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Arnold -- She Just Doesn't Listen!!!

10/14/2009 1:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dear Gov. Schwarzenegger,

While you were Twittering a few minutes ago about the "swift action" coming to Maria, your scofflaw wife was at it again -- jawing away on a handheld cell phone while driving in Brentwood.

Maria Shriver: Click to watch
But it gets worse ... while Maria was illegally yappin' away (the third time she's been photographed doin' it) she saw our cameraman catching the illegal activity on tape -- and that's when she dropped the phone in an attempt to cover it up! The tape does not lie....

Arnold, the fines are bad enough -- but do you have any idea what your Verizon bill is gonna look like?


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has anyone ever noticed how ugly she has become over the years? Almost looks like a skeleton face from out of a scary movie. Is she sick or something?

1805 days ago

Michael Sandoval    

who cares about maria shriver? tmz should take pics of all the cops that drive around talking on their cell phones while driving. nothing pisses me off more

1805 days ago


Gee whiz, you think she would at least use a hands free set. At least it wouldn't be as obvious. This will be an issue if she ever gets into an accident.

1805 days ago

John OB    

hello... she's a KENNEDY
they get away with MURDER

1805 days ago


If that phone issue was anyone else...I just want Govenors office to look at the 82 pages of my son's dismisal from an un warranted prison sentence, took 6 years, we won appeal and to let him leave that state! He's been almost free 10 months and I can't get anywhwere with this issue! Lets put that on front page and not Ms. Shriver chatting, probably with Mr.Arnold! I am a little person so when will it matter for those like us?

1805 days ago


wow, when the law first came out my nephew got a ticket for being on the phone paid $80. dollars & learned his lesson. But she has done it 3 times hasn't recieved a ticket yet? No wonder she is'nt worried about doing it.

1805 days ago


Come on, cut Maria a littel slack will you. She is after a KENNEDY, and the rules that apply to everyone else, inclduing MURDER's done by them (Teddy and Cousin Patrick) don't apply to the American Royal Family. Being one of the largest backers and promoters of ABORTION which is against Catholic Doctrine and considered an "UNFORGIVEBLE SIN" per the Vatican, still allowed her sex crazed, murdering, Uncle Teddy to get buried at a Catholic Church with a Bishp presiding. So on Heaven and Earth- the rules of us mere mortals don't apply to them. So TMZ please stop making us all feel bad that we weren't born a Kennedy. Oh remember, Ole Prez Barry is a Kennedy "son" also, per Teddy, so cut him some rola slack too will ya!

1805 days ago


Every one knows (laws are only for the great un-washed)!!!!

1805 days ago

Jim A.    

Leave her alone. She and all other celebrities are not bound to obey any law they choose because of their elite status. This includes actors and politicians!

1805 days ago


Maria is related to the Kennedys she can do anything she wants to do.
OOPS!! Teddy is dead and can not get her off. I guess Caroline will have to step up to the plate to help Maria... NOT GUILTY !!

1805 days ago

Francie Franklin    

I see the governor's entourage blocking fire hydrants and staying in passenger loading zones for hours while he has lunch around downtown Sacramento all the time. I also see the gub smoking cigars in vehicles which are probably state vehicles being driven by state employees (illegal). Will TMZ pay me if I get pictures or video? I get the impression that they think they are above following the rules meant for mere mortals.

1805 days ago


Talking on the cell phone, while driving is dangerous.

1805 days ago


That probably causes many accidents in California where always has traffic problems. She is the first lady of California and broke the rule. Why?

1805 days ago

nigel caddy man    

remember old habbits are hard to break,We all must look in the mirror.ESC all come with blue tooth,find your salesman,slap him for not setting you up,or yourself for not doing it!!!

1804 days ago


jeez-she is an ass!! where is her ticket?

1801 days ago
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