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Jon Gosselin Ordered to Return $180,000

10/13/2009 3:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Jon Gosselin has been ordered to return $180,000 in marital funds, which were removed in violation of an arbitrator's order.

jon & kate gosselin

According to Kate's lawyer, Mark Momjian, "The remaining sum of $55,000, which Ms. Gosselin used for household bills and expenses relating to the children, will be subject to further determination by the arbitrator at a later date."

Jon is required to repay the loot by October 26 -- the next hearing -- or appear before the judge for a contempt proceeding.

The judge also ordered Kate to provide an accounting of past expenses -- also due by Oct. 26.

Kate says, "As difficult as this has been for me, I am pleased that the Court has ruled fairly on behalf of myself and my children. Now that this matter has been ruled on, I look forward to returning to private arbitration, as we have agreed to do, to resolve any remaining issues."


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Paul C    

Truth, How do you know if Kate is out whoring around or not? Are you her lover/Body guard? I don't think so. Yes Jon is TOTALLY in the wrong, but TWO wrongs don't make a Right am I correct? What happened to the money from the book deals? Her moving closer to hey Body Guard, and also the switching of withdrawls that Jon has taken out of THEIR bank account? The amounts keep decreasing, isn't that just a little strange? Stop putting so close minded and putting everything on one person, greed doesn't discrimate neither should you.

1801 days ago


Jon had ET cameras on the property for that tacky pumpkin bit last night. Jon will sell the kids as long as he get the money. Jon will run his mouth if he's paid. The excuses you people are still making for him are pathetic.

1801 days ago


did we forget that Kate admitted to Merideth Viera that she hid money earlier and was ordered to return that money. The only difference is that it wasn't public knowledge. In the end they'll both be broke from lawyers bills, then they'll again have to live off the kids money.

1801 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

What a lying sack of crap Jon is.

"I didn't take any money"

He should go into politics!

Crooked lawyer, crooked Dad, crooks and con artists attract one another, what a bromance he has going on with Lohan and his lawyer.

Jon, you are all show (not really worth looking at) and no go!

1801 days ago


Kate, It is true..Looking great and going forward in you life in a positive manner IS the best revenge. Jon, he really showed how you can step in it and step in it BAD.

1801 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Where are your gay earrings Jon? Nancy Grace make a point and you decided that going in front of a Judge you may need to tone yourself down a bit? Dress and act like you did in front of the Judge because you know he'll see through your immaturity, why not live your life like that, as if it is before the Judge and maybe you could get a career back and some of your reputation! Although, once you are found to be a thief, that sort of seals your own fate. Busted!

Why not try that in front of the public now and tone it down?

1801 days ago

E. Rex Shun    

Kate is hot. I would so tap that. All that yelling and screaming, you know she's wild in bed. Jon just can't satisfy Kate the way she needs to be satisfied.

1801 days ago


Arch: You forget he denied taking any more than 22,000. He said she took the rest. Problem is the judge didnt believe him. The paperwork shows he took the money. As for what Kate has to do, she already put the bills into the court and has every receipt. The courts asked for her paperwork on the 26th and may adjust it at a later date. jon has until the 26th to come up with 180,000 or he faces contempt of court and that could include jail time or a hefty fine. He took money that was not his, it was for his kids. Why is it the Jon supports keep ignoring the fact that money is to cover bills not for Jon to party hardy in L.A. He lied about taking it and they excuse him. Easier to dump on Kate than accept that Jon lied day after day. He lied about wanting no cameras on his kids. He took cash from ET and others to film the kids THankfully Kate said no. The horror of what Jon did is the kids and their friend now know that Jon stole money meant for them and the house. That he lied over and over again. Sorry Mady and Cara you can not lie you must always tell the truth. But daddy you lied about the money. Thats okay the world owes me, I have to support Hailey and our drinking and drug habit. I am Jon, I can lie if I want to. Nice lesson for their kids, steal and lie about it and hope you dont get caught.

1801 days ago

For God's Sake    

Kate stated at the Today show that Jon took out approximately $230,000 between August and September. If the judge stated that Jon needed to repay $180,000 then he likely took more than $180,000 and was able to account for the "child support" he keeps claiming he pays on a monthly basis, plus personal expenses which likely make up the rest or at least close to it. It would also stand to reason that Kate also took money from the account over a period of time for expenses related to her own and her children's upkeep. If Jon had not asked for the stop of filming, which appears to coincide with the end of payments being made to the bank account then Kate might not even have noticed as there would have been enough funds to pay the bills. If nothing else keep in mind that Kate is very thoughtful about how she presents herself and whether you like her or hate her she clearly was the brains of the whole operation and Jon is now showing his true colors!

1801 days ago


The $55,000 difference between $230K and $155K, why do you all think the judge did not order Jon to repay that? Perhaps Kate used some of her personal appearance money to pay outstanding bills?Does anyone know?I think the judge should divide the 230K into $115K apiece and let each of them work where they want.I think the kids should go back to doing TLC and the moneshould be split 9 ways with the 8 kids money going into an account in each of their names. Both parents to support kids with their personal appearance money. I think any of the children who are balking about doing the show should not have to. Mady seems to be the only one that may have a problem with it. How fair is that, Harvey?

1801 days ago


I am glad Katie is getting that money back. I think Jon is a douche. He needs counseling so he won't be chasing all these women. Go, Team Kate!!

1801 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Kate looks great, what a strong woman. She has 8 kids (9 counting Jon) and she still takes great care of her appearance. What did she ever see in Jon, yuck!

Jon I tweet you and Hailey on twitter, but I FAKE BEING NICE TO YOU AND DESPISE YOU!

1801 days ago


GO KATE!!!!! FYI their bills are MINIMUM 15k a month so accounting for 3 months is gonna be real easy. FYI the first book was split between 3 people and really how well do you think it did and it was like 4 years ago. The second was JUST released.

Jon is a pathetic tool using his family. He's hypocritical in everything he does. she only filed for divorce because he took out huge sums of money and she feared (rightfully so) for her children's well being.

He never did anything. she paid the bills, took care of the kids, did the promotions, did the show.. all he did was sit on his ass and go look my pretty new bike!

He's hanging around convicted felons, drug users/pushers, selling his kids to ET and any pap with 20 bucks while whining the whole damn way.

Kate did everything right and she still has and always has taken the high road.

this guy is just a lohan in the making. I pray Kate gets full custody (He has stated he has never ever wanted ina million years to actually take care of his kids and that's why he liked working so much, despite not being able to hold a job. He said it on just about every episode. it's embarassing.

i'm sure stealing mass money, banging every babysitter he can find, selling his kids out was all just "for the kids".

At least with TLC it was on Kate's terms. No filming if any kid objected, stop filming bedrooms, and with people she knew and trusted. Jon just pulls these garbage sifters at ET who took the the worst photos of the kids ever. i hope tlc sues them and jon.

1801 days ago


I AM SUGGESTING THAT ALL OF US, who are sick to death of the Jon and Kate drama, IMMEDIATELY complain to TMZ to STOP any further details of their miserable selves! There is enough going on in our country to fill pages and pages of more important and meaningful news. Jon and Kate are America's #1 zero couple. Please, lets shut them out once and for all!!! e-Mail TMZ, " It's worth a try. All we can do is, "HOPE!"

1801 days ago


(head spinning) WOW From: I only took out 22,000 to pay back 180,000 HUGE HUGE difference there eh Jon? Let's see, he has 180,000 which was NOT spent on the kids or for them, she has 55,000 that was spent on bills and such FOR the kids.....Jon is a douche!!

1801 days ago
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