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Paul Anka -- Michael 'Stole' from Me

10/12/2009 9:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the quickest resolution in Hollywood history: Paul Anka says the special administrators of Michael Jackson's estate gave him a 50% cut of "This Is It" ... after he said Michael "stole" the original recordings from his studio back in the 80s.

Paul also said John McClain told him, "Now we know why the song was so good ... it wasn't the type of Michael Jackson song that he could write."

Anka said he was humbled by the compliment.


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I'm sure that this guy was musically relevant at some point... he
seems really happy to be on TMZ and in the spotlight once again. But how could MJ steal something that was half his?

Let's keep it really real for a moment. As a lifelong MJ fan, I'm
undoubtedly going to purchase this song. In all honesty, if this song wasn't being sung by MJ, I'm pretty sure that me and most MJ fans wouldn't give it a second listen. Only to hear MJ's beautiful voice would I buy this song. Michael kept this song in the vault for a reason - it wasn't up to his high standards and it isn't very melodic. So Paul Anka can pat himself on the back all he likes, and McClain can think the song was too good to be written by Michael(surely a kiss ass statement to appease a guy with an ego).

At the end of the day, I think most of us know that Michael wouldn't have put out a half-assed song like this for his fans. Also, we all know that Sony will release anything that they think will make them money - a song with the words "this is it" in it, was thought to be a sure money maker for them. Let's keep it real.

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McClain aren't you an executor of MJ's estate and you have the nerve to say, "It wasn't the type of Michael Jackson song he could write" Excuse me, but MJ was a great song writer. Wow, his estate is paying you money and you say this about MJ.
TMZ, I think we've seen enough of this story. So Paul gets money from a screw up. Michael didn't think this song was so great, that's why he didn't use it.
Michael was a perfectionist and this song would never have been produced the way it came out today.

1839 days ago


F U anka! MJ did not steal YOUR song. you BOTH co-wrote the track, so STFU about him "stealing" your music!! and BTW, I've heard MUCH better songs than this one from MJ.

1839 days ago


You are so desperate for a man you would love anything that you think is a man

Posted at 9:17PM on Oct 12th 2009 by Deb

Are you really going to clone me while addressing me? How dumb. Go to bed, the short bus will be coming by to pick you up in a few hours and you don't want to miss your special needs class!

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I loved MJ with all my heart, had tickets to see him in London and supported EVERY project HE released! Having said that, you could not pay me to buy THIS IS IT the single or CD of yet another repackaging of "greatest hits" Michael knew this song sucked azz that's why HE NEVER released it! Paul Anka better enjoy 15 minutes of resurgence that has-been has received as a result of $ony and McClain's faux pas. He's talking a lot of sh*t about a man many of us love and he's dependent upon that man's fans to fatten his pockets. I, for one, can live without this trifling azz single and the CD

1839 days ago


Posted at 9:30PM on Oct 12th 2009 by Valentina

Very well said, Valentina!

1839 days ago


TMZ you suck as well, always hating on MJ what wrong with you harvey every opportunity you get. don't bite the hands that is feeding you Harvey just ask Rabbi SCHMUCK i heard his book is listed 303 on Amazon. Dont ever underestimate the power of MJ fans. Way to go MJ fans.

1839 days ago

Stop Milking his name    

I am disgustted by mcclain apparent ass kissing of Anka.
I can understand apologizing for an honest mistake (I call it incompetency on his and Branca and Sony's part) but did he have to belittle Michael in the process.

Michael Jackson was a friend of his...why did he have to say MJ couldn't write such a such? MJ wrote far better song than this without any help.
Mclain is a Jackass...and I hate him for putting down MJ to cover his and Sony's mistake.

I was willing to support the estate by buying the album, but this whole nightmare has really upsetting me. Now I am rethinking buying the CD. I will go see the movie to support MJ but I am thinking of re-buying "number ones" instead of that new CD.

This morning I had "This is it" on repeat, but the whole thing left a bitter taste in my mouth now.

1839 days ago


Hey Paul Anka...I'm too young to know what you contributed to the music world and my taste in music does not include yawn music like Sinatra but MJ wrote beautiful songs and this song is only OK in terms of other work MJ created like the biggest album every sold...THRILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1839 days ago


1. (All Of A Sudden) My Heart Sings
2. (You`re) Having My Baby
3. Adam And Eve
4. Against The Wind 4:39
5. Anytime (I`ll Be There)
6. Bad Day 4:05
7. Black Hole Sun 4:27
8. Both Sides Now 5:24
9. Crazy Love
10. Dance On Little Girl
11. Diana
12. Don`t Ever Leave Me
13. Eso Beso
14. Eso Beso (That Kiss!)
15. Every Night (Without You)
16. Everybody Hurts 4:12
17. Eye Of The Tiger 4:04
18. Eyes Without A Face 3:59
19. Freedom For The World
20. Get Here 3:20
21. Goodnight My Love
22. Goodnight My Lovepa
23. Having My Baby
24. Heaven 3:31
25. Hello 5:14
26. Hello, Young Lovers
27. Hold Me Till The Morning Comes
28. Hold Me `til The Mornin` Comes
29. I Believe There Is Nothing Stronger Than Our Love
30. I Don`t Like To Sleep Alone
31. I Go To Extremes 3:12
32. I Love You Baby
33. I Love You In The Same Old Way
34. I Miss You So
35. I Never Knew Your Name
36. Intensity
37. It`s A Sin
38. It`s A Sin 4:59
39. It`s My Life
40. It`s My Life 4:04
41. It`s Time To Cry
42. Jump 3:37
43. Let The Bells Keep Ringing
44. Lonely Boy
45. Longest Day
46. Love Cats 3:58
47. Midnight
48. Mr. Brightside 3:49
49. My Home Town
50. My Way 5:18
51. One Man Woman, One Woman Man
52. Ordinary World 4:32
53. Papa
54. Puppy Love
55. Put Your Head On My Shoulder
56. Smells Like Teen Spirit 2:42
57. Steel Guitar And A Glass Of Wine
58. Summers Gone
59. Tears In Heaven 4:59
60. Teenager In Love
61. The Longest Day
62. The Lovecats
63. The Teen Commandments
64. The Way You Make Me Feel 3:49
65. This Is Love
66. Time After Time 4:03
67. Times Of Your Life
68. Toi Et Moi
69. Tonight My Love, Tonight
70. TRUE 4:30
71. Verboten
72. Waiting For A Girl Like You 3:15
73. Walking In Memphis 4:23
74. Wonderwall 3:37
75. You Are My Destiny 3:56


1839 days ago


If you go to the Copyright website, you can do a search for all of MJ's songs. Many have them listed with another artist co-writing. However, this song only had Mike as the writer.Plus it is stated the song was written in 1980, not 1983 that Paul Anka says.. WTH??!!
This is it / Michael Jackson.
Type of Work: Music
Registration Number / Date: PAu000668598 / 1984-11-16
Title: This is it / Michael Jackson.
Description: 1 sound cassette.
Copyright Claimant: Mijac Music
Date of Creation: 1980
Authorship on Application: words & music: Michael Jackson.

Names: Jackson, Michael
Mijac Music

1839 days ago


It put me very ANGRY..... Paul Anka at first MICHAEL could do a better song than this one...... AND TO BE HONEST MICHAEL RESCUED THIS SONG TO THE PAST..... so give thanks to him,.... because MIchael put the song in the map AGAIN...... Stop to be so STUPID a RECONIZED that MICHAEL sing this song BETTER than ANYONE..... ok......

1839 days ago


73. You freakazoids are nuts. MJ was a freak and f'ed with little kids. He was no GENIUS. He was seriously f'ed up. Sorry, but it's true.

Posted at 9:34PM on Oct 12th 2009 by FMJ

He WAS a genius - his record sales and sold out concert tours don't lie. He had problems yes. But he did not molest children, something you are too lazy to do any research about. And in any case, you probably would not want to admit you were wrong, so you'll keep on being a hater. That's ok, we fans know the truth, and we love Michael. There are literally MILLIONS of people who love Michael. How many people love you? (And you can't count your mother).

1839 days ago


"My Way" was "STOLEN" from Frenchman Claude François, it was originaly titled "Comme d'habitude".

1839 days ago
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