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Miley Cyrus -- White Girls Can't Rap

10/10/2009 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus posted a video -- a rap song, actually -- to explain to her millions of followers why she decided to quit Twitter.

Now if only she'd quit rapping.


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Jajajaja... She can do what ever she wants. She is a famous rich teen jajaja.

1748 days ago


Does anyone else think she looks really old for her age? She's gonna age like Lohan, just wait and see.

1748 days ago


NOW... If only we could delete Miley from our lives, as EASILY as she has deleted us from hers...

1748 days ago


Who cares if she left Twitter. She is so self-absorbed that the only person to miss her on Twitter is herself.

Also, to comment#11: Don't hate because TMZ spoke the truth today. TMZ is predominately white so hate on them not "black girls". And I can read (proven) but white girls can't rap (proven by video).

1748 days ago


Good for her.

Twitter is for twits.

P.S. rap music is an oxymoron.

1748 days ago

Bill Dabunkar    

Yet another European American female being disparaged. Remember now Harvey, this is essentially a child that you are trying to ridicule here. I do understand that the collective media brain thinks and acts as an amorphous blob with no morals, but going after children is low and unforgivable, even for you. "White Girls Can't Rap" is akin to "Black Girls Can't Do Math". I can't imagine why any truly enlightened and self aware young white women would even want to rap in the first place, but that's another matter entirely. In order for the media to really come down on a black celebrity, the black celeb must do something really egregious or heinous, like O.J., Chris Brown or Kanye West etc, and they were all given the benefit of the doubt until the evidence and or negative pulic opinion was more than overwhelmingly against them. The media holds so much potential to truly elevate and lift society, yet for some reason chooses to be venal, base and polarizing. To all the young people that wrote such hateful things about this young girl. it's more than obvious that the media has twisted and warped you. Your comments indict the Hollywood media more than anything that I could ever write.

I turn my back on the media and all of your tainted offerings that promote and encourage the loss of identity and self-destruction of America's young people.

I reject the visual and verbal poison that you feed America and I return the favor by avoiding you, your sponsors and pet cause of the moment. I avoid you whenever possible and will only access you when I need to USE YOU to get my point out and across.

1748 days ago

Nor Cal Low    

Thats just about the gayest thing Ive ever seen, god I hate that girl, so lame

1748 days ago


Boy, haters keep hating... lots of people care (she had over 2 million followers, after all. Jealousy is a disease... get well soon, bitches.) I think it was respectful and mature of Miley to explain why she quit so her fans will understand.

1748 days ago


love you miley

1748 days ago


of for gosh sakes people, she's a 16 year old kid having fun! it was cute. it wasn't meant to be an award winning rap song, just a fun thing for her to do. give her a break!

1748 days ago



1748 days ago


For all you that thought achey breaky heart was as bad as it could possibly get, I give you this annoying little bitch; the mullet's revenge.

1748 days ago


One of the lines in the song is she doesn't have enough time to keep using twitter.......WELL she sure has enough time to make this horrific video....I wonder how long it took her to make this terribly off time thing....I mean I sure think typing 140 letters is easier than recording a rap, making a video, editing the 2 together(poorly),and uploading it to youtube.. Its just getting her more attention, you know the attention she said she wanted to go away?!? YEAH RIGHT

1748 days ago

Bill Dabunkar    

Why is it that every snippit and story that TMZ posts is always 'ANONYMOUS"?? Look at the above byline: "Posted Oct 10th 2009 9:00AM by TMZ Staff" Who is "TMZ Staff" exactly? A byline is supposed to IDENTIFY the writer. I think that's a pretty cowardly way to pander this crap you serve up Harvey. If they have the guts to write it, then they should have the guts to sign it!! I know that they're not too shy to sign them paychecks, are they Harve?

1748 days ago


I suppose you are cute but..Stick to your day job.

1748 days ago
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