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Arnold: My Wife's in Trouble Now!

10/13/2009 9:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maria Shriver's in hot water....

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has finally caught wind of his wife's illegal -- and habitual -- cell phone antics ... and now he's finally gonna do something about it!

Ahnald just went on Twitter and dropped the following note to Harvey Levin:

"Thanks for bringing her violations to my attention. There's going to be swift action."

Those Democrats -- they never learn ... right Arnold?


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Nothing will happen to her she is a Kennedy. Her Uncle Teddy killed a woman and nothing happened to him.

1837 days ago


Hey Arnie,

There's this little thing regarding ILLEGAL alien invaders that are costing the taxpayers billions of dollars who are being ignored.

A growing number of citizens are leaving the state or have already left, I among them.

I warn all I know not to vacation in California or risk "dissing" one of the invaders and perhaps getting murdered for the deed, or perhaps being shot for wearing the wrong color by a Norteno or a Sureno or whatever.

I can't be the only ex-Californian doing the warning.

By the way, how ARE things in Mexifornia?

1837 days ago


What if she were in an accident because she was distracted by her stupid cell?What if she ran someone off the road into a lake or river? Would she leave her victim there to die alone? Would she wait until the next day to phone police?

1837 days ago


The Kennedy's do not have to follow laws!
They never have!
Why start now?

1837 days ago


Not relevant to this post but I had to respond to # 64 obbop. Thanks for telling it like it is. The whole illegal thing is damaging our country. My father literally fought for the labor laws and labor rights Americans enjoy today. Laws such as overtime pay, holiday pay,8 hour work day. A living wage.Sick pay.Health benefits. These illegals are eroding all of that. They work like slaves. The real crime is our government allowing employers to continuously hire them and not enforcing the law. They speak grandly about how we are nation based on the rule of law. This situation makes a total mockery of that.While many Americans are struggling to pay their bills, loosing jobs, homes and doing with out health-care; it is just wrong of our government to expect taxpayers to foot the bill so these people can go to emergency rooms, get drugs, have bilingual teachers, food and housing. IT'S WRONG! The American people know it and we are getting really really tired of it!

1837 days ago

D-Ray Vision    

It is the old adage says. "Do as I say not as I do"

1837 days ago


It's a stupid law and it should be repealed! Data shows that there are no fewer accidents and/or fatalities since it went into effect.

1837 days ago


Hey,..why don't you play that song, from the sound of music "HOW DO YOU SOLVE A PROBLEM LIKE MARIA", would go perfectly with this clip.

1837 days ago


UGHHH ok why is it when women do something wrong such as Ms. Schriver illegally yapping on the phone while driving then women make it into a huge argument and the husband get's into trouble when it's own damn fault. Then Arnold will get the couch? HELL no Arnold lay down the law and Maria get's the couch for a couple days!! Women just own up to your own mistakes and quit starting fights with your husbands just because you know you f'd up and want to blame others for your own fault when you clearly know it's your own damn fault but you don't want to own up to it. Own up to your own fault, accept that you are GUILTY and BLAME yourself!! Don't hate the messanger!!!

1837 days ago


Are you sure that's a recent pic TMZ?? That looks like a very old phone??!

1837 days ago


Old Arnold may buy her a bigger cell phone after she donates this one to the orgazization she supports.LOL

1836 days ago
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