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Paris Accused of Pig-Like Behavior

10/13/2009 12:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

PETA has unleashed a brutal attack against Paris Hilton for buying a pet mini-pig recently, claiming she's setting a "wretched example" by treating animals like they're "as disposable as her friends and fiances."

Paris Hilton Tea cup pig

PETA says of Paris: "The Chihuahuas, ferrets, and kinkajous she's paraded through her home in the past were not accessories, and pot-bellied pigs aren't either."

The good news: Paris told us she doesn't think she'll get swine flu because she doesn't eat pork.


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That's Right Paris Hilton,
Don't eat the Piggy with all this swine flu going around right now it is not a good idea durring these trying times....
It be real difficult to swallow after all that is your cute and adorable pet....Ha! Ha! Ha!
Love - You - Paris Hilton

1834 days ago


What evidence do we have that Paris tosses her animals away? Where have you seen evidence pointing to that? There is nothing wrong with getting lots of animals as long as you can take care of them, feed themm,love them etc. As much as it kills me to defend Paris, the girl loves animals! Prove it that she tosses them away. Where are all the dogs she adopted.....Id like to see evidence that she still has all of these pets so PARIS if you are reading which I am sure you are as you always do....send TMZ some pics of ALL your animals. PETA has become too money grubbing sadly.....

1834 days ago



1834 days ago

laura bell lou    

Peta makes me sick!!!! It's none of their business what anyone buys! Peta why don't you start caring about abused children and the homeless and find another cause. You are just a bunch of nobodys with nothing better to do!!!!!!!!! I love animals just as much or more than you but you make me so sick.

1833 days ago


paris is an easy target and peta is lazy

1833 days ago

The Dude    

Ahh she's using pot bellied pig in place of gerbils..ahh

1833 days ago


That poor pig!

1833 days ago


As if people are less "disposable" than pigs.

I don't see any 'human ham' at the market.

1833 days ago


I believe peta has stepped overboard. Paris can have anything she wants to have in her home as long as its legal. who died and left them the boss of the world. (4letterword) peta...they are a useless bunch of horse boo boo. thats my story and im stickin to it.

1833 days ago


Oh, please...PETA has no room to talk. They have *killed* thousands of pets! Do your research on PETA and animal rights in general-choose welfare, not rights!

1833 days ago


Oh, I guess you missed the memo...Nobody cares what those jack asses at PETA say....They are yesterday's news...

1833 days ago


Paris may be a lot of things, but mean to animals isn't one of them. She's shown to be just the opposite. I believe any animal, or person for that matter, would be lucky as hell to get adopted by Paris.

PETA does a lot of good, but they also do a lot of craziness as well

1833 days ago


Paris has just adopted one of her relatives!

1832 days ago


The person who called Paris a animal lover, wake up!!! The only thing she loves is herself and the cameras. Her own grandfather called her a disgrace. Really, animal lover my ass. Give to the humane society, Peta or the many charities that help animals. Take in a blind or disfigured animal that needs a home. I give monthly and one large sum around the holidays, I have 3 strays that I took in. I am a animal lover, she is a jackass!!!

1826 days ago


Hidden Valley in Ky has awesome Mini Pigs as seen on the Tyra Banks show she has some only weighing 15 lbs super tiny, mine are 5 yrs and are under 20 lbs, I know a friend who got a royal dandie it got over 200 lbs so good luck with that Paris, Im sure you will love a 200 lb pig running around your house.

1811 days ago
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