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Jenner's Nobel Attack -- Obama's 'Done Nothing'

10/12/2009 3:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Barack Obama's Nobel Peace Prize win isn't just being criticized by the political community -- now, Olympic champ-turned-reality-sell-out Bruce Jenner is weighing in ... claiming Obama did "absolutely nothing" to deserve the award.

Bruce Jenner: Click to watch
Brody's dad ripped into the President at a gas station in Calabasas this weekend, slamming the Nobel people for picking Barack.

If there's anyone who knows a thing or two about gaining praise for doing nothing, it's Bruce -- just look at his stepdaughters.


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To dijhili #232: And yet you choose to come here. Why?

1780 days ago


Nick said he did get a race based vote from every single black person isnt that special?

Posted at 3:04PM on Oct 12th 2009 by nick

Hey Nick. More whites voted for Obama than blacks isnt that special too?

1780 days ago


Jenner's another right wing douche, who hasn't a clue about anything and needs a big cuppa STFU!

1779 days ago


Hey Blanche Jenner. Go get some more disfiguring plastic surgery lady! Save your opinions for the ladies at your next crochet club meeting.

Oh that's supposed to be a man? WTF?!

1779 days ago



1779 days ago

what a loser    

@234 - You said it best!!

234. Who care what this old has been weird looking nobody thinks? He is just a wanna be.Dude is too creepy for me. Obama absolutely deserved this award. He is the first ever elected black U.S president. He has a Democratic majority in both houses. He bailed out homeowners saving folks from loosing their homes. He saved the car industry. He restored our image abroad. He stood up to the death squads calling themselves insurance companies. He save the world economy from free falling into a severe depression on set by the disastrous policies of The Bush White House. Done nothing. Are you for real ? The Republican party line should be "if you lie they will believe"

Posted at 8:51AM on Oct 13th 2009 by ObamaBiden 2012

Read more:

1779 days ago

what a loser    

It was so sad to read the entry of what the name "Bruce Jenner" used to mean...olympic gold medalist, world record setter, respected and a national hero. Now "Bruce Jenner" means bad-plastic surgery, pimping out slutty fame whore daughters, married to a skank, D-List motivational speaker and an ungracious childish man. Bruce, why didn't you keep your mouth shut? What did you learn about being a part of a team and your stature as an olympic hero? To speak poorly of our US President and our nation? Is that what you've become? Where's the Bruce Jenner as a role model and the olympic gold athlete on the Wheaties box? The Kardashians have ruined you and made you bitter and hopeless... I think you should make a public statement taking back what you said to TMZ. When you refer to our leader, call him PRESIDENT Obama, not just 'obama'. Look at all he has accomplished before turning 50. It's pretty significant given all he has been up against. So why not give a kid a dream that someone who looks like him can become President of the United States and show President Obama common curteousy and respect. Please RETRACT your comment.

1779 days ago


Well, it's the truth, isn't it? 44 receiving the Noble Peace Prize when he hasn't accomplished anything other than having the debt spiral out of control is a JOKE!

1779 days ago


And he has three heifer stepdaughters and a slutty wife, now theres a winner.

1779 days ago

Bonnie Arnold    

Sign the online petition to protest BHO nomination for NOBEL PEACE PRIZE. Just google it. There are some very funny comments there also.

Some real "losers" have been "Winners" of the NPP:
Yasser Arafat (1994); Jimmy Carter, Jr.(2002); Al Gore (2007).

Nelson Mandela wasn't awarded the Nobel Peace Prize until 1993! He truly deserves the recognition.

1777 days ago


Bruce Jenner has the right to say what ever he feels as long as he don't put he hand on the president. Bruce has been married before and raise some good grown children of his own. Bruce don't approved how his three step-daughter carry them self. Kris is the problem because she encourage them too make money an way they want too. Kim act like she is a classy lady but she not. As u can see the to little girls want to be just like sister but daddy Bruce not having none of that.I know Robert is turning over in his grave.

1776 days ago
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