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Paul Anka -- Michael 'Stole' from Me

10/12/2009 9:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the quickest resolution in Hollywood history: Paul Anka says the special administrators of Michael Jackson's estate gave him a 50% cut of "This Is It" ... after he said Michael "stole" the original recordings from his studio back in the 80s.

Paul also said John McClain told him, "Now we know why the song was so good ... it wasn't the type of Michael Jackson song that he could write."

Anka said he was humbled by the compliment.


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"I know why it was so good because it wasn't something MJ normally does" That makes no sense. Michael was a wonderful artist, entertainer,writer, the list goes on and on, who in their right mind would be able to dispute that? Although talented as well and Mr. Anka does deserve credit for the song, the days of bashing Mr. Jackson should be well behind us.

1831 days ago


What the heck are you talking about? Paul should get 100%. Why? He didn't make this song all by himself. If Paul could claim 100% he would. Were you there? No. Paul doesn't deny that Michael was involved with the song. Mike's dead and he can claim anything he wants about who contributed what. The ONLY thing that makes this song is Michael's voice and I wish they had known Paul was involved so this a-hole wouldn't get sh!t. I'm sick of everyone attaching themselves to Michael's name. Paul is obviously (and I'm old enough to know exactly who he is) a has-been and a$$hole. He could have taken the high road but he didn't and contacted this sleezy site to make his case and get his 15 minutes of fame shows what a big a-hole he is. To make an accusation that someone *stole* something from you (what he just noticed he was missing after nearly 20 years - why didn't he make that accusation then?)is a serious thing in the music business and mike is not hear to defend himself. Like I said before I wouldn't put a dime in his pocket and I've gotten my free download of Michael's VOICE. If Michael took it, it's because he recognized mediocre and one thing Mike wasn't was mediocre. He probably wanted to make sure it didn't get out. Remember Mike didn't approve this song being release, the greedy a$$ pimps did. Mike's bones will be getting picked over and more a-holes will be coming out of the woodwork for their 15 minutes of fame in the coming years. Its sickening.

1830 days ago


Mr.Paul Anka pls don t flatter yourself and stop injuring our king Michael Jackson. Our king don t stole your anything, You really think too much...People must understand the sense of shame, do not want to see other people s good to have a share... God bless you!!

1830 days ago

katherine carter    

I just saw on TMZ Paul Anka's wife and son. They asked his son to sing. After prompting he finally sang a little from She's a Lady. After debating if Paul Anka sang this song TMZ closed off by playing Tom Jones singing She's a Lady. Sorry Paul.

1820 days ago


Oh please Anka the song sucks ass. MJ wrote BETTER songs!

1769 days ago


Paul Anka is a BIG LOSER for the foolish comments he made about Michael stealing the song they both co-wrote! Anka will probably make more money on "This Is IT" than any other song he has ever co-written! Its not because it is a wonderfully written song....NO!It is not that great...ITS GREAT ONLY BECAUSE MICHAEL'S BEAUTIFUL ANGELIC VOICE IS SINGING IT!!!! It sounds wonderful because He is singing it and all of Michael's fans will love it! Nobody knows who the heck Paul Anka is! He'd better be so thankful for Michael Jackson. He should should only praise Michael's name in public. the way...Michael can write songs...way better than this one!

1814 days ago


281. 298. When I heard that Mr.Anka would be receiving 50%of the this is it song I was excited that Sony would have to split the profits. When I heard Mr.Anka say that MJ STOLE his song he is calling MJ a thief I turned from excited to angry. Mr.Anka should have NEVER made that horrible comment. I stated yesterday when TMZ put the sample of the song on their site for us to hear I posted THAT WAS AN OLD SONG THAT MJ DID NOT WANT RELEASED it was NOT good enough for his FANS he was a perfectionist he has LOTS of songs that have never been heard by the public.

Posted at 3:19AM on Oct 13th 2009 by tanya

299. # 297 Cher you have said it PERFECTLY, I have been saying from the beginning that MRS.Katherine Jackson should be in control of MJ's estate she HAS ALWAYS had MJ's best interest at hand and would do the right thing to preserve her son's legacy. Mrs.Jackson KNEW her son better than anyone on this earth and he LOVED and TRUSTED his mother.

Posted at 3:26AM on Oct 13th 2009 by tanya

HEAR THIS now AKA tanya waits until 3:30AM to REALLY start putting in her get rid of BRANCA/McClAIN invalidate the Will etc etc

GO TO SLEEP HEAR THIS aka HELEN aka tanya aka aka aka aka
start again refreshed and renewed for your Jackson family control of the MJFT campaign BS and your bash BRANCA and MJs Will propaganda

Public opinions not going to swing that vote dearie.
Those decisions are in a higher Court.


Posted at 12:44 AM on Oct 13, 2009 by ok

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1643 days ago


I am so sick and tired of people picking @ Michael Jackson it just goes to show you that he had alot of HATERS and HYPOCRITES in the music industry. Paul Anka wasn't talking noise when he was alive.

1574 days ago
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