pay taxes? All they want to do is raise taxes on the middle class and spend/waste money like crazy. He can join a long line of Obama's cronies. *cough* Charlie Rangel *cough*

1840 days ago


I make $30,000 a year and have to AND DO pay my taxes every year. Why do these celebrities feel a sense of entitlement they certainly don't deserve. Not only is Cage a bad actor, he seems to be a bad person also. PAY YOUR TAXES DUDE!

1840 days ago

Kid Dyn-O-Mite    

Oh boy, coming soon from Nic Cage to pay off these tax bills: Valley Girl II, National Treasure III, Con Air II, Red Rock West II, Weatherman II, IRS Won...

1840 days ago


so is he going to do time like...

1840 days ago

Eric in Indiana    

The Survivor winner Mr. Hatch went to prison for not paying on only $1 million 2 yrs. Does this mean Nick Cage goes to prison for 12 years? Hope it was an accountant error and is paid quickly after the hearing. Could Nick Cage be one of the people that hid money in a Swiss bank acccount that got caught?

1840 days ago


Another hollywood hypocrite that likes to tell other people what to do with their money but doesn't think he has to contribute a cent.

1840 days ago
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