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Paul Anka -- 'Honest Mistake'

10/12/2009 9:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paul Anka says he's all square with Michael Jackson's estate over the release of "This Is It" -- a song Paul helped write -- saying the special administrators realized "there was a wrong here" and they immediately "made it right..." as in 50% of publishing rights. Can you say BONANZA?


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lets remember who we are fighting for ohh and those awesome gold pants!

Love you Michael!

I know, you love me more :)

1773 days ago


Yeah boy!

I too would say it was an "honest mistake" if I had just made millions of dollars within a few short hours.

Who gave Sony the song????

1773 days ago


Definitely an big OOOPSIE! on the release of "This Is It". I knew the style of this recording doesn't sound 100% of MJ's and it does sound in a much later era like when MJ was just branching out. Nonetheless, hearing MJ sing is nice and comforting. I just wished the first release of MJ's song wasn't already recorded by another artist and caused controversy but then again... that MJ for you!. I guess with the title of the song is only befitting with the title of the movie. Honest mistake and again... big OOOPSIE! :o)

1773 days ago


Since this song is said to be at the end of the movie, Anka will also get money for the synch license that is required for that - he will make out even better on that for sure.

Do think they should have researched that song's origins better before including it, and that would seem to be Sony's fault. MJ sounds he usual soulful self on it, but it is not the best song - too schmaltzy, as someone else noted.

It was doubtless only chosen because of it's coincidental title.

1773 days ago


If the record sells 10 million copies then Paul Anka makes 455,000.00 and MJ's estate gets the same amount in addition to their regular royalty for records sold. Nice money, but not millions

1773 days ago


Michael Jackson rarely did anything, where he didn't have complete control. I'm sure there is more than one reason that MJ didn't relases this song.

Who's in the wrong?
1. Sony - No Due deligence!
2. Branca & Mcclain - No due Deligence!
3. Paul Anka - For disperaging MJ without all the facts!

I hope everyone learns a lesson from this. Take your time and get in right.....and just when you think you have it right, perfect it(MJ Style).

I'm pleased Paul Anka got his 50%(big time). Paul Anka is a musical genius from a very early age. The funny thing about Anka is the song he is most known for "MY WAY"(written for Sinatra), was a rip off of a French song written by Claude François -called " Comme d'habitude ".

Irony is a bitch !

1773 days ago

Watching Carefully From Europe    

Dear Fans, Two Scenarios:

(1) The song was included on the hard drives which mysteriously went missing from MJ's home along with the surveillance tapes, jewelry & cash. A greedy family member struck a deal with Sony and handed the hard drives over (under the table of course). Sony felt they'd hit the motherload and rushed to edit the song (adding the brothers' voices as part of the deal) for the movie release without doing a reference check. The estate gets slapped with yet another hefty lawsuit and Team Branca gets discredited as major bloopers. Question is, who would really be liable Sony or The Estate? The estate had to give it's stamp of approval here. Hmmm

(2) Same setup as above except: The greedy family member stupidly trusts Sony (in a bogus deal) and hands over the hard drives. Sony rushes to edit the song for release KNOWING that it'll fuel a lawsuit against the estate which in turn creates yet another financial hardship. If the estate is overrun with claims it will eventually be forced to liquidate assets...namely THE BEATLES CATALOG!

Imagine this: Considering the number of songs which could be on those hard drives, it's quite possible that Sony can release a bunch of stuff just to bleed the estate. Kinda like corporate sabotage.
As an afterthought: It seems that the players (Sony, AEG, The Jacksons, Tohme Tohme, Colony Cap., Branca, Dileo, etc) must all be VERY suspicious of each other. No one can trust anyone. Oh what a tangled web we weave. I'm lovin it!
Back to bed for me:-) G'night!


1773 days ago


I'm sure we're going to be hearing about a court case involving the Jackson estate and this wonderful executor that lost them millions of dollars. Nice going Branca/ Sony.
If I were Katherine and the kids I'd be really really pissed about now. Branca, you screwed up why don't you offer to pay it out of your pocket

1773 days ago


I Guess It’s Ok To HATE As Long As It Isn’t Your Beloved Michael Jackson
……………….…MJ Fans Are HYPOCRITES……………………………..

Posted at 8:33PM on Oct 12th 2009 by OhWell

FINALLY, you're getting it!! Now, again, stop taking up space on all of Michael's threads with your obsessive nonsense, you closet fan, and once more, STFU!! You're obsessed; just admit it and it'll feel so much better.

1773 days ago


Posted at 8:34PM on Oct 12th 2009 by ASTRO KOOKY

Love you in all your incarnations, Kooky!!!!

1773 days ago


Ha ha ha ha ha Little Wacko Is Still D-E-A-D hahahhahha

1773 days ago


scott excellent point .mj mom will probably show up at court quick to rush this out ot make a buck...but if paul anka wants mj to rest in peace he should stop accidentilly sliping that mj stole the demo.i think he was embarrased ,not one of the best..these people couldnt plan my kids birthday party..ha

1773 days ago


mimi i could be wrong but i think randy jackson found it in a box of stuff

1773 days ago


Mr. Anka,

YOU seem to have jumped the gun and publicized something that could have EASILY been dealt with privately. What a shame. Yes, you may deserve some rights to the song, but is it just "typical" Hollywood to be so bitter about it? Look in the mirror, Mr. Anka, it's not a pretty sight from where the public stands. Now go enjoy your new found money, after all, THAT is what it's all about, isn't it? Those wrinkles didn't come from smiling and laughter, did they?

1773 days ago


No, Jon Gosselin just happens to be an A#1 ass! Do YOU look up to someone who has treated his family like crap, stolen money from their mother so she can't pay their bills, brings his girlfriend over to spend the night on his weekends (in his wife's bed, I might add)? You're more hopeless than I thought!

Do you hate EVERYBODY? You sure seem to have a critical word for anyone regardless of the subject. What a pathetic loser you are.

Posted at 8:49PM on Oct 12th 2009 by Deb


Sounds just Like The Little Freak Except Mj Liked To brings his Little Boyfriends To Spend The Night On The Weekends.
Deb...Put The Pipe Down...Just Sat No To Drugs { And Little Wacko!}
Love... OhWell

Te hehe

1773 days ago
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