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Jon Fires Back at Kate -- You Took $$$ Too!

10/11/2009 12:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In football, if both teams commit a penalty on the same play, they just do the play over. Does the same thing apply when Jon and Kate Gosselin both allegedly violate a court order?

Jon Gosselin, Kate Gosselin

A few days after Kate claimed Jon raided their joint bank account (a legal no-no), Jon filed papers of his own claiming she did the same. According to the papers filed last week, Jon claims Kate withdrew over $60,000 from their joint account between July and September 2009.

He also claims she took out over $1 million from February 2008 to June 2009 that have not been properly accounted for.

Sources connected to Kate contend her withdrawals were legal and note that Jon withdrew $230,000 without the necessary permission required by the arbitrator. Both sides are due back in court on Tuesday.


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What would Octomom do?

1837 days ago


i hope tommorow the court send that fat pig Jon to jail for stealing the kids money

1837 days ago

White guys love lil kids lmfao    

WTF? You ppl have serious issues. That little cu*t kate is the one to blame for it all. She wasn't like this B4 she lost the weight and got a make-over. Now that the cu*t looks like my a**, she has been a royal bit*h! I don't blame Jon for going to do his thing. I don't think he took any cash from her. It is real easy for women to take money out and say " I paid the bills" then blow it on whatever or put it in another account, I've had it done to me so i'm no f**kin rookie. I kno it will be more women on here tryn to bash Jon and that isn't fair @ all. Because you unstable creatures just want to see her pov and not his. My point is that she had it coming and I hope she get FAT and even more UGLY than she is now. Social Service should take the kids until this is done and over with too!

1837 days ago


Its all about the money . Isn't it always about the money ?

1837 days ago


Poof....go away .. please.....Mabee move to SIBERIA..Just your typical nasty divorce.. all about money..Not the kid's..The paryy is over..LOSERS

1837 days ago


Why is everyone so upset that Kate took money to pay the bills? Is everyone who is upset with her right now going to be upset when Kate uses some of the child support Jon will have to pay so she can pay the bills? I mean after all child support is to be used for things like paying bills. My daughter's $350.00 a month does not go far but it does go towards helping pay the bills. I am almost certain that there are accounts for the money that the children earn. It has already been said that each of these children will be able to go to college because of money put away for them which is a lot better than what my child has in her college account. Jon is immature and if he did take out that money I hope he is held in contempt....and I hate to tell him a Judge is not going to care about all the finger pointing he is doing at Kate if he is in contempt. And while Jon did not directly dip into the childrens accounts he did take money from them.Why should Kate have to dip into her accounts to pay all the bills? Should she be responsible for paying Jons way.Why shouldn't Jon be made to dip into his accounts to pay the bills I mean after all it is,if you believe him,his house with him calling all the shots.Does he get to have it both ways?I think it is a good possibility that both their names are on the deed and if that is the case he does not get to call the shots. And what happened to this house being the children's house?I mean Jon continues to talk out of both sides. On minute it is the kids house,the next minute it is his house,one minute he took $177,000 out of the account and now he says he only took $22,000 out of the account....and then there is well she took money too. Jon can't even keep his story straight. He is lying about something. This guy is a real pos.

1837 days ago


Kate withdrew $1,060,000 in like four months and it's "legal". WHAT THE HELL DO YOU HAVE TO SPEND THAT KIND OF BANK ON? I knew there was more to the story.

1837 days ago


TO NUMBER 128 - I think you misread this article. The claim was made that Kate withdrew 1 M over the course of 16 months.

1837 days ago


two words for them GROW UP!!!!!!

1837 days ago


i wish i had parents like them? all got was alcoholics and psycho's.
the world isnt fair!

1837 days ago


I love this picture of Kate. I imagine she gives great head. Right before she bites it off.

Please Kate. Do porn already.

1837 days ago


There are too many lawyers here giving legal opinions ; are they licensed to do so ?

1837 days ago

sensible grandma    

VERY DESPERATE MAN. HE'S GRASPING AT STRAWS. $60,00 IS A FAR CRY FROM $230,000.DiD SHE PAY BILLS?? I DOUBT HE PAID BILLS WITH THE $230,000, AND THEREIN LIES THE PROBLEM. If Kate used it to keep a roof over the kid's head, I would have no problem with that. If she used it on herself, she should repay it. I have a feeling Kate can account for every penny, and good for her.

1837 days ago

polly purebred    

"What idiot would give her a piece of gum"?!!!!

1837 days ago
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