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Lawyer Says Jon & Kate -- 'So Insignificant'

10/12/2009 10:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Under the category, "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished" ... the lawyer who stepped in to vouch for Jon Gosselin's attorney has some deep regrets today, over a case he says is "so insignificant to me."

Jon Gosselin, Mark Heller

As we first reported, attorney Michael Marino was contacted by Jon's lawyer, Mark Heller, asking for help to get admitted to the Pennsylvania Bar on a one-time-only basis. Marino tells TMZ he had never met or spoken with Heller before and thinks Heller randomly pulled his name out of a legal directory.

Marino says he agreed to do a solid for Heller and sponsor him so Heller could get permission from the judge to rep Jon.

Marino says at the time, he had no idea who Jon and Kate Gosselin were -- "The names didn't mean anything to me," Marino said, adding, "I thought it was some simple divorce case where some lawyer wanted to be introduced to the court."

Marino, who is semi-retired, says "I don't watch that kind of junk on TV. It was so insignificant to me." Marino told us when he realized the divorce was a contested mess, he wanted out, and it had nothing to do with the fact that Heller had been suspended by the New York State Bar for a variety of misdeeds.

Heller withdrew his sponsorship this past Thursday. The ball's in your court, Mark.


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TMZ please dedicate your entire site to just them. I mean after all they are the only two in the public eye right? Do like Radaronline did. Just publish all kinds of crap about them and that will drive all the old crazies into a tizzy and yell at each other (via blog )
about a family that they dont know and dont know or care about them. Its quit sad actually. Hours and hours spent on a couple of losers.

1835 days ago

Anna that recipe for seedless watermelons also? and do you have a recipe for apples and peaches? lmao

1835 days ago


#17...... good point! is there a repellent strong enough to deter them? LMAO

1835 days ago


Fire the crook and hire this guy. Hes not impressed by Jons behavior. Probably too late though because the crooked lawyer already had Jon break the law and steal cash by emptying that account. Plus the fact he would tell Jon to behave and follow court orders. Hard for Jon because he wants to do as he pleases and feels hes above the law.

Hopefully Jons rude awakening comes tomorrow and the law comes crashing down around him. Time to kiss the 2 luxury cars he bought goodbye.

1835 days ago


When is this boring saga of this boring couple EVER going to end??? It's all SOOOOOOO boring and, by the way, if I haven't already said it.... BORING BORING BORING!!!!!

1835 days ago

whats up Doctors    

20. #17...... good point! is there a repellent strong enough to deter them? LMAO

Posted at 10:34AM on Oct 12th 2009 by Anna

I'm in Texas, Let me know what ya need for repellent, We have some stuff, that will kill a gopher at 100 yards lol

1835 days ago


What is marino's excuse for sponsoring someone he's never met?

1835 days ago


TMZ!! You are giving me a headache! I can't believe I even read this lawyer crap as just an unneccessary extension of all the unnews of the dueling Gosselin's who shouldn't even be garnering so much press. Zzzzzzzzzzz!!!

1835 days ago


17. Watch out comment section!! The Crazy Kate supporters are coming over from Radar. They are Elephants, travel in herds! Look like them too!

Posted at 10:24AM on Oct 12th 2009 by Woman

The comments get as nasty as Kate and Jon's divorce
I'm surprised TMZ hasn't started a story on the supporters mud sligging

1835 days ago


What the hell is all this crappy advertising when you look up comments?!X! wtf?

1835 days ago


Jon has now stated he is half Jewish / half Korean.
No, I am not making it up.

1835 days ago

FiFi LaRue    

Kate get a job? Ok..lets presume that the only reason she was away from her children doing speaking engagements is because SHE WAS INVITED TO SPEAK. Is that any worse that any other parent that travels for work? And why is it ok for them ..but not her? Those children are none the worse for wear whilst they are being filmed. They only taped a couple of hours on shooting days...Wow, practically slavery, huh? Perhaps if the same people focused this "so called" concern to towards children who are REALLY in need instead of these happy healthy seemingly normal children, whom, btw have a better start in life than those caught in global conflicts. Unless I see reports from Children's Protective Services, pictures of them doing slave labour for pennies a day, being sold into the sex slave industry,or watching their families hacked to pieces and starving due to genocide, I'll reserve my concerns to more WORTHY causes. There are so many more instances they would fill the whole page. But if you're intelligent enough you'll get my drift.
Jon Gross-ling started this whole mess...the minute they agreed to separate he should have ( for his children's sake) kept his face out of the tabloids and his pants on. Do you ever stop to think how Kate felt when those pictures came out. Trust me...her first concern was NOT was HOW THE HELL AM I GOING TO EXPLAIN THIS TO MY CHILDREN.
"Gee Mommy...whats daddy doing kissing that other lady"...etc. "Uh, Mommy..why is daddy traveling to all these places to party, and he is never home with us. And why can't we go with daddy on his vacations? "
" Because you're too young to be hanging out at REHAB in Vegas...or chugging booze on the French Riviera with his pretendy friends or in some nightclub surrounded by celeb wannabes just like him".

Don't forget, day YOUR daughters will be grown you want them acting like ALL the bimbos you have be associated with lately? Do you want some sleazy dirty old man coming on to them as you have been doing to other VERY young women? all those who feel the need to trash talk on TMZ reporting all things Gosselin, heres something that can help you get through it and not come off looking like a village idiot.


1835 days ago

whats up Doctors    

TMZ, Is usually good about getting rid of the stores and irrelevant post. It's 7am west coast time , The night shift is most likely asleep,,,yall need to wake up before Harv gets in. And remove the garbage from the comment area lol
28. What the hell is all this crappy advertising when you look up comments?!X! wtf?

Posted at 10:57AM on Oct 12th 2009 by whateverusay

Read more:

1835 days ago


Why are you the media wasting time on stuffs like this when we have health Care issues,Wars, kids dying in our streets and in our country etc... ? This just goes to say you people in the media these days are all jokes like the Gosselins.
Report about things that matters to us not these suckers who are using their kids for their own reasons. TMZ you can do better please.

1835 days ago

Ms Kris    

How true is this
Why don't they go away so we do NOT have to see them again?

1835 days ago
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