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Looks to Stuff the Rush


10/12/2009 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Al Sharpton is playing some serious defense for the St. Louis Rams -- The Rev has launched an all-out blitz to keep Rush Limbaugh from buying the NFL franchise.

In the wake of several reports that Limbaugh is serious about becoming an NFL owner, Sharpton fired off a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, begging the football honcho to reject Rush from the league.

In the letter, Sharpton tells Goodell, "Rush Limbaugh has been divisive and anti-NFL on several occasions with comments about NFL Players including Michael Vick and Donovan McNabb."

In 2003, Limbaugh famously argued that Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb was getting special treatment in the press because the media wanted to see a black quarterback succeed.

But in his letter, Sharpton brought up another Rush-centric controversy, adding that Rush's "recent statement that the NFL was beginning to look like a fight between the Crips and the Bloods without the weapons, was disturbing."

Sharpton's letter comes in the wake of public opposition from the head of the NFL Players Association, who also asked Goodell to reject Rush from the league.

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Can't Stand Obama    

Since when does Al Sharpton dictate who buys what?? It's none of his business what Rush Limbaugh or anyone else spends the the money they earn on.

And so what if Rush was talking about some of the players - they are always in the news with drunk driving, guns, dog fighting...

1803 days ago


Commenter #36 or ako33 - You clearly don't get it!! Or you simply don't actually understand what makes a racist. Just because someone defends another American's rights to own property/business/industry/etc. does not make them a racist. I don't even listen to Rush Limbaugh's show! I voted for Barrack Obama. I am well aware that it is 2009 and that there are MANY ethnicities represented in America. Al Sharpton's crusade to keep another American from doing something within their constitutional rights solely based on their political and personal views is a ridiculous waste of time and ,quite frankly, reeks of racism with traces of socialism. Before you, ako33, start throwing words like "ignorant" around perhaps you should do a little proofreading. Obama does not contain an apostrophe. I guess that's how you spell your fourth illegitimate welfare baby's name. Now THAT was racist.

1803 days ago

Can't Stand Obama    

35. GEESH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at all of Rush's fellow racists coming out to support him. So thats where all of you have been hiding since O'bama won. Glad to see rascism is still alive and well.....NOT. Seriously people 1950 is over, GET OVER IT. America aint just 1 color and 1 way. I feel sad for all of you on what your ignorance has caused you to miss.

Posted at 11:15AM on Oct 12th 2009 by ako33

Really??? You can't spell your boy OBAMA's name and you call other people ignorant???


1803 days ago


Racism works both ways...blacks are always complaining whites are racist.... as if black are exempt? What about the meeting at the L.A. City Council meeting where audience members wore shirts that read I HATE WHITE PEOPLE, or Jamie Foxx claiming MJ is 'one of us and he belonged to us' yeah for a man who tried to color his skin white, married white women, and adopted white kids. Plus Foxx's comments about the teen girl Miley.

1803 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

I can't stand Rush - however, he has every right to buy the team if he wishes.
And it will be MY right, and anyone else's to never buy another ticket to a Rams game.
I saw him interviewed on GMA and he gladly admits that everything he does is for MONEY - not patriotism, or the truth, or integrity, or the best interest of America. It is for money and ratings. He lies for money and ratings. He spews hate for money and ratings.
Anyone is listens to him or buys into his brand of hate is an idiot. He uses you and you let him do it. And he laughs at you all the way to the bank. He doesn't care if what he says is the truth - as long as he makes money.

1803 days ago

Jeep Fu    

So now it's perfectly acceptable to deny selling a team to someone based on their political ideology?
Funny, I thought we lived in the USA not the USSR...

What if Sharpton wanted to buy an NFL team and Rush told the NFL not to sell it to him?
Sharpton would claim racism...yet Rush can't do the same thing in this case?

Anyone who supports Sharpton in this issue is at least a bigot or at the worst, a racist (yes you can be racist against Whites).

1803 days ago

Justin is Calling    


Al Sharpton broke my "racism" button.

Why isn't Sharpton boycotting Jesse Jackson for using the word N****r?

Its a complete double standard.

1803 days ago

She is hot    

ako33= I could call you everyname in the book you are such a moron! You have never listened to Rush but by into all the left wing media tells you. Heaven forbid, you form an opinion on what you actually hear and look into but then again you will just say I am racist to cover up your uninformed ass. Want to see someone uninformed? They pull racist card out because they have no other argument. I bet you were in Detroit last week waiting for $$ from Obama's "stash"! Go ahead play your card and call me a racist, moron!

1803 days ago

Justin is Calling    


Next thing you know, Sharpton will be telling us the NBA discrminates against black players.


1803 days ago

Big Benjie    

Sharpton shut the hell up and go away!!

Who are you to dictate who owns what. I only wish that the Raiders were for sale instead of the rams.

Both Al's are bad for football!!

1803 days ago


First of all, Rush IS allowed to buy a team. But that doesn't mean he is automatically permitted into the CLUB. Like Rush, the NFL has every FREE RIGHT to say heel no, and refuse to let him in. It's not based on race, it's based on economics. If this fat greasy bastard does get his nasty mitts on a team, every black player should stand up for themselves by demanding an immediate release. Leave Rush with an all-white 0-16 make the Lions look like Super Bowl contenders year after year squad. Np self-respecting black should EVER work for Rush. His outrageous comments about McNabb (one of the league good guys, so imagine what he has to say about others. I love these people saying Rush speaks the "truth". Maybe in your twisted world, crafted by the nightly Fox news and extreme right web sites like Drudge) and others show his mindset.

1803 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

I love the way ignorant racists are angry at being called ignorant racists and then they out themselves right in their posts!!
"Rush is right" - that would be you with the comment about Detroit.
Would you talk about all of the handouts that Bush's rich friends got in the last eight years in say...Greenwich, Conn??
You ignorant racists crack me up. Too stupid to even know how to hide your racism and then indignant at being called out - priceless!

1803 days ago


I wish Al Sharpton was called out, for being the blatant racist he is! This guy has no business saying anything about anyone.

1803 days ago

marky spark    

Sharpton is calling someone divisive? Look in the mirror, JACKASS!!!

1803 days ago


Reverend Sharpton, First let me say that I have NEVER been a prejudice person. I have taught my 22 year old son from the day he was born that there is good and bad in all walks of life, religions, nationalities and colors. I am 100% Italian and believe me there are many from my culture that leave a lot to be desired. There is one thing that you never address and I think that it is wrong. There is a lot of prejudice in this world, and at times it is the other way around. My husband works for the Postal Service and believe me there is a lot of prejudicial problems within that working environment. One other thing, I never heard Jesse Jackson apologize for unjustly accusing the Yale lacrosse players of rape. That seriously needs to get done. It is sad, we really need to joing together to make this world a better place. I am 52 years old --- hopefully, I will see it in my lifetime. Keep up your good works, but please do not forget that at times it is the other way around.

1803 days ago
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