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Shauna Sand to Block Sex Tape

10/12/2009 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shauna SandShauna Sand is in a war over a hardcore sex tape that's about to be released -- but her defense is almost as revealing as the tape itself.

TMZ has learned Vivid Entertainment has acquired the tape -- featuring Sand and her Miami boyfriend -- and plans to release it on October 19. But not without a fight from Shauna.

Sand just told us, "Yes I did make a sex tape with my boyfriend earlier this year. In fact I've made several sex tapes, but I certainly didn't sign off on this and Vivid has no right to put it out. I am trying to get a hold of my attorney now."

But Vivid founder Steven Hirsch says he's legally entitled to hawk the tape, saying, "We were approached by a third party, who brought us footage of Shauna having sex with her current boyfriend and we were immediately interested in acquiring it ... We're comfortable with our legal position in releasing this footage."

No word from Lorenzo Lamas so far on how he feels about the mother of his three daughters gettin' down on tape.


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Wow, what did Lorenzo see in her? She is one ugly woman. Hopefully whoever had sex with her might have put a paper bag over her face so they wouldn't have to look at that. What's wrong with her lips? They look like fish lips. I'm also asking if Klein did this to her?
Someone has to be totally destitute to be sleeping with this

1806 days ago


If you really want to scare the kids at Halloween, use this face as a mask.

1806 days ago


"I am TYRING to get ahold of my attorney now."

Hm, why won't her attorney take her call?

*yawn* A straightforward prostitute has more class and integrity than this silicone wastebasket.

1806 days ago

river rat    

Hopefully, her three young daughters do not see her as a role model. Lorenzo Lamas, please get your children away from this creature!

1806 days ago


23. My God, you could wet her lips and stick them to the wall!! I understand she is mildly retarded.

Posted at 11:45AM on Oct 12th 2009 by whatthefrig

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LOL! And if you used Super Glue?? Can you imagine??

1806 days ago


geez, this woman has made herself all kinds of ugly! sad thing is that before she did this to herself she was actually pretty...why do beautiful women do this to themselves?? she MUST be kicking herself for destroying her face...

1806 days ago


omg she looks like one of those scary open mouth blow up dolls that freak me out

1806 days ago


Wow, she is so ugly!! I feel so bad for her children, what an embarresment she must be too them. Imagine having to face the kids at school when you have a mother like that. Department of Children and Families should do those kids a favor and take custody of them!

1806 days ago

Lenn K.    

How would you like to be the kid that takes this to PTA meeting and she's wearing those 9 inch high heels? You could never live that down.

1806 days ago

its me    

i wonder if this so called woman thinks shes pretty?? she looks like a clown with thoses nasty FAKE lips and probably tattooed eyebrows. so embarrassing
these sex tapes are so so so old news and boring. she wants attention so this is how she thinks shes gonna get it. shes has a fake body , her boobs are bowling balls , hard as a rock and ugly. PEOPLE KEEP YOUR BODY REAL PLZZZZZ!!!!! i watched the Lama show and i didn't care for it. its always the same thing , they drop food , the dog gets on the table and eats the food , they drink and get drunk , they make fun of the mother . we already have those shows on !!! enough already! the show wont last sorry to say.
one night stand with a used up bitch . why do these people do this?? all people lose respect for people who do sex tapes. i sure wouldn't watch it. shes nothing to look at. WHERE ARE THE REAL WOMEN THESE DAYS??? THE ONES WITH REAL BODY PARTS AND REAL HAIR??? CAN ANYONE NAME A REAL WOMAN WHO HASN'T Had surgery and who has reallllll hair????? name one?!

1806 days ago


What in the heck is up with her lips??? Yuck!!!!

1806 days ago

Rip Off Chris    

Lorenzo,Iced T,Brett Michaels,and alot more of those guys have chicks that look like that I just don't get it!What is it with women like that?.To say that this taped leaked out is a joke! She probably did it herself.Anyway,Stop with all the injections women!It's just Gross! And you MEN,Get a Real NATURAL woman!Whats wrong with you?

1806 days ago


OMG she looks like she kissed a hot frying pan!!! Can someone get this woman some ice, aloe, or something? How do some women actually think the fake lips thing looks good? hint hint large natural lips are what looks good not lips that make you look like you are having an allergic reaction to shellfish! Oh By the way who is this woman anyway?

1806 days ago


I hope she does. We do not need to see her nasty ass even with clothes on... shiver.

1806 days ago


WTF! maybe the tape could be used to induce vomiting!

1806 days ago
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