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Mickey Rourke -- 'I Meant What I Said'

10/11/2009 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mickey Rourke should quit while he's ahead. But he's not even ahead, so he should just quit.

Rourke offered up a ton of reasons to our guy in New York yesterday for why he has no problem saying the word f**got -- even going as far as playing the "I have more gay friends than any 50 straight people I know" card.

On Friday, we asked if Mickey was homophobic -- 60% said yes. How 'bout now?


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I remember when we could express that it was "queer" that for example a female dog would permit orphaned baby kittens to suckle her out of necessity for nourishment and survival. Then, one day, the word "queer" became politically incorrect because the "G" community decided that it was mean to describe someone or something strange.

1841 days ago


To the first commenter: don't confuse being a Republican with being a Libertarian. The fact that you agree with Republican stances on things probably means that they seem less intrusive to you.

To Tammi (#29): As you point out (perhaps unintentionally), context has a lot to do with how people react to certain words. Mark Knopfler wrote the lyrics to that song after hearing someone in an electronics store talk that way about musicians in a rock video playing on a store's TV. Whether or not that makes it any more or less legitimate is pretty subjective.

1841 days ago


I'm homophobic and proud of it. I think thats what's normal!

1841 days ago


Omg are you kidding?! He walks around in Miami tight gear with a dog on his arm. He KISSED Jean-Claude Van Damme for heaven's sake. I saw it on mtv, if you google it, it comes up but it was removed so you can't watch it... but it did happen!

1841 days ago


There's a difference between homophobic and just plain retarded.

1841 days ago

whats up Doctors    

Slow down, This story has been blown so far out of proportion,and it's time to back up,slowdown and start over..... whew

1841 days ago


This guy is in major 'self-gay' denial! It has gay oozing out of every pour! I mean, SERIOUSLY! just look at him! 'nuff said!

1841 days ago


Mickey Rourke looks like a swollen vagina. With a name like Mickey, the guy has bigger issues to deal with.

1841 days ago


Phobic means fear. Mickey isn't afraid of any psychologically disturbed personality. The longest time a democracy has ever lasted was 200 years. It was destroyed when homosexuals were socially accepted. Our democracy is on the verge of destruction because of the acceptance of homos and the satanic worship of the demonic entity Molech. This comment is based on historical facts. If you don't believe me, then I suggest you try reading a history book.

1841 days ago


Obviously not the sharpest tool in the shed.

1841 days ago


Sort of OT, but why would he be "homophobic"? Use of that word implies he is afraid of gay people. Just because someone uses the word f@ggott does not mean they are afraid of anyone.

I'd like to see TMZ become upset over someone using the word 'b!tch'. They won't though. They only get upset when there is some perceived attack on gays, women be damned.

1841 days ago


Rourke says "I have more gay friends. If you live in Hollywood, or even buy into to the crap Hollywood offers, you most likely do know more gays, and adulters, and children born out of wedlock, and co-habiting, and all the other garbage that lives there.

1841 days ago

A. Minnitman    

"Homophobic" The politically correct folk have concocted a faux disease for us. Prior to the 1970's homosexuality was considered a disease by ALL of the leading psychiatric professionals and medical schools! Yes homosexuality was the disease and classified as a MENTAL ILLNESS! Now apparently if you have any kind of personal feeling that does not encompass, support and nurture the WHOLE gay lifesyle with it's myriad of permutations, well I hate to say it,... You are now the "diseased"!! That was a pretty slick trick and they did all right in front of our eyes!

The mainstream has tried to teach me that there is no such thing as heterophobes, black racists or anti-gentiles, ad infinitum.

Thanks liberal 'politically correct" mainstream media, thanks for ALL YOU'VE done.

I return the favor by avoiding you, your sponsors and pet cause of the moment. I avoid you whenever possible and will only access you when I need to USE YOU to get my point out.


1841 days ago


"Matthew Shephard"

Matthew was killed over drugs/Robbery. Not because he was gay. The gay thing has been debunked a long time ago. But a certain fraction of the gay community want to keep it going because they say it's not what really happened that matters, it's what could have happened.


1841 days ago
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