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McCartney -- And the Home of the ... Something?

10/11/2009 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

No, Jesse McCartney didn't forget that part of the "Star Spangled Banner" today at the Pepsi 500 NASCAR race in Fontana, Calif. -- but he did skip over an entire line!!!

Jesse McCartney

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Yessir is a boring broken record.

1845 days ago

The Seer    

35. LEAVE JESSE ALONE YOU LOZZERS! he rox and hes human too...I LUV YOU JESSE!
Posted at 6:30PM on Oct 11th 2009 by saniya

Yeah, you lozzers. Give Jesse a break! Hes human..


..and his fans reflect everything that is wrong with America.

Seriously. Dude has been looking like he has some substance issues for awhile now. If you get paid to sing the NA, you're a "pro;" remember the damn words LOZZER!

1845 days ago


awww that is funny!! but at least he tried

he used to be so cute when he had the blonde hair and sang beautiful soul and she's no you

now he looks a little like malcolm in the middle

1845 days ago


I agree, no biggie. You can tell he's really nervous too and a little shaky in the pitch.

But you try singing acapella to millions of viewers

1845 days ago

Virginia Archuleta    

Awww! Now play nice! Leave Poor Jesse alone! There isn't one celebrity singer out there that hasn't forgotten the lyrics at least once in their career! Jesse is no different! He's only human, he has feelings and he might've been nervous and when you are nervous sometimes your emotions get the best of you! It's a big song and he should know the lyrics, but poor guy was nervous. What did Jesse ever do to you? Because he forgot the lyrics to the national anthem he's so much different then the rest of the artists who have forgotten lyrics? Some singers have forgotten lyrics to some of their own songs and they learn to laugh about it! Jesse was honestly nervous, if I was there I may have forgotten the lyrics too! So would you have! TMZ, you suck! You make fun of all the hardworking celebrities and good people and you don't even know them personally. You make fun of David Archuleta which is so stupid, he is sweet, kind, caring, loving, talented, and a beautiful person inside and out and you make fun of him and make him look like an idiot! Jesse is very talented and kind and you make fun of him and make him look like a lowlife loser! TMZ, you should be ashamed of yourselves! You make all the good ones look bad and make all the bad ones look good...you are sickening!

1845 days ago

its alright    

he did great i bet all of you would have just fainted if all people had eyes on you

cut him some slack

1845 days ago


next time bring the words with you Jesse......

1845 days ago

whats up Doctors    

Posted at 7:11PM on Oct 11th 2009 by grammar po po

WTF U Talkin' Bout Willis STFU,mind yo-own, biz-ness lmaorotf ya moron, case u don't know wut moron is,here tiz,fo-sho..

   /ˈmɔr ɒn, ˈmoʊr-/ Show Spelled Pronunciation mawr-on,mohr-Show IPA

1. a person who is notably stupid or lacking in good judgment.
2. Psychology. a person of borderline intelligence in a former classification of mental retardation, having an intelligence quotient of 50 to 69.

1845 days ago


While he should have learned the words, blame the idiots who have taken the Pledge of Allegiance and most patriotic songs out of school curriculum lest we God Forbid offend someone.

1845 days ago


He's an idiot!

1845 days ago


I think he was making a statement about our corrupt Obama administration. I'm not "proudly hailing" anything with these fascist bastards in power.

1845 days ago


I'd rather hear Jesse McCarthy mess up than to hear Britney Spears or Jessica Simposn sing anything. Ever heard them sing live? Just awful. Jesse is a real cutie who plays the guitar and has a nice singing voice.

1845 days ago


Makes me laugh at you people who are hating on Jesse. Apparently you guy's are perfect and have never made a mistake LOL. He goofed, big woop. There's a million worse things wrong in this country and Jesse's lyric blunder is at the bottom of the list. Far worse PEOPLE in this country than Jesse so you all should get lives, get off your high horse, and stop judging. I'm pretty sure he's humiliated and he should be, just like EVERYONE ELSE feels like when they make a mistake. So suck it.

1845 days ago


Oh say can you beeeee, by the chickens in the night.
For so proudly we sail, to the twilight's last (uhh) teaming.
(Skip to the end)
For the glands of free and the home of the cave.
Applause ----- Standing Ovation

You Go Jesse, you got it.... NOT!!!

1845 days ago


Baby Momma Yessir just relax, remain calm, take a deep breathe. Your sounding a little too emotional....Get over it!!

1845 days ago
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