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The Return of the Hoff

10/10/2009 6:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Hasselhoff is indestructible.


Despite reports The Hoff was hospitalized during his stay in London after a week-long bender that ended with him allegedly punching out a doctor, he was seen at Heathrow Airport this morning looking as fresh as the day he was born.

Play videoWhen we got him arriving later at LAX, we tried to ask all about his trip, but all we got was that devilish grin and a sly, "It's allllllll good."

How does he do it?


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Cant anyone get slammed on vacation anymore without it being a big deal. What are holidays for.Give the guy a break its his life and hes worked hard for it.Cheers

1841 days ago


He is well preserved with all that alcohol running through his body.

1841 days ago


There are two types of alcoholics. The first one is most prevalent and responds well to treatment. He shows remorse and feels guilt and shame when he drinks, especially when he gets into embarrassing situations as a result of his drinking.

The other type doesn't feel remorse, guilt, or shame associated with his drinking. He doesn't respond well to treatment because he sincerely believes he doesn't have a problem. He writes off embarrassing situations as being just a part of normal life.

Guess which category Hasselhoff falls into.

1841 days ago


He's pickled....

1841 days ago


I also think Kooky is funny. And these people who are talking stupid things about him are funny too, but in a pathetic way. Hahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha.

1841 days ago


Alcoholics are very charismatic people and can put on a show when the spotlight hits. Don't look at us behind closed doors though. Scary sh*t!

1841 days ago


Simone, why are you purchasing Kooky????? Isn't enough for you to be the first to post on every board?????

1841 days ago


He is dying a slow death. He looks bloated and pickled.
I just hope it isn't one of his girls that finds his

1841 days ago


David - if you are reading this and I suspect you do read TMZ - get permanent help now. You fall "off the wagon" over everything.
Stop lying and covering up - do you think people are that stupid they don't know the truth? Get permanent help now. Start with AA
"That's what the program is all about"

1841 days ago


45. Simone, why are you purchasing
Kooky????? Isn't enough for you to be the first to post on every board?????

Posted at 6:05PM on Oct 10th 2009 by POWER GIRL

Purchasing Kooky? Do you mean pursuing?

1841 days ago



Gimme a break, no give The Hoff a break.

He likes to drink beer, he is German it comes naturally.

The Hoff is not diseased, he does not need a Bill Holden drinking helmet.

Hollywood was built on booze and swaggering stars.

1841 days ago

whats up Doctors    

Outside the Box, David is a grown man, and If he wants to party 2 or 3 days,everyone should leave him alone,Instead his ex-wife has people calling for an ambulance, That's Bull Crap, How would you like to be sitting on a bar stool, and all of a sudden here comes 2 paramedics to haul you off, That's bull crap. His bitter EX-WIFE needs to move on,and perhaps seek some professional help. After all the stories I read on here,I rate her the most F'ed Up Biatch out of all of the including Octo-Mom, and thats messed up

1841 days ago


44. Nothing Kooky does is original.

Posted at 6:03PM on Oct 10th 2009 by Simone

Balls is the one who's not original.

1841 days ago


schoen1, thanks for the language lesson. : D

1841 days ago

Wanda W.    

You ask "How does he do it"? Well,he wont be "doing it" for very much longer. The man is living on borrowed time,and he knows it!!!!All addicts are masters of deception,because they have to be.They show you what they want you to see,until their bodies give up the fight once and for all.

1841 days ago
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