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Paul Anka -- Michael 'Stole' from Me

10/12/2009 9:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the quickest resolution in Hollywood history: Paul Anka says the special administrators of Michael Jackson's estate gave him a 50% cut of "This Is It" ... after he said Michael "stole" the original recordings from his studio back in the 80s.

Paul also said John McClain told him, "Now we know why the song was so good ... it wasn't the type of Michael Jackson song that he could write."

Anka said he was humbled by the compliment.


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11. So SONY didn't have control of the rights to the song the MJFT did? McClain is the co-producer of the song. Can someone clarify this for me?
Who had the old song orchestrated and added the Jacksons Brothers backup vocals? The Estate? Since they are paying Anka 50% of the song. 50% of what? Reportedly this song will never be released as a single.
I am going DUH?!



Posted at 8:41PM on Oct 12th 2009 by TheWanderingGypsy

Oh OK 50% of publishing rights. Seems TMZ might put the facts in 1 story rather than under 2 consecutive same topic boards.

So the MJTF had the rights to the song not SONY?
I still don't understand the workings behind release of this song. I am still DUH! Somebody help me or shoot me!


1783 days ago

New Yorker at Heart    

There was no need to insult Michael with "he couldn't write anything that good." if you read the comments in the other thread when the sound was first release you'd realized alot of people thought This is it plained sucked or was just alright at best, and although I gave it an okay, it still is a demo at best had a ways to go.

Billie Jean, Wanna Be Startin' Something, Don't Stop Till you get enough,---This is it ain't. Yeah you're right Michael couldn't write this okay song by himself, that's why he did not release it nor want it released. He released his own songs and he has a track record to prove he knows how to write, sing, produce and perform. There was no need to insult Michael to pay Paul a compliment; just riduculous.

But I guess someone had to "suck up" and play nice over this error, which definitely was not Michael's fault (can someone say record company)

But ain't mad at Paul at least he did something (co-wrote) to earn a share of the pie, unlike others who want something.

1783 days ago


I'm sorry but this is just another 'what the he**" is going on in this case?

You have a song, you have a songwriter, Sony comes along and puts the song out as a never released song by Michael (even though it is from way back when) and nobody knows about Paul? And Michael can't write songs????????????

I like the song, but Sony lied to us about it and now this?

Michael is rolling in his crypt right now! What are we going to hear about next?

Love you Michael!

1783 days ago


Now that was pretty quick and rightous. So will these same people go back and seek rights to songs stolen from artists like Little Richard and all the other black artists whose songs were taken and performed by white artists? Remember that music was called n-word-music until it was performed by white artists. Lets see who else benefits from MJ's estate since they are spreading the money around to them pale faces.

1783 days ago


excuse me mr. anka and whoever, but the ONLY reason that song sounded good is because MICHAEL JACKSON sang it! if anyone else had sang it, (and yes i already know someone else sang it) it would have been crap! stop being so mean to michael. why is everyone mean to michael but let him make them some money and then they are just fine. it is a shame, the only thing i am going to remember about paul anka now is those mean things he said about michael. no more articles about paul anka please.

1783 days ago


Paul (Mr. I am full of myself) Anka - your right about the song writing this song sucks as much as having my baby did and the only reason it will be a hit has nothing to do with you and more to do with MJ's vocals. If MJ thought it was a great song - it would have been released years. Don't act like you are all that - you just got the biggest break of your life.

1783 days ago


And Paul said that Michael stole the tapes and then said took?

When did this supposedly happen and why wasn't anything done about it at that time?

And yes he called him Johnson!!!!!


1783 days ago


"Now we know why the song was so good... it wasn't the type of Michael Jackson song that he could write."

I don't get that... Michael Jackson's biggest hits came from the music he wrote himself.

1783 days ago


Paul also said John McClain told him, "Now we know why the song was so good ... it wasn't the type of Michael Jackson song that he could write."

What the he$$. Why the insults? Like Michael couldnt write songs on his own? That comment really pisses me off!!!

1783 days ago


13 Posted at 8:44PM on Oct 12th 2009 by shuffler

Good got that right! Bunches of shuffling going on here!


1783 days ago


All's well that ends well.

1783 days ago


what hell is wrong with mcclain michael did write better songs like this "Human Nature," "I can't help it", billie jean" he is probaly lying no way he said that.

1783 days ago


Earth to several fools who made different versions of this accusation (obviously only vaguely aware of who Paul Anka is and what songwriting credits he has):

Paul Anka does not need Michael Jackson's money, whatever little might be left of it when the creditors are all paid.

1783 days ago


McClain helped to produce this song and now he is saying "it wasn't the type of Michael Jackson song that he could write."

How many times is McClain going to keep putting his foot in his mouth?

He along with whomever gave Sony the song needs kicked to the curb.

1783 days ago

I remember her    

It doesn't matter because of the U.S. rule where if you play a song clip for longer than a certain amount of time, you have to pay a royalty fee for using it, if anyone plays the song for commercial purposes (to promote, market, any kind of use), then whoever uses the song has to pay a royalty, and Anka will get 50% of the royalty every time that song is played. If it gets used as the background music for a seminar promotional video or used as part of a jingle for a soap commercial, whatever the use of the song, Anka gets a cut. And just because the song may not get released as a single here, there are different international rights from recordings of that song that can show up on anthology albums, compilations, ringtones, the potential for this song to make a lot of money is there even if it bombs in the United States. Remember when Bad came out, the U.S. was not as hot a market for it as it was in Europe and Asia, and at the time it was said because how can you follow up an Album like Thriller? That was the mega album of the century as far as sales, but Bad did really well in other countries. Why do you think Paul McCartney was so pissed at losing the Beatles anthology to MJ, there went a lifetime of perpetual royalties he could have been collecting for his children and grandchildren, now it goes to MJ's estate and that is what I think is propping up his net worth, that catalog of music...think how many times a day you hear a Beatles song on the radio, that means a few more cents goes to the MJ estate.

1783 days ago
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