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Judge to Jon & Kate -- Settle this Mess!

10/13/2009 10:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The judge in the Jon and Kate Gosselin divorce clearly has had it up to here ... he didn't rule on any of the epic conflicts but ordered Jon and Kate to settle up and work it out with the arbitrator. The judge said he'll be down with anything the arbitrator decides ... with one provision -- it has to be in the best interests of the children.

Jon Gosselin: Click to watch
The judge said any monies taken improperly from the joint account should be returned, but he didn't get specific. He also admonished Jon and Kate to keep things "private" and "amicable." Good luck with that.

Before the short open hearing, lawyers met with the judge in chambers for about an hour but no settlement was reached.

They're due back in court on October 26.


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well this is a first, john actually did look a little scared and nervous. trying to keep his mouth shut????? omg he must have really done a no. and judge is making him put monies in accout. what if he spent it ? sleezeball lawyer heller who also seems to have an ashen look on his face! let see which one of them will talk first. john is incapable of not blabbing to some news media so i say he will be the first. wonder why two other lawyers have dropped john????? i do not like john but feel sorry for him with heller to guide him..

1843 days ago


I was reading comments to a story on the Gosselin's by local people in Berks County, PA going back to 2005.
It seems Kate & Jon turned the town against them for being lazy, and ungrateful 4 1/2 years ago. Apparently Kate was a bitch before the make over.
Here is one comment, the link is at the botton to read them all;

Posted by: Anonymous at May 21, 2005 08:25 AM
To Jonathan, Katie & everyone else reading these blogs.
You need to know and understand what is going on here. "If I could have looked into the futre, I would not have done this" Kate was quoted. Why would you say such a thing ? Are you now realizing the hardship enduring your family ? "Volunteers have helped, some, but nowhere near enough," Kate was quoted. I know personally that you have had many, many volunteers, many that you have turned away. Many that even came the "night" shift or double shifts, but you have also turned them away. "You said you wanted to do this on your own". Now you are on your own and you still dont like it ? The Gosselin children dont quilify medically for a nurse. "The answer is NO, so you dont get it." Kate said. "I am urging them to see us as a RARE situation, which we are," she said. "And I am BEGGING them to make a special exception. They are 6 individuals. One mom cannot take care of them." Yes the Gosselins have made this RARE situation. Again Katie has her hands out BEGGING. Why should the State make an exception for her ? She wanted all 6 of these babies. If one mother cannot take care of all these babies, then I think "Foster Care" is and should be on the horizon. At least there they could get more love and care than Kate will ever begin to be able to give them. "I might be able to meet their physical needs, but not the emotional needs. It is very difficult. I am talking about time to talk about feelings, read books, and the absoulte bare necessities to get done. I cannot do this 5 days a week." Katie, did you not think about this ? When you said you were against REDUCTION ? How did you ever think you would be able to take care of the emotional needs of 6 babies or 8 children ? You also talk about the BARE NECESSITIS often. Is that all you want to be able to give your children ? You also say, "I cannot do it 5 days a week." When did parenting become a 5 day a week job ? I do this 24/7 ! What parent doesnt ? "I understand that there is no medical need," Kate said. "But I hope they see my need. There is nothing set up for someone in our situation." The need that we are seeing here in Berks County is the selfishness. If you are in such need then maybe you should go out and get a job ? Nurses can make alot of money ? Especially on the weekend s ? Alot of other families are doing this ? Why not you ? Or perhaps your need for some mental health issues ? In alot of thse quotes either from the media or radio the Gosselins never mention GOD ? in their lives, is he no longer in the picture ? Since I do believe the last time you were in church was to "Thank" them for the work they did in your home ? Not all of you need to go to church at this point but it would be nice if Katie & Jonathan could go, often to refresh there minds, and to udnerstand what the Lord has in store for them. And since they dont have a vehicle to take them all to church, Katie and Jonathan could get there in 1 of their 3 ( yes I said three) cars they have. After the Gosselins 1st Birthday Party a final comment to the Media was "WE NEED TRANSPORTATION." "A 15 PASSENGER VAN, WITH PLENTY OF STORAGE." If this is SOOOO needed then how did all the Gosselins get to the State Building on Friday ? Is it realy necissary for them all to be in the same vehicle ? Could they not sell some of their vehicles and get a "USED" 15 passenger vehicle ? This is what alot of Berks County people do, but used vehicles, because we cannot afford NEW VEHICLES!! Another "BLOGGER" mentions "God will nto give you more than you can handle." So when you say this was "Gods will, he must have felt you could handle all these babies. This was a CHOICE YOU MADE, now you need to find a way to deal with your CHOICES and the expenses that go along with raising a family of this size. Did you think the Stae and or the Media would help you with this, from infancy to adulthood ? Jonathan is quoted in a recent BLOG, "Until you have walked in our "shoes" dont tell us anything. Well I guess this will NEVER happen since SHOES are never worn in your home!! "The State made you promises, then they took them away." The State does this to Pennsyvanians all the time, we are used to it. That is why we plan for a "RAINY" day....sometimes very rainy. "How would you feel if you depended on something & then it was taken away from you ? ? ? This happens all the time, and not just in the Stae of Pennsylvania....but everywhere. This is LIFE, this is why people have Life Insurance and other Insurances as well, we always have to have a plan

1843 days ago


Where's the video of Kate Gosselin and her attorneys giving a press conference after court today?
Harvey? Anybody?

1843 days ago


Jon should receive a ticket in the mail for that cigarette he threw on the ground... yuck!

1843 days ago



1843 days ago


ok jon and kate time to act like the adults in this are doing this show to let people know what its like to raise multiples, so you say, why not let your personal business be just that..nobody cares about your messy divorce..who is being an ass is not our problem....keep your mouth shut and show your children even though you cant be married you can still be friends...your kids need you more now then ever..if you dont do this...the state will do it for kids, no show, no money..grow up..or let the twins handle all this for you..they sure cant screw it up any more than the two of you!!!!

1843 days ago


shirliana: You said Jon took no pay for 4 years. He has 8 kids, yes he took his pay check over the 4 years. How did he pay for his condo, 2 cars, one for him and one for Hailey. How did he pay his hotel bills in Los Angeles. The court order was quite clear 2 signatures to take cash out. Jon ignored that. Its called theft. Not all that money was his. At least half was Kates.He was not entitled to her share. He took all that money and spent none on the kids, it was all Jon. Are you saying it was okay that he ignored the court order? As for the 100,000 that was paid back months ago at the first arbitrator meeting. She does not owe that now. jon owes 230,000 and has 14 days to put it back. What about the fact Jon is on the record saying that if he had access to the kids accounts he would help himself to their money.

Kate is money hungry? How do you figure that one? She has 8 kids to feed/buy clothes, has 2 mortgages, car payment? She did what the court asked. Showed her bills and payments, Jon has failed to do that from day one. She did not invite ET and other paps to film the kids on their . ET drove down with Jon, filming all the way there. Kate said no they cant enter the property so instead Jon spent at least half of their talking to the paps at the fence. The video shows that. Only when they asked why hes not with the kids did he go back to the house. He sent emails to the paps with a play by play to make up for the lack of filming at the party. He is the one that said no more cameras so why did he invite ET to film them. Why did he let the paps on the property this weekend to film the kids. Kate wasnt there, Jon allowed it. Whose money hungry? He signed an agreement to film the kids if he gets his own show.
As for the alleged affair Kate may or may not be having. If she is she is keeping it private. No pics, no interviews, no filming while out on the town. Jon on the other hand, 3 women at the same time, filmed all over town. Driving to and from pubs, one lady quit her job to be with him and as we have seen he calls them to show Hailey and him walking from the pubs to the booze store so they can drink at home almost every night. He shoved them into the limelight and certainly we are all sick of seeing Hailey. To and from the pub and booze store. Do they do anything else together or is that it. Drink on the town and then home to drink?

Jon couldnt even shower, shave or put on clean clothes for his kids The twins called him out on that when he picked them up. He cleaned up for the judge but not for his kids. Shows he doesnt care about his kids if he cant even clean up for them. How embarrasing to be picked up from dad who is unkept, and stinks from wearing dirty clothes and no shower. Why is it Jon supporters ignore all of his bad behavior and attack Kate? You like a thief that is filthy and parades around town with Hailey? Use to be 3 different women now he boozes it up with one. You dont mind a thief that cant spell his own name? certainly cant spell his daughters name. How terrible for the kids to know he has shown the world he cant spell Madys name. She must be proud. NOT.

1843 days ago

doc murry    

if i was the judge and kate appeared in my courtroom topless i would let her win,she is hot and i love a demanding woman in wife just lays there and i want a woman that gives directions and lets me know how i am doing in bed

1843 days ago


The remark that Jon looks like a Mongoloid is ignorant and unsettling. You might need to update yourself on proper terminology. Jon may have a host of problems. Let someone else judge that, but his looks are not the issue here. Try to be kind, at least.

1843 days ago


Reality Check, don't call a person a moron, because they bring up Steve's name. I strongly believe that Kate cheated on Jon with Steve and maybe someone else. I could be wrong and I am not afraid to stand corrected, but I will not just go on Kate's word. She said she never cheated on Jon. Yet, she cheated on her ex-fiance.

Gosselinsuck, Kate cheated on Jon and it will come to light pretty soon. I know that Steve's wife name is Gina. So, tell me Gosselinsuck, why doesn't Steve wear a wedding ring?

1843 days ago


In response to #62. You have to be kidding me! Kate runs to the media? Are you living on a different planet or does your TV only get the Kate channel. Did you see Kate after court today? Did you see her going into court? Have you seen her on ET, The Insider, at the IVY having lunch,in NYC with a boyfriend. NO because she is taking care of 8 kids. OK so she went on a morning show 2 weeks ago and let people know what was going on, Justifiably So! All the sudden your guy Jon had no comment, the way he acts he would have been high fiving everyone around if he was exhonerated.

1843 days ago


I think this whole mess has turned out to be nothing more than a pure power struggle. Kate has always been hell bent on control and keeping Jon emasculated. For those of you including NANCY AZZ GRACE you apparently have n ot watched the entire series from beginning to present. Even last nights show she ordered those poor kids around in that shoe store like they were dogs. That tone and attitude of hers is just mind boggling and she never speaks to anyone with kindness and softness. As far as the missing money, WTF, she was wihtdrawing money out of it to pay for expenses why the hell couldn't he. The money is not exclusive to Kate (as much as she wishes it were), why do you think the judge did not make any orders concerning it. There has been no property division so first come first serve.

1843 days ago

essie ford    

Legally the Judge did exactly what the law expects him to do. Although there are disagreementsand alleged wiolation, arbitration "agreements" are considered more suggestions than binding law. The Judge considers these violations minor and probably found fault on both sides. He was just to save the courts time and throw it back into arbitration where these agreements should be amiciably and fairly sorted out. The law anticipates disagreements and set up equitable distribution of assets which are pretty standard. There will be an offical inventory of all assets. The "appeals" should be kept in the courts as per the Judge's instruction. These "appeals" to the court of public opinion mean nothing. PA law defines asset distribution not tv promotions. Thank you Judge for keeping it real and fair.

1843 days ago


The little emporer has no clothes on and was exposed again. ah Poor John, give her back that money and quit trippin-

You better watch out Kate- This Joey Buttafuoco is just stupid enought to have his convince his precious little Amy to take you out. You can look at "Tick Tick Booms" face and see that this is not about money its about power and control.

Forget the Epiphany Dude Just get a freakin grip man and grow up John. Better yet hang a picture of your sad little boy on your refrigerator and think about him when you try to destoy his mother.

As for you Kate the writing is on the wall...The ones who have been thru this b.s know what its about. Its hard to believe that someone that you laid down and bore eight kids for could be sooo jealous and hateful because favor is upon you. You will get thru this and it will be your testimony

You will be vindicated remember he will give you "Beauty For Ashes and Joy for Mourning" Theirs a lot for you than against you. Do not let that warped husband and his sleazy attorney convince you of anything other

God Bless you and good luck.

1843 days ago


OMG! Has he FINALLY learn to SHUT UP? Before they sold their children for money Jon was short,fat,bald and wore sweaters. Well NOT much has changed He's a SORRY ASS father.He was ALWAYS sorry, he just needed some thing to bring it out.

BOTH parents need to be taken to back of the house and have there ass's worn out. BOTH are selfish and the ONLY ones paying for this is the children. So, money bags(jon)if the show is gone I hope damn well you can pay child support because that is something you should have thought about BEFORE YOU both had these 8 children "Can WE or I provide for them?" I just hope OUR TAX dollars DON'T one day pay for this!

1843 days ago
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