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Jenner's Nobel Attack -- Obama's 'Done Nothing'

10/12/2009 3:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Barack Obama's Nobel Peace Prize win isn't just being criticized by the political community -- now, Olympic champ-turned-reality-sell-out Bruce Jenner is weighing in ... claiming Obama did "absolutely nothing" to deserve the award.

Bruce Jenner: Click to watch
Brody's dad ripped into the President at a gas station in Calabasas this weekend, slamming the Nobel people for picking Barack.

If there's anyone who knows a thing or two about gaining praise for doing nothing, it's Bruce -- just look at his stepdaughters.


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"Olympic champ-turned-reality-sell-out" ....... LMAO. That's about it, too! What have YOU done lately, Bruce? (Very good, TMZ!)

1745 days ago


3. he did get a race based vote from every single black person isnt that special?

Posted at 3:04PM on Oct 12th 2009 by nick

Hey Nick, your ignorance is astounding. It makes your comment/opinion meaningless.

Melonie's comment on Obama's victory (i.e. votes) is more plausible, although not necessarily accurate. It certainly garners more respect than yours.

1745 days ago


Sounds like Bruce Jenner is taking out his frustrations on Obama because his step-daughters, that he raised, are marrying black men. Or are these black men "okay" because they have big names to contribute to the family reality show?

1745 days ago


Obama getting the Nobel Peace prize is akin to sitting on the chair
for hours,and being rewarded for good behavior.There is absolutely no
thought processes involved in giving him the award.This is demeaning
to the standards applied of giving out the Nobel Peace prize to the
hard working people who really deserve it.Bruce Jenner,grandmaster of
his famous do nothing family is absolutely right.

1745 days ago


Good for Bruce to weigh in on the REAL reality instead of the FAKE reality that he lives in.

I totally agree with him. I voted for Obama but he in no way deserved the NPP. There has to be more behind it.....HE SHOULD REFUSE IT AND FORCE THEM TO GIVE IT TO SOMEONE MORE DESERVING!!!

MJ would have been a stupid choice too! Dude's DEAD and was not the picture of HUMANITY in his final days or final years!!!

1745 days ago


"peteee" ..... Yeah, I can tell ya ...... he grew up to be the President of the United States of America! Sheeesh!

1745 days ago


Bruce jenner just needs to worry about his dysfunctional family kids and stepkids. Obama has made strides for piece but he has not done anything major enough to deserve the award or even the nomination. Not knocking hin or his efforts it is just too soon.

1745 days ago


Are we supposed to value the opinion of someone who was incredibly handsome and then decided to have plastic surgery to look like an aging lesbian? Is he kidding? And what about that houseful of loser sluts that he has? Give me a break Bruce.

1745 days ago


Finally Jenner speaks about soemthing relevant and HONEST! Way to go Bruce, glad to see you are another one of the Hoolywood Lib's sufferring from excessive white guilt, and can actually speak "honestly" about a person of "color" like our Halfrican Prez

1745 days ago

Terry H    

Obama was able to wrestle the presidency from the madmen who have had it for the last 8 years. Obama was able to stop McCain and the Bimbo from taking office. By doing so Obama has helped prevent more wars and more insane stuff that comes from the GOP. So yes Obama deserves that award just for freeing the world from the actions of the freaks that have had helped create more KAOS.

1745 days ago


It seems people are blaming Obama for this. From what I saw the day Obama was elected there seemed to be a global sigh of releif and a sense of hope from the world. America for better or worse is a world super power. The committee and Obama both said it is more what he represents and can symbolize than what he has done or will do. The prize and the focus is not for nor should it be about the man but about what humanity should strive for and seems to have forgotten. What word you use to discribe God or what piece of Earth you call home does not define us, we’re all a part of each other and need to strive for something more. I think that is all the committee is saying. Peace starts with one persons willingness to communicate to listen to and not just hear what others are saying. But without that first step….

1745 days ago


You look like a woman now !!!!! Who the hell did that ugly ass facelift ?

1745 days ago


#1. Bruce is stupid and doesn't know what is talking about with a poopoo face like a pit ball
#2. I do understand why this PIGS are gelous for OBAMA'S fame. I never see any of them REPUBLICANS K.K.K trying to make peace between american depression instead of supporting wars. The only people who stand for human right are OBAMA, NEILSON MANDELA, MARTIN LUTERKING. Who are simple blacks. Black people are trying to fight this racism and we never seen it from a white person. They are simple racists and is difficult for them to put it on table. OBAMA intimidate all and he is in GOD hands, he will do well no matter what. CONGRATILATIONS TO OUR PRESIDENT! you are the most intelligent american president. Don't let them put you down you deserve better. PEACE

1745 days ago

J C    

The Nobel group is just buying Obama.And sell Him to the world
They want Him to sell out the USA,betray Israel which He is doing and grow liberal fascism.

1745 days ago

Terry H    

For those who say Obama has done nothing for peace you may want to read about what was accomplished in the Armenian-Turkish peace agreement. I know your racist hatred of Obama will prevent you from understanding what was accomplished.

1745 days ago
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