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Anna Nicole Drug Prelim: The Birkhead Dilemma

10/13/2009 1:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0921-media-removed-britneyThe preliminary hearing for the people accused of fueling Anna Nicole Smith with drugs kicks off today... and Larry Birkhead faces an almost impossible situation.

We're told Birkhead will testify either Thursday or Friday. Prosecutors will ask Anna's baby daddy about various comments he made about Howard K. Stern allegedly fueling Anna's drug habit.

But here's the problem ... Birkhead made these comments to TMZ and other media outlets during the time he was at war with Howard over Dannielynn.

Birkhead and Stern have not only settled their custody dispute and other differences ... they actually work together in handling all matters Anna Nicole.

So Birkhead is in an awkward position ... how does he back off his statements? Even more awkward, perhaps ... the prosecution is calling a witness who probably will not own the statements they're calling him to the stand to make.

Remembering Anna Nicole SmithThe three defendants -- Howard K. Stern and two of Anna's doctors, Dr. Sandeep Kapoor and Dr. Khristine Eroshevich -- have all pled not guilty to a grand total of 23 felonies.

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1835 days ago


Howard Rules!!!

1835 days ago

Birkhead must tell it like it is, because this drug epidemic in the US is out of control. But I think that guy will look out for himself.

1835 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

8. Birkhead must tell it like it is, because this drug epidemic in the US is out of control. But I think that guy will look out for himself.

Posted at 1:16AM on Oct 13th 2009 by


Larry ALWAYS looks out for himself first. That's been his M.O. since day one.

1835 days ago

Jon's a grwon man...he did this to himself!    

I wonder if Larry gave a deposition concerning these matters when he originally filed for paternity rights in Los Angeles? And what about his testimony in the Florida courts? Would the California courts be willing to charge him with purgery? I sure hope so.

1835 days ago


Stern is so guilty, so are the doctors. Stern lied about paternity and has been witness and friend? to her for many years. He has alot of explaining to do. Stern has been a leeeeech! He had no income but Anna Nicole.

1835 days ago


Kooky has no idea what the word "relevant" means.

1835 days ago


Larry knew that ol Howie was giving Anna drugs. That's why he wanted Howie far away from her.

1835 days ago


Howard is guilty of much more than the charges he currently faces. The authorities know it, they just can't prove it. Howard you evil, maniacal, small Petered little nothing of a man, I hope you get sentenced to prison time. It's easy to see why for so long Anna wouldn't touch you. I bet very few woman ever would. You are right up there with Ted Bundy...creepy as the day is long!

1835 days ago

Hawaii spring break    

Birkhead had a sperm donor contract with Anna Nicole. He broke the contract in May 2006 when he demanded Marshall money, and movie contracts ...Everybody in Anna's life knew about Birkhead's homosexuality. He only had boyfriends. He never dated women before Anna. He had an affair with Kerrick Ross, Derreck Jones and many more. He still lives in Hollywood because he has a new boyfriend, he is a Hollywood reporter. He claimed he was WRONGED FATHER, and earned millions. Birkhead has to refute what he said to tabloids, media because there's an evidence that he lied.

1835 days ago


Whoever the genius was that edited this article misspelled Dannielynn's name:

But here's the problem ... Birkhead made these comments to TMZ and other media outlets during the time he was at war with Howard over Danieynn.

Good job, idiot.

1835 days ago


Why does tmz always use such horrible pictures of people? ugh.

1835 days ago


I couldn't understand why Birkhead agreed to Stern overseeing the child's estate in the first place. Figured Stern must have something on him because it just doesn't make sense and how awkard to explain to the child (when grown) that one of the men responsible for her mother's death is in charge of her money. If in fact Stern had something on him it will now give him the opportunity to make the change and end Stern's gravy train once and for all.

1835 days ago


This is all fine and good, but we need to move onto the more important Erin Andrew's nude videos!!!

1835 days ago


Anna, was never in control of her own life.To blame one other person for one's mistakes is just moronic! Her son died like his mother, a junkie! He watched mom dance ,and do drugs and have men and women in and out of the house since he was born. He could have gone to get some professional help,she never did. She took the money and fame and it washed her down the drain. These two men are limelighters, and wanted to be attached to someone famous, they all have no self esteem. Anna was a gold digger,these men are just the same cut of goods,that is all. They waste tax payers money for years and it's a no wonder the economy is down the drain, all these law suits from day one since this woman married the old man ,just drain and drain our system dry. They did not think anything out while they were grabbing for the dollars.

1835 days ago
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