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Arnold: My Wife's in Trouble Now!

10/13/2009 9:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maria Shriver's in hot water....

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has finally caught wind of his wife's illegal -- and habitual -- cell phone antics ... and now he's finally gonna do something about it!

Ahnald just went on Twitter and dropped the following note to Harvey Levin:

"Thanks for bringing her violations to my attention. There's going to be swift action."

Those Democrats -- they never learn ... right Arnold?


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Good its a about time I think she should get a good Spanking and
a little more what do you think???????

1837 days ago


see arnold, thats why everyone voted for you! love you guv'nah!!!

1837 days ago


does that mean the gov will stop doing his BBINTHEBUTT!!

1837 days ago


I am a disabled person. I parked in a space designated for disabled persons. First, I got a citation for neglecting to hang my California Dept. of Motor Vehicle issued placard from the mirror while I rushed to the toilet otherwise I would have soiled my clothes. The citation was for $330.00. No where on the motel property was there a sign posted that the Culver City police enter their private property to cite a vehicle for this violation. I went to the police station with proof that I have a placard and wanted my day in a courtroom before a real judge because those contractors that the city uses to collect "extortion" penalties are on par with the Mafia. Culver City police refused to give me information on where I could go to a courtroom. They did, however, notify the DMV to withhold my registration decal when my registration next came due. I paid my 2008 registration plus the fee for my envionment license plate. Secondly, everywhere I parked after that - the Los Angeles city parking enforcement cited me for "no registration decal". One day, a Los Angeles police officer impounded my vehicle. Even though I am a disabled person, was in possession of a valid placard, and was not a danger to anyone - I lost my vehicle when it was auctioned away. Why? because the notices were sent to the police authorized tow place address instead of to me. My hard earned $17,000.00 investment toward a $20,000.00 is GONE! I am left to suffer every day without transportation. It is very difficult not to feel bitterness toward the Governor's self-centered wife violating California's traffic law. She, also, used to park her vehicle in the Red zone when she would go to St. Monica's Catholic Church. Shame on both Arnold and Maria.

1837 days ago


LOL @ the SIZE of that phone. Must be the same one she had 12 years ago. Or maybe the small ones make her HEAD seem more ginormous than it is.

1837 days ago


How do you solve a problem like Maria? ... Everybody SING ... The Sound Of Music.. again....

1837 days ago

David in San Diego    

Its nice that Arnold was able to respond. He was most likely smokin a cuban, while tweeting about this nothing infraction. Face it, the rules don't apply to the Kennedy's.


1837 days ago


a swift action may be tonight's "spanking" session! "you've been a baaad gurl..."

1837 days ago


Typical democrat—"Do as I say, not as I do."
Or it's the typical Kennedy arrogance: What applies to us regular folk does not apply to "American Royalty."

1837 days ago


Hee vill pummel zis wuh-man who ist girly talking on ze telephone until zhe tells him....I wohnt kall bak!!!

Or....he could shove 4 double doubles, a side of fries and 2 chocolate shakes down her throat!!!

1837 days ago


hey Arnold,

do you know that it is required by law to have a motorcycle license to drive one? but then after you have been living in this country, you didn't know you have to....hypocrite

1837 days ago


Looks like a BIG cell phone.
Possibly an old one ??

Thank you paparazzi person !!!

1837 days ago


Typical DemocRAT - no respect for the law.

1837 days ago

Mel from Malibu    

Most newer cars come with " Hands Free " installed with " BlueTooth" and she could talk freely..just have to import the phones directory into the cars computer or enter phone numbers individually simply ..unless the person she is talking to is a secret admirer and she doesn't want to import that phone number into her directory in case her hubby takes the car he could be jealous.. That's why I still hold my cell phone while driving and a tequila bottle in the other .

1837 days ago


Haha you've got to be kidding me!

1837 days ago
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