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Irish Boy Bander Dies Suddenly in Spain

10/11/2009 11:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Stephen GatelyStephen Gately, part of the Irish boy band Boyzone, was found dead while on vacation in Spain. He was 33.

The circumstances of his death are still unclear -- the band released a statement that simply said he "tragically died."

Boyzone was one of the biggest acts in Ireland in the 1990s. The band had announced a comeback tour last year.

Gately became something of a gay icon in the U.K. after he announced he was gay 10 years ago. He married his partner Andrew Cowles (Elton John introduced them) in a civil union in 2006.


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I have just spent the last 15 minutes reading through some of the most horrible posts I have ever read.

Stephen Gatley dying is not an opportunity for gay bashing, Obama bashing or anything of that kind.

The police in Majorca have confirmed they do not believe, it was murder, suicide or drugs. They have listed it as a sad accident so far and are doing an autoposy on Tuesday as it is a bank holiday in Spain on Monday.

By all confirmed reports of his family members he did not even drink so I doubt very much he took drugs and his family have also put out a statement to say they do not believe drugs are involved.

He was so liked by his fellow band members that they have flown from different places in the world to Majorca today to be with his husband and family (who have also flown out), to be where he passed.

He is very loved in the UK, Ireland and in Europe and I would kindly ask that people stop gay bashing and just try and give us fans a chance to remember the nice gentle man that he was.

As for some questions as to why UK people came on to an American site, I came on to see whether the news had reached America. I wish after reading some of the comments on this site I hadn't.

Just remember everything else aside a 33 year old man is dead. Surely that alone is reason enough to be sad.

RIP Stephen, you brough us beautiful music. x

1805 days ago


Whats up with the whiny babies from the UK on here? Sorry we've never heard of the gay band Boyzone.

1805 days ago

A. Minnitman    

What's this "BONEZONE" that's got all ye brits in a spin? Ah, bugger off, bunch of poofs poncing 'round. I doubt any real Irishmen are whinin'.

1805 days ago


Well, of course the comments are more indulgent in the UK, where boys are shipped off to (all-male) boarding schools at 12 and instructed in the fine art of anal intercourse, etc. by their masters and fellows. The real problem is that nobody outside of the UK had ever heard of this 'singer' whose death, we are instructed, is a global catastrophe. He may not have been a predatory pervert like Michael Jackson, but are we really supposed to be plunged into despair by yet another 'premature' celebrity demise?

1805 days ago


Tragic death could also relates to sudden illness/disease condition otherwise not known by individual or if so not publicize...sometimes people live with health issues sworn to secrecy until they suddenly die....whatever...RIP

1805 days ago


He'd been on a marathon booze binge which sadly resulted in him choking on his own vomit during his sleep.

RIP, gentle soul.

1804 days ago


Stephen Gately was a lovely and very talented man. He was very a fine young man. I really don't think he died of drug overdosed. I can't imgaine Boyzone without him. Boyzone were really big in Europe and in Asia during the 90's. They are expected to release their comeback album next year. I just can;t believe he died too soon. He's such a big loss!! For those of you talked bad about his death, will u please shut up? RIP STEO!!!

1804 days ago


Can I just say that drugs were not involved and unfortunitly sometimes people just die young of natural causes.I think its awful for people to assume that drugs were involved,im sure his family and friends read those stupid comments-how can you presume you know what happend when you dont know these people from adam-I hope the people who write this trash go threw what his family are going threw and find out how it feels to have your family member accused of taking drugs when its not true while also trying to come to terms with their death.A bit of respect wouldn't go a miss.R.I.P Stephen we're all thinking of you and your family at home here in Ireland

1804 days ago


To #77 Gemma I don't know if you are from England but I am and I know there are people on this site that only see things one way. Don't let it get to you because we know that this guy could have died naturally without being into drugs and rock and roll.

1804 days ago


I had a girl I know who died at age 21 on Christmas Day about 7 years ago. Beautiful, healthy girl (I used to call her Cindy Crawford's little sister). She spent Xmas day with her family then went downtown to meet friends for a drink and collapsed as she walked in the front door.

It happens. This guy could have been perfectly healthy up to this point or had something that went unnoticed. i.e. John Ritter--supposedly in good health then dead within a few hours from undiagnosed aortic aneurysm. It happens. RIP, Mr. Gately. You sounded like a good person.

1804 days ago


To #79 thanks for the thoughts,im Irish and your comments are much appreciated.I just think its terrible people talking rubblish about Stephen when they didnt know him-I didnt know him either but I know that all the boyzone lads never got caught up in the drugs scene and its nice to know theres people like you out there who arent so quick to judge so thanks again-Can I also add that its awful all the gay bashing thats going on and the sick things people say.So what if someone is gay theres nothing wrong with that at least they're not out molesting kids-R.I.P. Stephen

1803 days ago


- you are obviously very uneducated, twisted and evil, no doubt some bad luck will come your way.

Posted at 1:51PM on Oct 11th 2009 by lizdublin

Feck off,begrudging culchie.

1802 days ago


The symptoms sound a lot like those being released on persons currently dieing from "the Swine Flu" in the USA. Rapid lung congestion and choking, etc. I wonder if that could be the cause? Wonder if the coroner took samples to perhaps test for such a causation, here in the USA it would now be normal, but perhaps not in Mallorca.

1802 days ago


no.9 shut the f*** up boyzone r huge here and very respected.this is so sad he was way to young and talented to go out this way.
so for all the sickos who cant say anything nice bit of advice to you dont say anything at all. bunch of p*****

1800 days ago


I saw Boyzone 10 years ago on a music awards show. I hadn't a clue who they were, but I found myself totally mesmerized by the lead singer with the dark hair. He literally oozed charm for the camera. What impish eyes! What an adorable smile! I never thought about Boyzone again, until I read that one of them had died. I was so sorry to hear that it was the little charmer who I'd remembered. Now I find myself enjoying this "Stephen Gately" on youtube. I totally missed his career...

1800 days ago
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