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Anka Gets 50% of Publishing Rights

10/12/2009 8:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paul AnkaMichael Jackson's estate just got a partner it didn't bank on -- because we've just learned Paul Anka is now a 50% partner in the publishing rights to "This Is It."

Anka will get other profits as well, but the publishing rights are usually the big ticket item, and sources say Michael Jackson's estate has agreed Anka gets 50%.

It's amazing ... when Paul Anka woke up this morning he had no idea he'd get the same cut as Jackson's estate. Sadly for Sony ... they didn't know either.


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I'm gonna say this just cause I'm pissed at this whole damn situation.

Michael Jackson and Paul Anka co-wrote this song TOGETHER. To take it further, they co-wrote the lyrics together. A tape was made with MJ's VOCAL. TMZ, how in HELLS BELLS do you equate being a co-writer of the track as someone being a "song thief?" From everything I am hearing, Anka and Jackson BOTH owned equal rights to the song. They obviously had a personal dispute or business difference, which resulted in MJ pulling from the project. He took the tapes to prevent the possibility of what he considered an inferior or unauthorized vocal (HIS vocal, I might add) leaking out. Obviously, he never had any intention of releasing it. By right, he could have raised a public stink in '91 when Anka decides to "give" the song to another artist but he didn't cause it wasn't worth his time or effort. He was making millions off his OWN songs.

If we want to talk MJ's ability as a songwriter, this is the man who WROTE Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal, Human Nature, Heal the World, Stranger in Moscow, Will You Be There and so many great classics, I could go on and on. Not to detract from Paul Anka, of course, who wrote My Way, She's a Lady, etc. The point is, this was a COLLABORATION between two talented songwriters. Regardless of what went down insofar as their personal partnership on the project, MJ does NOT deserve these hateful headlines or that hateful, tacky poll you stuck up asking if he's a song thief. He is only guilty of "taking" a tape featuring his own song and his OWN vocal, which I think by default gives him some rights here.
This Is It is NOT Paul Anka's song, it is a song he CO-WROTE with Michael Jackson. You all seem to be conveniently forgetting that half of the equation.

1813 days ago


this crap should be cleaned up by sony,branca and mcclain this is not an MJ screw up and if that is what happens the judge should be getting a clear picture of something aint right

who is representing who? not a lawyer but the idea of we all can make a little money here is not acceptable,this group is suppose to be representing and looking after the Jackson estate, Meaning the kids and katherine, well didn't that just give 50% away? just askin

1813 days ago


What do you guys think if, instead of buying the "this is it" soundtrack we buy the "number ones" album? (you can gift it to someone, if you already have the CD)

it would accomplish 2 things:

1) it would help #1 remain the best seller in the US (Taylor Swift is trailing MJ by only 86K, and she is re-releasing her album in November. She will definitely outsell MJ before the end of the year and take the #1 seller for 2009)

Read more:
What a load of crap...You claim to love the child molester but your willing to artificially raise the dead child molesters sales status up to make it seem like he's # 1?

1813 days ago


As i look back, I can remember Micahel coming out against SONY a couple years back for the company being racist, and cheaters, and advantage takers..MICHAEL YOUR WORDS HAVE COME TO LIFE!!! No one listened...

1813 days ago


Well now Paul Anka has more to spend at the old folks home; he'll sit around now and see who else makes a song that he wrote with that crooked SONY! grrrr but why would Michael's estate have to pay for this mistake??? Even dead a black man ain't got a chance!

1813 days ago


I don't believe he stole anyone's music maliciously. it's not even clear who ELSE worked in that studio...I mean Anka makes it seem like he and MJ were the only ones with access to the tapes. could it have been another producer? an engineer?

Plus, I'm insulted by this McClain guy suggesting michael has no talent for song writing! Has he listened to any Jacksons hits from 70's? Everything MJ wrote since 80's? This is why ppl don't trust those MF's to run MJ's estate! They're giving away his effing money to all their effing friends! the white man is the devil!!!!!

1813 days ago


If I were John Branca and John McClain, they should change or scrap this song- so Paul Anka will never get 50% from "stolen" song they said, how's that. It's not too late to change a new old one. there's hundreds of unreleasing songs of Michael Jackson, keep digging- why not- Fans can wait.

1813 days ago


I think Paul Anka said that because Michael Jackson's dead, if Michael was alive , I don't think he would used the word" stole" besides , it wasn't Michael Jackson who released this song, it was his administrators. so enough already and why's this song didn't released it before when he was alive?

1813 days ago


I think Paul Anka said that because Michael Jackson's dead, if Michael was alive, I don't think he would used the word"stole" besides, it wasn't Michael Jackson who released this songs it was his Administrators.

1813 days ago


sorry(unreleasing) unreleased.

1812 days ago


Mr.Anka got his come back through MJ...He won't be getting as much money as he would have if he had NOT called MJ a thief...TOO BAD for you Mr.Anka remember next time to WATCH what you say, you may be cutting off the HANDS that feed you!!!

1812 days ago



I just heard that Michael has been nominated for "5" American Music Awards, How befitting for The King of Pop to recieve this recognition...If Michael Jackson is the recipient, I would love to see his "Son" Prince Michael recieve any award on behalf of his beloved father.. Jermaine needs to take a back seat, let his children begin to understand there Daddy's true greatness... Pass the mantle to his son "Prince"

If Anak picks it up for "This Is It" then out of respect
he's obligated to except the award with Michael's son
"Prince Michael"

1812 days ago


Paul Anka ... do not imagine absurdities! Michael's music is far superior to his! It is so ugly you want to be taking advantage of the image of the most talented artist in the world! Be quiet for so is less ridiculous for you!

1812 days ago


MY WAY is a French song of 1967
My Way (Claude François / Jacques Revaux / Paul Anka) is the English title of the French song Comme d'habitude, which was first launched by the author, Claude François [1] in 1967 in France. In 1968, Frank Sinatra [2] launched its English version, adapted by Paul Anka and turned one of his greatest classics. It is one of the most popular songs recorded in history. The English version kept only the melody, because the text is completely different from the original French version.

The studio version of Elvis Presley was recorded in June 1971 and released only in 1995 with the album "Walk A Mile In My Shoes." There are the live versions of the show's Hawaii launched at the live album in 1973 called Aloha from Hawaii and another published in 1977 in a simple compact with America The Beautiful in the "B side", not forgetting the hard version of Elvis in Concert, a live version of 1977 [3].

Information at:

After .... this music is by Paul Anka or Claude François ??????????

1812 days ago


well i dont understand why paul anka should get 50% royalties.
The US copyright Office has this is it registered in MJ's name. It was created in 1980. Look it up everyone and question what is going on here. Maybe this in itself was a publicity stunt by the estate.

1811 days ago
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