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Looks to Stuff the Rush


10/12/2009 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Al Sharpton is playing some serious defense for the St. Louis Rams -- The Rev has launched an all-out blitz to keep Rush Limbaugh from buying the NFL franchise.

In the wake of several reports that Limbaugh is serious about becoming an NFL owner, Sharpton fired off a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, begging the football honcho to reject Rush from the league.

In the letter, Sharpton tells Goodell, "Rush Limbaugh has been divisive and anti-NFL on several occasions with comments about NFL Players including Michael Vick and Donovan McNabb."

In 2003, Limbaugh famously argued that Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb was getting special treatment in the press because the media wanted to see a black quarterback succeed.

But in his letter, Sharpton brought up another Rush-centric controversy, adding that Rush's "recent statement that the NFL was beginning to look like a fight between the Crips and the Bloods without the weapons, was disturbing."

Sharpton's letter comes in the wake of public opposition from the head of the NFL Players Association, who also asked Goodell to reject Rush from the league.

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Lenn K.    

Blacks have always been told that conservatives are racist and they never research to find the truth. Alot of the laws passed to help blacks have come from republicans and democrats like Robert Bird who's a democrat voted against anything that would help black. But blacks don't care that he was the Grand wizard of the KKK, he's a democrat, therefore he can't be racist. Blacks have been told for so long that conservative are racist that they don't even care that the knife that's been in their backs are from democrats only wanting their vote and using racism to keep them in line. Why has thing gotten better for black when Bill Clinton got in office. Because they got your vote and told republicans hate blacks and once again you went along with it and still are in the ghettos, crime rate in the inner cities is worse than ever, fatherless homes, and low education scores. Why don't they go after the Asian vote? Because they know the Asian understand what's going on and their leaders aren't like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson sell their people down the right for personal gain.

1786 days ago

flamingo 5    

Honestly does Sharpton have to weigh in on everything that he has no business commenting on! Rush has the money - the NFL is the one of the biggest businesses out there - why not let him buy a team. It keeps the economy going - jobs going - people will be happy - end of story.

He should buy the Redskins - Snyder sucks as an owner !!! I live in the DC area - what a laugh that would be !!!

1786 days ago

She is hot    

For Real:

Again you expose your idiocy because you quote what the media tells you! Rush has said and continues to say he hopes "Obama's policies fail" but all the likes of you or the media get is Rush hopes Obama fails or the country fails. If Obama's policies fail then America wins because Obama is taking this country down the road to socialism. You do not listen to Rush because if you did you would know this! Rush is on right now so why don't you tune in and get the facts instead of listening to just what the media wants to spin it for you to believe. Wow, unbelievable that Rush is on everyday for people to hear and they just buy what the media tells them he says, ignorance is bliss right "for real"?

1786 days ago


#106 him or jim i already know what yours are.

1786 days ago


First off, I am tired of Sharpton and Messy Jessie Jackson speaking out for Black people, being a Black person myself. No Black NFL/NBA players elected him to say or do anything, nor has he or other Black leaders take the NFL/NBA to charge on the continued unethical behaviors of several players that are linked to crimes and misdemeanors. It's only when there is something high profile, that Messy Jessie and Processed Perm Al come out barking like they are speaking for everyone!! Secondly, Rush Limbaugh deserves to be no where near the NFL other than to be a fan or spectator. This man is a deep seeded racist, and has been dealt with on occasion while commentating in the past on Black players and particularly about Black and people of color on his hate filled dido-idiot hate filled ideological radio show!!! Did you idiots forget that this is the same man that said a few weeks ago that kids should be segregated again, because a white kid was beaten on a school bus? Nothing was mentioned when a Black female Veteran was beaten in front of her child by a white man in Georgia by any of the Right Wing talking heads!!!!

Oh did people forget that this deep seeded racist was FORCED to resign as an NFL commentator for ESPN in 2003, after voicing a racist comment about Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb. What in the hell is wrong with people advocating that this man should be involved with anything other than being a Rightwing hack-nut tool for the deep seeded racist that are still drinking the kool-aid of Limbaugh, Savage and the likes of Glen Beck, who are all noted deep seeded hateful racists!!!! Wake up people!

1786 days ago


Rush has a right to free speech, doesn't he? And if anyone has been divisive, isn't it Sharpton. Rush has been dead on about his comments about the NFL, and Sharpton has been dead wrong on just about everything he has ever gotten involved with. That said, they both have a right to free speech - and Rush has a right to pursue the opportunity. When is Sharpton going to go away already...Didn't the brawley case do any damage to his reputation???

1786 days ago


If guys like Michael Vick and other thugs, are allowed to play, why shouldn't Rush be allowed a piece of the ownership? I've lost so much respect for the NFL as it is, it really doesn't matter to me but, it makes me sick to see Sharpton and racists blacks get away with something like this. They have a lot of nerve stirring things up over Rush Limbaugh. Their motives have nothing to do with football, it's all political. TMZ, you're views are obvious. Otherwise you wouldn't be feeding these morons, and deliberating trying to stir it up. I don't care for Limbaugh or Sharpton either one, but I certainly don't agree with Sharpton having any say on whether Limbaugh can own a piece of an NFL team or not.

1786 days ago


ok truth rush is right what ever you want to be call i don`t give a damm!!!!!!!!!!about rush or al and your racist a$$ either like i said the man wants your country to failed sad americans poof be gone

1786 days ago

She is hot    

THATBKCHICK and For real:

Get a radio, turn it on, and get informed about Rush if you want to hear the full story about the things you are commenting about instead of just getting the snippits the news media want you to hear. When you all make comments that show you do NOT listen to Rush at all, you make yourselves look stupid because you do not get then context of it. Continue to buy what the media sells you and continue to be misinormed about Rush.

1786 days ago

She is hot    

For Real:

Hahaha! When the facts smack you in the face always turn to the racecard don't ya!! Sad just sad!!!

1786 days ago


#113, There's a lot of money floating around the NFL, and old Sharpton wants a piece of it. If you've noticed, the majority of players now, are black. Also notice, the majority of the better teams, have more whites. What does that tell you? Most blacks can run faster, and jump higher but, it's the mentality of the game that beats them. That's my view, whether Sharpton likes it or not. And of coarse, all the owners care about is the money. Keep in mind, I'm not referring to all blacks but, it does fit for most.

1786 days ago


110 & 111 and any other hack tool who keeps spitting out ideological talking points from these Right Wing hack tools...this is for you and Progressives too!!!!

You both and other ideologues need to get an education and wake up. Obama cannot win for anything. If you had any once of sense and intelligence, anyone would see that Obama is a damned Centerist and not the Socialist commy that your Right Wing Hack Nuts lead you to believe. I personally am a independent, and I research and listen to partisan researchers and scholars like Tom Hartman and Independent Law Political Scholar Johnathan Turley of George Washington University. You obviously get all of your talking points and notes from the Right Wing, hence, you would know that Obama is a Centrist/populist (like Bill Clinton) and the only reason why he is being painted in the light that he is in, is because the Republicans don't have any answers for the mess that they made the past 20 years they been in power, they have bankrupted our jobs, our infrastructure, our economy and our financial systems and the fact that it is taking a Black man to clean up behind the mess that the RIght Wing conservatives mess that has been left behind!!! STHU and please read a book and stop listening to progressive and Right Wing talking points and get a damned clue!!!! If Obama was a deep Commy Socialist, he would be going after the Bush Administration for the high crimes and misdemeanors that Cheney and the whole Administration (lying us into the war in Iraq, instead of going after the Taliban Al Qaeda=the mess in Pakistan), Outing a CIA Agent who was trying to intercept Iran's Nuclear program that is now alive and well-Gouging Americans on oil, deregulating the bank and mortgage systems, the war contractors like Cheny's Haliburton, overseas jobs and healthcare hikes to keep corporate fat and happy, and too much more to mention) - has done to this country! The same people who cheered when we lost to the Olympics, who claimed to be the patriots of this country!!! This is why I am an Independent right now, because of Obama's Centrist ways and the far Right Hack Nuts that are left in the Republican party!!! And before you start in...I am a Disabled Veteran from the Gulf War who is fuming over the Clinton's and their policies while he was in office as well!!! So unless you have served, and understand what has been going on...Drink a large cup of STHU!

1786 days ago


All he wants to do is INVEST. He would have no bearing or influence on hiring, firing, or anything of the sort. It is simply an investment for him. Don't see the big deal. I wonder if people would be trying to block it if it were Perez Hilton, Sean Penn, Oliver Stone, Bill Maher, etc., etc.

1786 days ago


Racist Limbaugh thinks he can own black men this way.

1786 days ago


who really cares what this raciest guy thinks? all he wants is his bitch ass name in the news.
Anytime a black person gets in trouble he runs out and tries to play the race card.
When he is wrong he never says sorry for it he just runs off to another black person and do the same thing.
Don't know why the news makes news out of this guy he is NOTHING..

1786 days ago
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