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Shayne Lamas - 'I Feel Bad for My Little Sisters'

10/13/2009 1:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shayne Lamas Shayne Lamas -- Lorenzo Lamas's daughter -- is knocking her former step mother, Shauna Sand, for her staring role in sex tape coming to your video store soon.

Shayne -- who not-so-shockingly believes Shauna's XXX tape was a calculated move -- also expresses worry for her three half-sisters by saying:

"Isn't that convenient that her tape just happened to be leaked the day after my show premiered. I just feel bad for my little sisters."

Shayne, why so cynical? Oh yeah ...


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Seriously...your stories lately have been riddled with grammatical and spelling errors. Staring role? As in...staring off into to space?

Hire me as your editor. I'll do a better job and cost less.

1801 days ago


Shauna Sand is a ridicules looking skank.

1801 days ago


Hey, it worked for the Kardashians right? I'll bet six months from now Shauna will have her own reality show.

1801 days ago


I hate to admit it, but I saw this show last night and it was the worst reality show ever! It was very predictable.. the dumb girls can't build a grill.. oh look, she drops the groceries on her way into the house... "Let's go get STAR magazine." bla bla bla! This is highly scripted and they do an AWFUL job at acting! It didn't flow at all.. horrible. simply horrible.

1801 days ago

Nancy "O"    

I watched part of this show and just couldn't take anymore. The people possess merely double digit I.Q.'s and appear frankly retarded. They are not even good looking. Harvey, I am disappointed in your editing and your choice in presentation. Are you in love and ignoring what you used to do well? Harvey, get it together and quit stuffing this crap down our throats...rather, keep that "stuffing" within the privacy of your own home and get a social conscience, you weirdo!

1801 days ago


I love her new show! She's so cute and so is her sister and brother.

1801 days ago

Nancy "O"    

Harvey has transformed himself from a nice Jewish kid into a puss sucking rot onto human intelligence and hope. Harvey Levin has no social conscience, has wasted his intelligence in pursuit of the almighty dollar and has progressively proved himself to have a forum without any social conscience. I believe we will all humans have to account for our actions one day. Good luck Harvey...your parents would be so proud.

1801 days ago


to all you editors and proofreaders- it doesn't really make you look smart pointing out a typo. there are typos everywhere - the associated press, newspapers, major magazines/publications, books...noone's perfect. get over it.

1801 days ago

Lippy Loo    

I watched Leave it Lame Ass for about 5 minutes and got the dry heaves! That mother of Shayne's looks like a burn victim (way too much sun, just like Shauna Sandbags) and that brother of hers??? WTF is wrong with him? What a hosebag loser! This show has no reason for being on tv. And Mr. Lame Ass himself has been married four times, has 6 kids, one is illegitimate, and probably has another batch on the way. GAWD, it is disgusting what they put pn tv anymore to take up space.

1801 days ago


I feel sorry for ANYONE who is a Lamas.

I find it funny that she has smack to talk, when......girlfriend and her family are now taping a reality show of their own. This, like all these stupid shows, will be just as irrelevent as the Houswives crap. Who cares what these spolied brats are doing? Ceratinly they are not a productive part of our society.

When will we be over with all this type of TV? Talk about the dumbing down of America. Just let this girl keep talking to prove my point.

1801 days ago


Oh, and the quote sweetie should be:

'I feel BADLY for my sisters' Not, 'I feel BAD for my sisters.'

Degrees in English? Not on your life I see.

1801 days ago


28. Oh, and the quote sweetie should be:

'I feel BADLY for my sisters' Not, 'I feel BAD for my sisters.'

Degrees in English? Not on your life I see.
Puleeze, the quote should be exactly what she said - and i DOUBT she knows the difference between sad and sadly. Degree in writing, snaps? Nah, not you either smarty...

1800 days ago
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