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Katherine Jackson Won't Inherit MJ's Estate

10/12/2009 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Michael Jackson intended to provide for his mother during her lifetime, but once she dies her share of the estate will go directly to MJ's three kids.

Katherine Jackson Michael Jackson

As we first reported, under the trust, 40% of Michael's estate goes to Katherine. The kids get 40% and the remaining 20% goes to charity. But we've learned ... Katherine Jackson will not get 40% outright.

The trustees -- John Branca and John McClain -- decide what money should go to the beneficiaries. Katherine has no voice in those decisions. Whatever remains in Katherine's trust when she dies goes directly to the children.

Bottom line -- Katherine will get a healthy stipend for the rest of her life ... now she's getting a hefty allowance and when the trust kicks in she'll probably get more. But she will not inherit 40% of her son's estate.


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Excellent. MJ was a smart glad all of his deadbeat family won't continue to live off of his money afterall. He obviously loved his Mum & took care of her throughout her life, so it is only right that once she is gone his children are well looked after. Tough luck Joe!

1784 days ago


The estate will have to sell and buy assets (like stock), in order to be maintained. So whoever will be administrators, will have an important and tough job. It can't be just anyone.

I'm still wondering if and when the children will be taking full control of the estate. Perhaps when the youngest is 25?

(And as always when I write anything about MJ, I can't believe he is not alive anymore. Sometimes it's the other way around - I can't believe he was actually here, breathing and thinking, as recently as the end of June. How the heck can he be in a coffin, for Pete's sake?)

1784 days ago

seeking the truth    

Quest for the truth and justice for Michael: Read the fan testimonies of how Michael was in his last days and how AEG should have done more to help, instead they didn't and now will profit lots from his death - they haven't lost any money - they sold the film for $60m, kept 40% of the ticket sales from the fans keeping tickets and not getting refunds prob works out at $30m and they own the copyright to the TII merchandise being sold worldwide(and seen as its now ok to like Michael again for most of the 2 faced public) its selling much more than it would have... add up $60 + $30m +$10m(minimum made from merch) = $100m So how have they lost money? Future money possibly... but like he would have done all 50 gigs or a world tour after...! They spent out on his house and rehearsals and have now made appx $100million - not bad really eh! Don't buy their story they've lost millions - they have not. Funny how they recorded the rehearsal footage in top HD format day before he died... hmmm... especially when there were rumours he was going to pull out or not do all 50 - hes worth more dead and now what they are doing Sony and AEG(Sony bought the footage) is making that all the more blatantly obvious... He hated Sony - watch his thriller killer speech against them on You Tube. Interesting to note too that in the LA Times article they said they met him in a wheelchair to arrange 50 gigs, oh yes because that makes perfect sense too eh! Also did you know that Philip Anschutz who owns AEG also owns the Regal cinema chain - so he'll profit twice from the movie - from selling it to Sony and from ticket sales in his movie theaters. Check out his Wikipedia page if you don't believe me.

Read more:

1784 days ago


1784 days ago


I don't usually post, however today I've done it a lot. I do though read all MJ related posts. I gotta say I've missed all of the classic people that used to post on here. "holmes," "chico," that "lakersfan" person, and a few others...that nut "puppet master" included. It's nice to see that "holmes" popped up again. I miss all of their great info and even better links. I can't help it, I miss the legit fans who have real insight when posting.

By the by, I totally agree with everything that you're saying "A.B."--true talk.

1784 days ago


Thanks, Keeping.

There is a lot of personal stuff and verbal abuse going on on different threads here, so many tire and disappear, I think. I still need to talk about MJ, so I come over often, and if there isn't page after page with crazy stuff, I post.

1784 days ago


I hate money and what it does to people. Those "poor" kids are in for a hard time with all that money.
I am glad they have each other and hope that they will keep on getting along with each other.

1784 days ago


Good for momma and his children, MJ would be proud he's able to take care of her, even in death. But as long as any the leeches are around they benefit from his money even if it's in the smallest of ways, it’s only more money to take care of their needs/wants. I still feel as tho it's MJ's money for the children and mom, and I wouldn't buy the others a bag of popcorn! But mom won’t do that, unfortunately her giving heart will do whatever they ask. And Daddy O' isn't hanging around for the welfare of the children, he needs to fade away to Las Vegas and just send a card every now and then, HECK, he doesn't even need to do that! I really don’t think the children would turn their back on him either, they weren’t raised that way. I hope someone protects the childrens assets from the rest of the family.


1784 days ago

whats up Doctors    

Krazy Kooky Klown, You can blow it out your Kanarcus,and find another site, I am so tired of childish,annoying, interruptions.You are not funny go away.

1784 days ago


Exactly as I've said since details of MJs Will became available.

I repeatedly posted that Katherine could not will her 40% and neither could it be looked upon as community property. That she did not have a vested interest in the estate and only use of it during her lifetime THEN it would revert to MJs heirs...his rightful heirs his children.

This is why for months I have watched and been early "onto" the game that Katherine and her attorney McMillan and now Burt Levitch have of ousting Branca and McClain (although McClain has been a Jackson family personal friend).

Katherine doesn't want a seat at the table she wants FULL CONTROL of the Jackson estate since she has no control over even that 40% when she departs this world.

Katherine would also like to find grounds to invalidate the Will itself.

Ole Joe Jackson himself showed up at the last hearing himself minus Katherine. Could it be that he will be foolhearty enough to try to contest the Will since if Katherine tries to push the envelope any harder Judge Beckloff is going to throw the book at her and have her disinherited of even the 40% for contesting the Will no her "Safe Harbor" BS or not.

Katherine and Joe are finding themselves in a real pickle. So are Randy and Jermaine. The family at this time is "on the ropes" so to speak in alot of different areas, on alot of different fronts.

But rest assured come what may Michaels children are well protected, firstly by the Judges farsightedness by appointing Ms Lodise as the Guardian ad litem and secondly and even more importantly that Grace Rwaramba is again with Michaels children nurturing, comforting, protecting and continuing to raise them in the true light and spirit of love, unity, compassion and charity, values that both she and Michael JOINTLY instilled as imperative and imperishable keys to the childrens upbringing.

AND why of all people was Joe Jacksons buddy Majestik the Magician even in the Courtroom? The man that Joe had with him that night of June 24/25th at MJs house.

God has already Blessed Michael Jackson
God Bless Grace Rwaramba and Michael Jacksons Children
God Bless John Branca

1784 days ago


There was certainly a lot going on in that family that we do not know about! Maybe Latoya was telling the truth about Joe!

1784 days ago


How does anyone know who were in MJ's house the night before he died? Are there any links to news articles about that?

1784 days ago


Well that's good. I think MJ would have given her more power if she had kicked Joe Jackson to the curb a longtime ago or at least made the rest of the Jackson clan that live or have lived in that big house of hers kick in some money/rent on it. MJ said his mother was a saint so I am pretty sure if he had given her more she would have divided most of it among her other children and grandchildren. If MJ wanted that he would have left them all something. I really think they are putting her up to fighting for more, because why would an 83 year old woman want to go to court all the time and fight for an income she wasn't used to getting anyway. Nothing is being foreclosed on or repossessed so why so much now? I am pretty sure they are all coming to her with their hands out, because once she's gone there pipeline to MJ's money is gone.

1784 days ago


thats wild .his brothers must be upset.and while she is alive branca holds the pursestrings.the jacksons must be up walking the floors all night.but if this was mj wish,so be it.he was pretty complex guy.i guess he loved them but either didnt think they could handle money or maybe money was the reason he didnt get his childhood and its payback time i hope and pray for his children to have a normal life.miss my mike

1784 days ago
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