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College to Letterman: Don't Touch Our Interns!

10/13/2009 2:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David LettermanA Connecticut college has initiated a new program to keep David Letterman interns at arms length from the host.

A rep from Quinnipiac University tells TMZ:

"Due to recent circumstances we will have a discussion with those in charge of placing our interns at the David Letterman show in the future.

We will diligently oversee this internship program to ensure that our interns are out of harm's way."

David might be happy to know the college has no plans to end the program.


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Kooky, don't pay attention on "Simone". She is just jealous that you get the attention from the people who post here and she doesn't. It's sad, but it is the truth. : P

1781 days ago


Dave isn't creepy, however, Kooky is so creepy he'll end up on "America's Most Wanted."

1781 days ago


daves a jerk!!! he spent a year ripping palin and her kids and he is a closet ahole banging college interns and cheating on his wife....was a loser!!!!

1781 days ago


#4 If you thought no one would get your reference to looking for a new heroin (horse)dealer you were wrong, pretty ballsy!

1781 days ago


Letterman should go. I'd be glad to assist him with that! Just bend over Letterman and once I get behind you I'll put my my foot in your a..h..e

1781 days ago

whats up Doctors    

Yep fortune kooky

1781 days ago


Well......Just send over the ugly ones. Problem solved.

1781 days ago


maybe some of the blame should be placed on the dirty slut that had the affair. he didn't sexual harrass or molest her. it was an affair. an consensual affair. so maybe the university should watch out for what gold digging home wrecking bit**es they send to him too. i'm not condoning what he did but all i hear lately is blame being put all on him. what about her?

1781 days ago

oh pleeaase    

old pervert

1781 days ago


Did I miss something? Are these university interns not adults who can make their own choices? Not defending what Dave did, as I think it was totally inappropriate, but these are grown women (young, but legally grown). If they are interning in the entertainment industry, they have to be adult enough to know this is a rough industry.

I have to agree with the people who are claiming publicity stunt for the university. If I were one of the women in the program I'd be laughing at them!

1781 days ago


are you kidding?!?!?!!? after hearing that letterman sleeps with his staff their HR department is gonna get buried under all the new resumes sent in!

my first reaction after i heard about letterman---LUCKY STAFFERS! i'd soooo do him!

1781 days ago


Wow...some of you people are pathetically stupid, and it's a shame to this entire nation that your kind actually votes in our elections. Clearly, it's the stupidity of the self-proclaimed "conservatives" that has put this nation in the situation it's in.

Plus, you're only showing your age and ignorance with any implication that it's an "in" thing to be a conservative. I know you didn't get the memo from your masters, but the Cold War is over and your rhetoric is obsolete (but good for a laugh if you people weren't actually destructive to our nation). It also says volumes about how pathetic you people are to try to make a feeble attempt at a "political" point over this. Too bad this is what you're doing while ignoring the fact that charlatans are exploiting your stupidity.

Anyway...on the topic of the post...what does this say about their students if the school doesn't believe that adults, educated and socialized at their institution, can't make their own decisions that the school needs to look over them? I thought the word "university" was a place of higher learning, not a synonym for a nursery school.

1781 days ago


At "Girl": you're a dumbass. Quinnipiac is an excellent communications university, and their student have interned and worked at places like the Late Show, and even better places. You clearly don't know anything about the school, so shut up.

"5. ummm i doubt anyone who goes to quinnipiac university is smart enough to get an internship with david letterman...seems like a pathetic publicity attempt

Posted at 1:43AM on Oct 13th 2009 by girl"

1781 days ago


I agree with Laura & Rebecca; Why is everyone neglecting the fact that it was NOT the woman who is in trouble, it's her nutjob boyfriend....Having been Letterman's assistant turned lawyer, she probably wasn't forced into much and would know how to really screw it to him if warranted...and since she's still employed by him, I am not sure what N.O.W. or Gloria Allred are talking about...but think about this: It's only sexual harassment if the person is ugly; If Hugh Jackman made a pass at any one of you, I'm sure panties would be dropping like snowflakes in December.

1781 days ago
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